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Are you using the WordPress Gallery plugin? How did you find it? Worth or Worst? Or are you looking for a WordPress photo gallery plugin for your site? Tired of going through thousands of WordPress gallery plugins to see which one is the best?  You can jot down your suggestions about this plugin at the end of this article in the comment section. Today I’m here to give the reviews about WordPress Gallery plugin.

Well, Photo Gallery is a fully responsive WordPress gallery plugin with advanced functionality.

Reign WordPress Theme

WordPress Gallery plugin

The easy-to-use WP plugin allows adding an unlimited number of images to your blog and comes with a list of interactive features and gallery styles. Being fully responsive, the gallery plugin for WordPress enables you to create both desktop and mobile-friendly websites. The free photo gallery widget is a great way to showcase your images by combining them into albums. You can create an unlimited number of galleries, combine them into albums, and provide descriptions and tags. In this case, I find this plugin quite good. let’s talk more about this amazing plugin. How much this plugin is effective

The actual gallery creation is pretty darned flexible, and probably the most visually intuitive I’ve come across so far. Each field is clearly labeled and uses familiar WordPress terminology.

The editor is available so you can add a description, and an obvious Add Images button makes things easier to track. There’s also an Add Video option that can be used to include your Youtube or Vimeo video in the gallery; you just paste the link to your video and it takes care of the rest.

You can get Thumbnails for Excerpts and displays thumbnails of your actual posts to entice people to click on them, similar to WordPress Content Slide which creates fading image slideshow, again of your content. Or Awesome Flickr Gallery which displays your photos on Flickr in gallery form on your WordPress site.

This plugin has so much to do. I was really in love with this Gallery plugin. Are you?

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“Amazing features “

WordPress Gallery plugin

WordPress Photo Gallery plugin has mind-blowing features. I’m going to list down the features of this plugin then I’m sure you will get the idea of how awesome this plugin is-

  • Easy to use- WordPress Gallery plugin

It Creates stunning, 100% responsive, SEO-friendly photo galleries in minutes. Use the File Manager with single-step and easy-to-manage functionality to rename, upload, copy, add, and remove images and image directories. Otherwise, use WordPress’s built-in media uploader. So, how did you find it?

  • Infinite Photos and Albums

This plugin allows creating an unlimited number of galleries or albums and uploading images in each gallery as many as you wish. Add single/ multiple galleries to your pages and posts with the help of functional shortcodes; visual shortcodes for easier management. Now you have loads of options to select photos.

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  • Audio and Video Support

This is seriously the new one. You can include both videos and images within a single gallery. WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin supports YouTube and videos within Galleries. It’s also possible to add audio tracks for the image slideshow.

  • Easy to Customize- WordPress Gallery plugin

The gallery plugin is easily customizable. You can edit gallery and album themes changing sizes and colors for different features. Specify the number of images to display in a single row in an album, and enable pagination. Additionally, you can customize thumbnail images by cropping,

flipping and rotating them.

  • Watermark & Protection

When it comes to keeping your images from being theft. This plugin proves best. You can protect the copyright of your images with watermarking options. Simply add a text or image watermark, or add a watermark URL, select display size and position and you’re all set.

  • Social sharing- WordPress Gallery plugin

Not only this you can also share your images. With social sharing possibility, you can share your galleries on the most popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

  • E-commerce Add-on

Seriously this option is simply WOW you can earn money from your images. Easily sell photos/images directly from your WordPress website with the help of the eCommerce Add-on. Convert your WP site into a store. Buy the individual add-on or the Gallery+Ecommerce bundle.

I too use this plugin in finding simply amazing. After reading all the features of this plugin you must now fall in love.”Pricing & plans ” Yes! You heard me right this plugin carries some very mind-blowing and helpful features. Check out these offers –

  • Get WordPress Gallery plugin + E-commerce add-on in a bundle
  • Get a Bundle for just at starting $45.Hurry! Grab it now… Still thinking of BUY NOW
  • Let’s checkout is its pricing and plans
  • It comes with 3 levels of pricing-

 1. Personal Plan

In this plan, you get Support for 6 months. Enjoy 1 free Domain for just $30.Hurry Buy NOW.

 2. Business Plan- WordPress Gallery plugin

In this plan, you get 1 year of support. Enjoy the 3  free Domains for just $45.It is the best offer for Business owners on WordPress. Hurry BUY NOW.

 3. Developer Plan

In this plan, you get 1 year of support. You can enjoy unlimited  Domains for just $60.If you are a developer then this offer is just awesome for you. Hurry BUY NOW.


Conclusion on WordPress Gallery plugin

As I’m using this plugin and find out it is worth it. Just loved it. At last photo gallery gives me control over pretty much everything. I have been able to make a gallery exactly as I wanted it to look. I will give this plugin 5 out of 5 ratings. And must recommend you all to once use this plugin. Share your experience with me. Thanks for reading.

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