Best Productivity Apps 2023

Productivity Apps

Are you looking for best productivity software or ways to supercharge your productivity? The simplest and most efficient way to hike productivity is to possess the correct set of productivity apps and tools within your arsenal.

But with virtually thousands of alternatives out there, selecting the proper pick frequently seems like a nearly impossible situation.

The following contains a list of the finest productivity apps that each freelancer, small business, startup, and enterprise should consider acquiring.

What Constitutes A Productivity App

A productivity app (or productivity software) is a kind of software solution that permits teams, individuals, and organizations to do their major day-to-day tasks quicker, more efficiently. From email management, note-taking, daily reminders, calendaring, time tracking, think about any daily task and there exists an app for that.

In the last few years, this group of apps and tools has eased the lives of numerous professionals across each industry. Actually, the single aim of a productivity app is to maximize productivity and better your surrounding workplace.

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Productivity Apps

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The following list offers a variety of excellent productivity tools for you to include in your arsenal.

1. Slack (Communication)

Productivity Apps

Becoming famous among families, friends, and companies, Slack has recast the idea of online communication. Rather than dispatching somebody an email and expecting them to examine their inbox, dispatch them a video, photo, message, or document through this app and they will immediately receive a notification on their mobile gadget or computer. The conversations are arranged with searchable history and many tools that keep all within the network.

2. Evernote

Productivity Apps

Evernote has been present for over 15 years now, though it is still highly regarded as the finest productivity software for compiling notes. With the computer as well as mobile versions, you may write down everything from class notes to lists from everywhere at all times. You will get to arrange all your data into projects to assure everything can be conveniently found according to your needs.

Significant features of Evernote productivity app:

  • Sync data on many devices
  • Simple-to-format word processor
  • Download for Android and iOS
  • Can be utilized as a planner
  • Can expound documents with comments and more
  • Saves files in different formats such as photos, sketches, text, etc

3. Trello

Productivity Apps

Trello app is the actual saver for the people tasking together and aids them to accomplish the task in seconds. Its personalized-yet-simple boards, cards, and lists are a perfect visual tool for managing your life and work.

This productivity management app removes the necessity for email while acting with your team and keep all posted on the headway of the project. Further, you can conveniently exchange notes with others and assign the task to the employees over the finest task manager app.

Prominent features of Trello productivity app:

  • Can prioritize projects
  • Board generation for managing tasks
  • Promotes a progressive workflow
  • Can allocate due dates for the tasks
  • Download for Android and iOS
  • Offline support and more

4. Fantastical

Productivity Apps

Fantastical is not simply another calendar app such as Google Calendar or iCal; it contains the elements to make it the finest one. The nice thing about this app is that you don’t require to write down everything; the productivity apps for iPhone is compliant with Siri and operates on the voice commands. It implies you can just add events to your calendars simply by saying it.
The ease of the voice assistant is for the iOS users, and it is completely efficient with the iOS 12 and the current OS updates. Further, you will receive extra features such as reminders, alerts through iOS notification centers, assistance for infographic watch faces, besides others.

Sadly, the productivity tracker is not present for Android users but the nearest app that permits the voice inputs constitutes the SolCalendar.

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Prominent features of the Fantastical productivity apps for iPhone:

  • Different language support
  • TextExpander support
  • 3-D touch, like peek and pop
  • A map to display your event’s locations
  • Download for iOS
  • Accessibility backing and more

5. Dropbox

Productivity Apps

Accessing the vital business docs anytime will not just conserve your time but also permit you to perform anything on the run. With this goal, the Dropbox app was inaugurated that attends to the entire documents that permit you to access them by smartphone.

The functionality of the app is great since you can drag and drop the documents, edit them, do any alterations or dispatch the copy across an email besides others.

Further, the app effectively incorporates Trello that solves numerous problems, and hikes your productivity. Dropbox is present on Android as well as iOS.

Significant features of Dropbox productivity app includes:

  • Converts receipts, notes, and whiteboards into PDFs
  • Exchanged folders for working with others
  • Sync, exchange, and edit Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files
  • Assist commenting on the files
  • Download for Android and iOS
  • Sync content across different devices and more

6. Mailtrim

Mailtrim is a robust and seamless email software that vouches for facilitating fast and secure communication between teams of any size and any location. Users can send, receive, and manage emails of multiple accounts on a unified inbox. Also, they can connect and engage with clients and customers through CRM. It automates all the repetitive works  and speeds up the business.

Improve employee efficiency and business productivity with its features tailored to the unique requirements of all businesses- SMEs and large enterprises.

The salient features of Mailtrim include:

  • Supports unlimited accounts
  • Works on Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Features include Email signature, Respond later, Rules, Calendar, Archiving, Flagging, scheduling, customizable reminders, task, contacts
  • management, etc. makes you work on important things and saves time for you to focus on your core business.
  • Download for Windows
  • Integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and CRM. PGP encryption allows secure communication.

7. Sprouts: Expense, Money Manager and Budget

Productivity Apps

Sprouts manage a sizable space in the top-ranked finance apps for business officers, as it aids in handling the expenses through the smartphone.

Sprouts app aids in reinforcing the business account, debit & credit cards within the app and maintain a trail of the monthly budget with its multi-dimensional statistics like classification, annual, monthly, and project, such as pie, line, and bar charts.

The productivity app even computes the credit scores together with ideas to better the same if needed.

Major features of the Sprouts productivity app:

  • Different books
  • Multi-people accounting and multi-role authority management
  • Download for Android
  • Supports different currencies besides more
  • Multiple accounts, like debit cards, credit cards, recharge cards and wallets
  • Offline accounting, instant cloud synchronization

8. Zoom

Zoom outsmarts

Whether you wish to utilize video calls for commercial or personal needs, Zoom outsmarts the competition by a mile. Their system presents a snappy video with neat audio and easy functions to cover all your requirements. Conduct business meetings, conference calls, webinars, and more with one of the best productivity tools on the web.

9. Teamweek


Numerous people may instantly link project management with business though actually, Teamweek provides functions for personal productivity as well as managers to track their team’s productivity. Features vary from checklists to planning tools and reminder upgrades and broad overviews. Individual projects and business acts will be simpler to track and finish than previously.

10. HootSuite


The potential of social media for organized and upcoming businesses cannot be denied. Nevertheless, upgrading your company’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages can need plenty of time which can be used for doing something else.

HootSuite allows you to update all the social media sites at one go without signing in to each of the personal platforms. This is a wonderful social media management app that aids in scheduling each post you intend for next week, month or even 3 months. The software instantly posts content at your destined time.

Final Thoughts on Productivity Apps

A productivity software offers its users a useful tool to make them carry out their tasks to the best of their efforts. You can strategize your day-to-day work be it the breakup of tasks to be performed for your team, tips for becoming healthier, preparing a shopping list with your associate, or partnering with your book editor for ideas relating to your book. Your productivity can handle all such processes related to planning, strategizing, and finally execution.

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