LMS LearnDash Plugin Review 2024

LearnDash Plugin Review

Are you looking for an e-learning plugin to create engaging educational websites and courses to begin your digital online learning experience with? To help you select a perfect plugin to solve all your digital e-learning concerns, we have curated a perfect plugin review of LearnDash Plugin Review to ensure that the queries related to LMS woes have been solved promptly and efficiently. 


LMS LearnDash Plugin review

LearnDash has been one of the leading WordPress LMS plugin that assists organizations in developing quality content websites and creating lesson plans to formulate and expand the world of education and digitally infused social learning. 


LearnDash Plugin Review: A Brief Walkthrough

Price US$ 159-329 
Free Trial No Free trial available
What We Liked So Far – Focus mode for amplified reading
– Course builder to make swift changes to the course curriculum
– Drip-Feed Lessons
– Add-ons as extensions availability
– Can be easily integrated with any payment gateway
Easy To Use 5/5
Reliability 4/5
Support 4/5
Value for Money 4/5
Overall Rating 4/5

The current pandemic and rising predicament have forced mankind to experiment with all the virtual resources available to make the work from home scenario a bit bearable and easy to comply with. With this passing thought, education has been a lingering issue that is currently receiving the transformation via LearnDash. LearnDash is an ultimate WordPress plugin that ensures the smooth functioning of any website in terms of e-learning and education, the plugin allows the website administrators to make new teaching lesson plans and can monetize those courses via regular sales and purchase of courses to develop the skill set of the vast majority of people. The website owners/educational institutions/ organizations/ can create and formulate course structure, with active lesson plans and quizzes, all online to make them in a package, which students can later purchase to make the most out of their education and add more credible experience in their course credentials.

Other notable features of this plugin are as follows: 

  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Lessons and assignments
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Open to customization according to students need
  • Discussion forums
  • Dashboards to track students progress
  • Course points, badges, and certificates 
  • One time purchase to ensure less hassle
  • Supported by all major plugins and themes 

The plugin can be easily monetized with simple gateway access like PayPal to ensure one-time payment by the students, website administrators can also employ any third-party plugins or LearnDash addons to ensure prompt payment access and gateway to make swift deliveries and course plans. 

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LearnDash Plugin Review: Purpose and Usage

LearnDash Plugin Review
LearnDash Plugin review

LearnDash, when integrated with WordPress websites, will help in curating engaging courses and lesson plans for students who wish to seek educational assistance through virtual mode. Many educational institutions, colleges, and universities have now started using LearnDash to build their own LMS website to increase their following and invest heavily in the sector of e-learning as digital education to secure the students’ stake and develop modern and contemporary courses that can be easily comprehended and can help the masses in developing crucial skill set and techniques. 

LearnDash is a tool where website owners can develop interactive quizzes and assignments for their students as well as create new courses with revised curriculum and techniques to ensure sales of such courses to other potential students. The students who wish to buy these courses will have to make a purchase and start their lessons online to get course credits and certificates. 

1. Developing Course Plan With LearnDash

With LearnDash, websites can make interesting courses ranging from different topics and methods. The plugin has an option of curating or adding a new course where the website admin can fill in details on what a new course outline would look like, an essential curriculum that needs to be added with elements that are open for customization at any given time. The questions will already be displayed asking the admin about the course outline and features and admins are responsible for answering them by following their course vision to develop a potential holistic course schedule. 

2. Creating a Lesson Plan and Topic

Once the general outline of the course is designed, the administrators can later work on developing lessons and topics; the interface of LearnDash will display all the relevant information where website owners can fill in details such as lesson name, topic, assignment for the given topic, enabling audio-video lesson to cultivate social learning, etc. 

3. Embed new content with the help of shortcodes

LearnDash is known for its flexibility and tweaking mechanisms. Hence the plugin provides ready access to display front-end content via shortcodes. These shortcodes can be edited any time to display the content of your choice on the website or merge/assimilate available content to amplify the website globally. 

4. Curate Interactive Quizzes and Assignments

To make the digital learning experience more engaging and real, LearnDash comes with an option to create quizzes and assignments that will fetch credits and credentials for students who are pursuing any course. The quizzes can be designed with many different layout options with a set number of questions that can be asked in one single quiz. Similarly, for assignments, the option of submitting and managing assignments is highlighted in the interface where students can make prompt submissions and admins can manage the submitted assignments to assign course credits and data.

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5. Assign Groups, Reports, and Administration Settings

LearnDash also has an option where admins can assign groups to their students to make the learning more compact and easy. Similarly, admins can also tweak basic settings and create reports on students and track their progress accordingly. 

Variety of LearnDash Add Ons

There is a versatile addons facility that LearnDash provides to its customers which includes the following popular additions such as: 

  • WooCommerce addon to support the eCommerce set up on a website
  • EDD Integration to make easy digital downloads available on your website
  • Stripe payment gateway to make your transaction deals smoother and richer
  • bbpress integration to customize the existing dashboard look and style. 
  • Samcart integration to have a convenient shopping cart facility. 
  • Paid memberships via Memberpress 
  • Social Gamification via Gamipress. 

Third-party addons

Apart from traditional add-on support, LearnDash also supports a variety of third-party add-ons that a customer can enrich their website with. 

1. LearnDash Notes

LearnDash Notes addon offers extensive support to the LearnDash Plugin by providing the facility of making notes. Through this add-on, students can make interactive real-time notes which can be shared for cross-referral and expanding the educational experience online.

2. LearnDash WpForo

Another supreme add-on in this league would be LearnDash WpForo which allows the admin to add a discussion panel in the classes conducted online. Such panels or forums can be proven quite engaging with the students and teachers and the students can enjoy a more immersive learning experience. 

Reign LearnDash Addon comes with a variety of services such as more added layouts and extra widgets options as well as offers the students the to submit valuable feedback regarding the course. The addon expertly displays full information on the available course including features, content, instructor details to have more holistic development of the website in terms of e-learning. 

3. LearnDash Dashboard

LearnDash Dashboard is another primary addon that displays a customized dashboard for students from which they can easily track their progress and experience/performance. 

Read more for such LearnDash Add-Ons

Introducing a Theme That Complements Your LearnDash Experience

LearnDash Plugin review

LearnMate LearnDash is a perfect WordPress theme for LearnDash equipped website to assist in creating and complementing the existing features of LearnDash and amplify them accordingly. The theme helps in creating an interactive course layout with impactful tones and underlines to make the website more appealing and unique. The theme embraces the features of LearnDash and furnishes the websites with additional elements such as dark mode options, course review features, multiple header styles to match your website’s preferences. 

LearnDash Integration
LearnDash Plugin Review

If you are looking for a free LearnDash compatible theme go for BuddyX, it is an ultimate theme with BuddyPress and LearnDash plugin support to create a social learning website. The theme offers complete solutions to all your issues related to online sales and marketing. The features allow the theme to operate comprehensively and can be customized according to the needs of users and admin. The theme can be proven extremely beneficial to people who wish to invest and are on the lookout to venture into the educational sector, through the digital e-learning experience. 

LearnDash Plugin review Alternatives

While LearnDash is capable enough to deliver the maximum output that an LMS plugin can generate, users still have a wide variety of options where they can select other plugins and then make a final choice. The other LearnDash alternatives include Sensei, LifterLMS,  LearnPress, and TutorLMS. Users can easily test these plugins before making an active choice that perfectly embraces their website’s needs and desires.

Conclusion of LearnDash Plugin Review

Woo Sell Service

LearnDash Plugin review has earned a popular reputation among respectable Learning management systems that are well equipped to deliver the best education blended with a strategic digital experience. Hence LearnDash is an absolute must choice for people who want to transition into the digital arena through online course selling and promotion.

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