Best Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins Of 2024

If you have a blogging website, you must have thought of letting guest writers blog. Guest Blogging can prove to be a great option for not only improving your site’s traffic but can also be a great opportunity for freelance writers who want to showcase their writing skills as guest bloggers. Thus, guest blogging offers two-fold benefits. It gives an admin a free high-quality guest post, and the guest blogger gets acknowledged on a new platform. But how to integrate the guest blogging feature on your WordPress website? The answer to this is simple. By installing a WordPress guest blogging plugin on your site, you can easily allow guest bloggers to post blogs on your website. Today, we will discuss a few useful WordPress Guest blogging plugins for 2024.


Best Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins

1. BuddyPress Member Blog

BuddyPress Member Blog

BuddyPress Member Blog is a free plugin that allows users to create/manage their blog/posts from the profile using the frontend form. The plugin also allows users to moderate user-submitted posts. It also allows members to display their submitted blogs on their BuddyPress-powered social networking profile.

2. Guest Blogging Elite

Guest Blogging Elite

Guest Blogging Elite is a premium WordPress guest blogging plugin that you can use to allow your users to sign/log on to the front end of your WordPress website where they can see, add, and edit WordPress posts. It automatically creates a frontend dashboard for users who log in and includes user profiles, and necessary user pages with required shortcodes. Moreover, this plugin allows users to submit guest posts to your site. You can also allow users to publish posts or save them as a draft. An admin can also integrate Copyscape to see if the post was plagiarized. Other features of this plugin include a user dashboard, anonymous posting, media uploader, PayPal integration, and more.

3. WP User Frontend Pro- Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins

Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins Of 2020

This is a very versatile WordPress plugin that you can use to let your users manage everything from a front-end dashboard. With this plugin, you can build registration forms, user profiles, WooCommerce products, subscriptions, and contact forms. WP User Frontend Pro is a very flexible plugin that you can use to allow guest posting and content submissions on your sites. You can also earn with subscription packs and coupons using this plugin. It also offers a feature to auto-register the guests by their provided name and email address. Other features of this plugin include unlimited form creation, custom post type support, Custom Taxonomy, Custom Fields, and more.

4. User Submitted Posts

Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins Of 2020

A free and simple WordPress plugin, User Submitted Posts, adds a frontend form that allows your site visitors to submit posts and upload images from the frontend. All you need to do is add a given shortcode to any post, page, or widget. Core features of this plugin include a fast and secure post-submission form, a simple login/register form, various shortcodes, email notification alerts for submitted posts, image preview thumbnails, and more.

5. Outreachboard- Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins


Outreachboard seamlessly unifies collaboration and communication in one powerful platform. Foster relationships with a diverse array of contributors, spanning writers, journalists, podcasters, and influencers, all eager to enhance your content. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility by effortlessly handling various requests, from topic ideas to sponsored content and ready-to-publish articles, all while ensuring the security of your inbox against potential threats.
Let Outreachboard streamline your editorial workflow, bringing unity to your content creation journey. Watch as guest authors effortlessly adhere to your content guidelines, while automated checks handle routine tasks like plagiarism detection, word count, formatting, and more. Maintain editorial excellence effortlessly, providing feedback and ensuring compliance with your preferred style, tone, and quality standards. With Outreachboard, unite your contributors, elevate your content creation process, and build a thriving community.”

6. Frontend Submit Pro

Frontend Submit PRO

Frontend Submit Pro is a premium plugin that allows you to create multipurpose Frontend posting forms along with flexible form fields. Just drag your desired field and drop it on the desired location, and you are done. It also allows your users to create new posts on the front end to a specified post type. Supports 24 field types, repeater field, and upload fields to upload files. You can create as many forms as you want and embed them into any page with multiple conditional logic features. Also, the plugin will send email notifications to the admin when someone submits.

Other features of this plugin include the Frontend posting form, backend editor, custom user registration form, file uploads, and more.

7. Frontend Publishing Pro- Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins

Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins

Another trending and fully responsive WordPress Guest Posting plugin, Frontend Publishing Pro, allows your users to create posts from the front-end area. This plugin works perfectly with custom post types and taxonomies as well. It also comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface to help you build your forms and pages easily. With this plugin, you can also accept payments from your guest bloggers. Also, you can integrate Copyscape so that only original content gets published on your site. Other useful features of this plugin include unlimited form creation, the post-management capability to users, custom post types, validators, advanced field types, and more.

8. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is another premium WordPress Guest Post plugin that offers features to submit a post or any other post type directly of your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can create unlimited forms, unlimited custom fields, various form templates, and many more useful features. It gives an easy way and secure way to allow not logged-in users or guests to submit any WP post types. It also allows to upload images anonymously, post links to source URLs, login link URLs, media uploads, tags, customizable settings for users, and more.

Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins-Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned WordPress Guest Post plugins offer various features to allow your users to post articles, custom post types, media, and blogs from the front end. You can choose the best one that suits your needs and install it easily on your website.

We hope you find this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below.

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