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Are you looking for the best Mobile menu plugins? then you are in the right article. One particular area of your website which has the potential to frustrate visitors who are accessing it on a small screen device is its navigational menus. If you’ve ever tried to access the different pages of a website on your smartphone, via an unwieldy drop-down menu, or an overpopulated header navigation system, then you should be able to relate to this pain point.

So to help ensure your website isn’t making this fundamental mistake, and scuppering the attempts of your visitors to reach the inner pages of your site, we are going to be looking at some plugins that can help you create custom menus for mobile users, that also integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website. We’ll also be looking for some tips to help you ensure your menus are as mobile-friendly as possible.

  1. Responsive Menu Free WordPress Plugin

    Mobile Menu

This free plugin allows you to change many aspects of your website’s mobile navigational menu, in order to make it more usable by smartphone and tablet using visitors. Your original website menu remains intact and accessible by non-mobile users.

The list of options for customizing the menu is very extensive. With the plugin enabled you can edit the titles, colors, size, position, order, and many other attributes of your menu to make it more mobile-friendly.


2. WP Responsive Menu Free WordPress Plugin

Mobile Menu

WP-Responsive Menu is another free option for adding mobile-friendly menus to your WordPress website. Although this plugin will work with any theme or framework right out of the box, you can customize its appearance to better suit the design of your website.

Through the settings, you can also add your logo to the menu, choose the slide out direction, and hide unnecessary menu items from mobile-users. You also get the option to enable or disable pinch to zoom on your menus, depending on your preferences. There is also a premium of this plugin available if you’d like access to additional features.


3. UberMenu

Mobile MenuThe premium Uber Menu plugin lets you do some pretty amazing stuff with your WordPress website menus. Even your desktop and non-mobile visitors can benefit from the features of this plugin.

With this tool installed on your websites, your menus can now contain a range of different types of content, including images, forms, maps, and icons. Every aspect of your menus can be customized with this plugin, turning them from simple navigation systems, into a personalized extension of your website.

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I hope that this article helped you a lot in order to find the perfect WordPress Mobile Menu Plugins for your website. So, which one is your’s favorite? For any query feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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