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Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important decisions that you need to take before registering your website on the Internet. While the purpose of the website is clear to you from the outset, a name that represents your business or blogging site is essential for a meaningful impact in the search engine results.

A poor domain name may have a negative impact on the website’s search result rankings, even with good content creation and presentation by the creator. Also, there is a lot of hassle involved in case you want to change the name later, including losing the ranking gain and even losing some loyal followers. On the other hand, a smart and efficient domain name will increase your site’s click-through rate, the number of referral links, type-in traffic, and such other parameters. The domain name has a significant impact on the branding of your website and the results of your online marketing efforts.

In view of the above, the following steps will lead you towards finalizing on a proper title for your website and avoid some common mistakes in the process. So lets get started with important tips to choose best domain name

Include Keywords in your Domain name

keyword-research-filtering-keywords for domain name

The keyword is the ‘motto’ for most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts being put behind increasing the search engine result’s ranking of your website. So, it goes without saying that including a search keyword in your domain name will increase your website’s ranking. In the current scenario, a creative and original way of implementing a keyword in your domain name along with good content and user interface is bound to have a positive impact.

Easy Spelling and Pronunciation

Your domain name should be easily shareable, both in print, online and verbal mediums. The title should be easy to spell and pronounce, both for you and the viewer. A person should also be able to recollect the name easily while referring it to someone else.

Short and Catchy Name

There are many positive aspects of a short-sized domain name, so you should strive to keep the title as pithy as possible. The general rule is to keep the size shorter than 15 characters. A long title may be mistyped by a person entering the name, resulting in loss of user traffic. Also, a short and pertinent name is much easier to remember for the user.

Choose only .com Extension

dot com for domain name

In the current burgeoning market of numerous domain service providers, there are many new domain name extensions available for selection. While these may look like a novel and creative option, the time-tested and trustworthy .com extension is the best one to use along with your title. The universal acceptance of this extension and the assumption of most users that this is the default addition after a domain name further strengthens this point. Also, most smartphones have an inbuilt ‘.com’ button for easier typing of web searches.

Avoid Repeating Letters

The repeating of letters in the name should be avoided to minimize errors during typing of the name.

Avoid Special Characters

You should avoid special characters like hyphens and underscores as these are generally considered signs of spamming websites. Also, the sites with the same name but without the special character will get traffic intended for your site in case of a mistyping by the user.

Keep the Title Broad and Expansive

The general practice of keeping your website’s domain name related to the content is good, but it is better not to be too particular or limited in your selection. A broad and all-encompassing title will help you to keep the content varied, even within the same subject matter.

The above mentioned points are the most important tips to choose domain name that will surely help you to choose a proper domain name for your website. You should keep in mind that this name will be synonymous with the brand or image that you intend to create for your website on the Internet.

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