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Searching the best ways to protect WordPress images on your site. Are you suffering from image theft? Is your own WordPress blog images have been stolen? Are you unable to do anything? If yes, then this article will provide you the simple and easy solutions ways out to protect your images from we have come up with some of the simple and easy solutions to protect WordPress images from getting stolen.

Protect WordPress Images

But before that is id necessary you to understand the laws of about copyright protection as it pertains to your blog’s images.

Laws of Copyright

  • The creator of the image has a whole sole right to copy and use it. If someone else commissioned the creation of those images (typically, an employer), then they own the rights.
  • Secondly in some cases stealing images is legally acceptable for others to use images. It is called Fair use.
  • Last law indicates that owner of the image can allow others to use his images but as they should have proper license to use.

Now I think you are pretty much clear about the copyright laws. Image theft sometimes occurs because people are unaware of copyright law and don’t understand that it’s illegal and unethical to use someone else’s photos without permission. Other times, there are people who intentionally scrape websites with the purpose of stealing someone else’s photos.

protect images

Now. Let’s start with some of the authentic ways to protect images of your WordPress blog-

You are lucky enough, there is the number of plugins and watermark available on WordPress through which you can protect your images. Well, these tricks are not 100% foolproof, they will at least help discourage some people from stealing your images. 99% people can’t even break these tricks.

Add copyright on your imageProtect WordPress images

It is very necessary to add Watermark on your image so that one can not copy your image. Once you’ve created on all your images, the right to copy, use, and sell them is yours. You can use your logos or site name on the images you put across the blog posts.This will dishearten the people to steal your images. ‘

To create watermark you need some elements-

  • The copyright symbol ©.
  • The owner’s name or it can be the company name.
  • Mention the year that the work was created.

There many different ways to watermark your images. Several plugins are available in the WP repository and you can find the best one to serve your purpose. You can use Footer Putter Plugin. This plugin adds the notice to the footer of your website so automatically it appears on every page. If you haven’t applied watermark on your images apply now to make your images save.

Disable the Right Click option

Protect WordPress images

You also must have done in your life if you like any image just right click on  “Save as” an image is copied. One of the most popular methods adopted to protect the images on a site is by disabling the right-click option. By default,  the readers of the site have an option to save the images by right-clicking on them and pressing ‘Save As Functionality.It is necessary for you to disable the right-click option.  It can be stopped either by the plugin. Yes, there are many plugins by which you can stop right clicking.

The WP content copy protection & No right click plugin is the best one to protect your WordPress images. If you choose to disable the right-click plugin. Then no user will be able to save the images from your site. Hence the image theft can be controlled. Isn’t is an amazing way? Don’t need to waste your time just install this plugin and tension free from image theft.

Disable Hotlinking

Protect WordPress images

Does anyone aware of this word “Hotlinking”? No one, Well. Hotlinking is the process by which someone links to the image on your site directly.In this process, not only your image is getting stolen, but this is also consuming enough bandwidth on your WP blog.  This means that the pages of your site will load slower. You might be charged an extra amount by your hosting provider if bandwidth usage crosses the limit.

Oh, my God, this is harmful to you. Are you not aware of this? You need to fix this out immediately. Don’t panic I’m here to tell you how you can get rid of this. There are loads of plugins which will help you out. All in one WP & Firewall plugin is best among all.This plugin will help you disable hotlinking on your website. Another option is you can even disable hotlink by modifying the “.htaccess” page of the WP blog. So, bloggers, it’s high to Save your images from being theft.

Add terms & conditions to your images

Protect WordPress images

As I discussed above third copyright law this point is related to that only. Always use terms & conditions before letting people use your images. Here are some terms you need to write on your images. total ownership of the images on the website.Your offering of licensing privileges to anyone who wants to use your images.Your rules for licensing, including attribution and pricing. If you don’t want to write such terms on your image you can simply use  Auto Terms of Service plugin to generate the page for you. With the help of this plugin, you can create creative terms or license for the people.


All set to protect your images from being theft. Apply these 4 points to your images and Trust me! You’ll feel safe. I hope you like the article.If any query please feel free to comment below.Thanks for reading.

Prevent Image Theft from your WordPress Blog

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