Are you looking to migrate your website WordPress site to a new web host or vice versa?  In many cases, you might need to migrate your WordPress site. Be it for a faster hosting provider or any other reason, migration does happen. No matter whatever the reason you are doing it, you need to know how to do it. If your site is on WordPress you can migrate it without losing anything. WordPress migration plugins will help you do this smoothly. We’ll introduce you to some of the most wonderful WordPress migration plugins that get the job done for you in a short time. So, why to waste time Let’s jump straight into the list-

Best WordPress migration plugins

Before discussing the plugins let us understand why it is important to use migration plugins

There are several reasons to use a WordPress migration plugin and those reasons are:

  • It is a completely safe and quick process, so all your website files and database remain untouched.
  • Your site wouldn’t go offline when using a migration plugin to move your website to a new web host.
  • Not all web hosting provider offers free WordPress migration. In this case, you can do this process by your self.

Now let us discuss each plugin one by one I would like to share 6 Best WordPress Migration Plugins in 2018 to safely move your site to a new web host-

  1. Duplicator
  2. All in One WP Migration
  3. WP Super Backup
  4. WordPress Migrator
  5. WP Clone
  6. WP Migrate DB

1. Duplicator

When it comes to moving your site to a new web host, then Duplicator is the best Migration plugin for WordPress. Duplicator has over 1+ million active users and 4.9 ratings on WordPress.

Duplicator plugin allows to migrate, copy, move or clone your WordPress site from a place to another place. If you want to move your site from a host to a new web host, then this plugin works great and the best thing is your site always never goes offline. Besides, you can manually backup your whole WordPress site with just a click. This plugin creates a zip package file that contains your website content, files, plugins, and theme and this package can be used for WordPress migration.

This Duplicator Pro version has more feature than the free version. Using Pro version plugin, you can schedule your backup, you can upload your backup files to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc. You can also connect your cPanel directly from the installer.

Price: Free

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2. All in One WP Migration

If you are looking for a simple WordPress migration plugin that doesn’t require any technical skills or simple to use, then you need to try All in One WP Migration WordPress plugin. After installing this plugin, you can easily export your WordPress website including the database, plugins, themes, media files etc with just one click.

Using their drag and drop feature, you can upload your website to a different location. So you don’t need to do any extra steps. When you are exporting your site, you can exclude spam comments, post revisions, database, plugins etc.

Price: Free

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3. WP Super Backup

It is Premium WordPress migration and backup plugin. But this WP Super backup & clone plugin comes with more features that are necessary for your site. Unlike other best WordPress migration plugin, this plugin provides snapshots feature to keep your WordPress files extra safe. More than that, this plugin offers automatic site backup, cloud sync, instant migration, restore any many more.

With their intuitive dashboard, you will get a quick overview of your existing backups. WP Super backup provides 50+ options into one simple dashboard.

Price- $34

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4. WordPress Migrator

WordPress migration plugin is the best plugin that can make your business achieve success rapidly. It fills the gaps that should not exist for your business to be a success. With the WordPress migration plugin, you can be sure that you receive perfect solutions for every matter and all your needs are fulfilled. It comes with amazing features migrate Products and products metadata. Even it also migrates Images and image metadata. Provides guidance in migrating, duplicating and shifting WordPress the site between hosts or domains.

Price- $34

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5. WP Clone

WP Clone is a lightweight, easy and fast plugin for a WordPress site migration. It follows a very simple approach. You need to install it on both sides (the source site and the target site). Then create a package from the source site. You will get a link to the package. Now go to the fresh target WordPress site and open the WP Clone plugin that you’ve installed on it. Provide the package link and restore it to the target server. It’s very easy.

However, this plugin may not work on 10%-20% sites, especially on larger ones. But if you just want to move your newly created site from localhost to web server, this plugin should work.

Price- Free

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6. WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB copies your database from one WordPress install to another with a simple click. You can export your database as a MySQL data dump, do a search and replace for URLs and paths. You can also save the database to your computer as an SQL file. It focuses on the database. So if you want to transfer only the database then this plugin is perfect for you. There can be some limitations while transferring your entire website with it.

Price- Free

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Which Plugin do you choose?

When you are moving your site to a new host or moving domain, then you manually need to move both your files and database to new hosting. Though it is not an easy process and if you are not an advanced user, then I recommend you to use a migration plugin. The best ways to move a site is a WordPress migration plugin and it is completely hassle-free, even you can do it as well.

I hope this article helped you to choose the best WordPress migration plugins. If you have any question or any opinion, please let us know in the comment section.