10 Best WordPress Animation Plugins 2024

WordPress Animation plugins

Adding different types of animations to your website can help to make your website look attractive and keep your viewers glued to the contents of your website for a considerable amount of time. In order to add different kinds of animations to your WordPress website, you will have to add plugins to your website. Various such plugins are available which can make your WordPress website look attractive and charming.

Here, we have listed for you some of the best WordPress animation plugins. Using these tools, you will be able to add animations to your website effortlessly. You will also have complete control over how these animations are going to look on your website. You will be able to customize the animations to meet your requirements.

#1 Responsive SVG

Responsive SVG

Responsive SVG is one of the best animation plugins available to us which will help you to create animations and publish them within a few seconds. The animations can be customised as per your needs. You will also be able to use your own fonts. Responsive SVG allows you to add unlimited animations on a single page.

This plugin is cross-browser compatible and the animations can be viewed on all popular websites. Responsive SVG comes at different prices. You will be able to style your animation based on different conditions like page loading, mouse over, etc. Various other interesting customisation options are also available. The slider section is also very exciting. You will also be provided with a powerful admin panel using which you will be able to control all the elements of your website.

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#2 SB on Scroll Animation

SB on Scroll Animation

SB on the scroll is another WordPress animation plugin which will allow you to add animations to your website. This will make your website more presentable to the audience. There are over 130 animation styles for you to choose from. New styles are being added continuously. You will be able to enable or disable the animations as per your own requirement.

The plugin is extremely easy to use and even a beginner can use it effortlessly. You will be able to manage all the animations from the powerful admin panel. You can also customise the animations. SB on scroll will also allow you to delete the animation that you don’t like. You can add the animation timings on your own. It comes with a step by step tutorial which will tell you how exactly to use the plugins.

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#3 Scroll Magic

Scroll Magic Plugin

Scroll Magic is a very widely used WordPress animation plugin which is studded with extremely useful features. You will be able to add special animation effects to the animations. The features will be visible on both mobile as well as desktop devices. Scroll Magic is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. This plugin also allows you to add CSS3 animation.

This plugin comes with excellent support which will guide you throughout your journey. The sample videos are also available for free on YouTube. You will be able to customise your animation. You can also set motions to the various objects of your webpage. Adding a parallax effect is also possible. Using this plugin, you will be able to create your own animation by having full control over the font colour and the background style.

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#4 Master Slider

Master Slider

Master Slider is a very good WordPress animation plugin which will allow you to add text and videos to your animations. You will get a lot of readymade templates with this plugin which can be customised easily. It is extremely flexible and is also SEO friendly. You can insert HTML elements to your webpage as well. This plugin also allows you to add different kinds of transition effects to your webpage.

Master Slider supports Vimeo and YouTube. There are many ready-to-use videos available to help you create your website. The plugin is also responsive and works properly on any device. Master Slider comes in both free as well as the premium version. The free version has all the basic features and the premium version comes with some of the most attractive and advanced features.

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#5 Page Animations and Transitions

WordPress Animation plugins

Page Animations and Transitions is a free WordPress animation plugin. It has some of the most brilliant features which will enable you to add different types of animations to your website. Page Animations and Transitions is completely free of cost and can be downloaded with just a few clicks of the mouse.

There are multiple CSS3 transition effects available which can be added to your website. This will make your website look extremely stylish and edgy. You will also be able to add zoom in and zoom out effect using the animation panel. The speed of the animations can also be set as per your requirement. There are 9 amazing animation effects available for you like flip, rotate, etc. Page Animations and Transitions also lets you adjust the time taken to display each animation. The websites created using this plugin looks extremely attractive.

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#6 Animate It

WordPress Animation plugins

Animate It is an animation WordPress plugin which is teeming with features. You may add as many animations as you want to on your website. You will also be able to adjust the timings of each animation. There are over 50 different animation styles available to you. The animations can be viewed on tabs and mobile devices also.

You may get all these features at an amazing rate. The animations can be added by a single click of the mouse or a scroll. Using CSS, you will be able to add widgets to the different sections of the webpage. The delay feature is another amazing feature of this plugin. Animate It has German and Spanish support as well. The tutorials available will guide you and help you to use the plugin effectively.

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#7 Image Hover Effect

image hover

It will give you a great hover effects collection, It is the fastest and simplest plugin, it doesn’t use any JS API. By this you can set a background image and color and gives you all options to set images with animations as per your choice. It has easy installation and compatible with visual composer.

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#8 Smart Product Viewer

Smart products viewr plugin

Smart Product Viewer is one of the best plugins for making your website more attractive to users. It is a 360-degree product animation plugin and is only designed for WordPress e-commerce websites. When you develop your website with this plugin your customers can see the products from 360-degree angles with details. One more feature that makes this plugin more useful is customers can see the step-by-step process of how products work. It is a simple plugin with lots of features that make your website more attractive.

You can also choose the best navigation style for your website from the 64 navigation styles and select the color combination according to your requirement. It is an iPhone/iPad device supporter. Allow spinning the product using a mouse with a fully responsive layout.

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#9 SeedProd

seedprod plugin

SeedProd has easy to use page builder that let you create a great-looking theme. Page, and layout. You can create your website in minutes with no coding required. It has pre-made 80+ pro blocks such as animated headlines, an image carousel, a background video, and a slideshow. Create an animated website with it was drag and drop editor without any coding. SeedProod makes sure that your page becomes responsive so your visitors can experience a great view of your website on any device.

In its smart section, you can select a header or call to action from its pre-built section. SeedProd comes with protection with ReCaptcha so you can protect your landing page from spam, bots, and fraud.

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#10 Soliloquy

Solilquy animation plugin

Soliloquy creates the best responsive WordPress slider. Without coding, you can create beautiful sliders using its pre-built slider themes. You can create sliders based on your post, pages, or custom post type. It’s fully interactive with WooCommerce. You can even create your sliders with photos, videos, and galleries by using the lightbox slider. 

Add dynamic sliders from the featured blog post, Instagram images, testimonials, and more. You can even create sliders from your presentations and pdf section. Soliloquy can even allow you to schedule the sliders or a specific time. To protect your content you can disable right-click to prevent downloading your images. It has an easy drag-and-drop builder with responsive features that work on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

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As you can see, these are some of the best WordPress animation plugins which will enable you to add animations to your webpage. All these plugins are extremely useful and are also quite user-friendly. If you know of another other useful animation plugins, then do let us know of it.



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