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2022 has started, So we thought we’d take some time now to highlight what the year 2021 gave us in terms of technological advancements and what we have done at wbcomdesigns.com. Moreover, We’ll also highlight our plans for 2022.

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Let’s start with the most significant accomplishments in 2021

  • Knowledge Base Theme knowX launched.
  • Launched a security solution for BuddyPress-based community sites as BuddyPress Recaptcha.
  • Launched a new plugin, BuddyVendor for a social marketplace.
  • A new solution for a blogging website in the form of the BuddyPress Member Blog plugin.
  • New Update in BuddyPress Moderation Pro.
  • Launched a coming soon addon for Learndash.
  • Related Courses add-on for Learndash.
  • Several new Woocommerce Add Ons has been launched, They are:
    • Woo Document preview Pro.
    • Woo Audio Preview Pro.
    • Quick View for Woocommerce.
    • Infinite loader for woocommerce.
    • BuddyPress Woocommerce Integration.
    • Woo Price Quote Pro.
  • Release of Free BuddyPress Addons.
    • BuddyPress Ads.
    • BuddyPress Search.
    • BP Member Blog.
  • PeepSo Member Blog: A solution for peepso based community website.

The following are some of our plans for the coming year

  • Providing the best support to our clients is our priority for 2022. For this, we are planning to update and restructure our knowledge base.
  • Creation of more compelling content for our YouTube channel and blog.
  • Creation of some more Addons.
  • Adding more features to our previously created add-ons.
  • Offer WordPress customization services for our clients.

Top Theme & Plugin Releases of 2021

1. KnowX(Knowledge Base theme)

KnowX(Knowledge Base theme)

KnowX theme aims to provide you with everything you’ll need to run a successful WordPress knowledge base or a wiki-style website. It is a free WordPress theme to create an outstanding support forum, documentation website, etc. You will get a clean, polished and modern website with KnowX.

2. BuddyPress Recaptcha

BuddyPress Recaptcha

Buddypress reCaptcha is the best solution that provides an all-in-one captcha for  Buddypress, WordPress, and WooCommerce. This plugin provides to check reCaptcha in WP Login page, WP Registration, WP Lost Password, BuddyPress Registration, WooCommerce Login, WooCommerce Registration, WooCommerce Lost Password, WooCommerce Order Page, BBPress Topic, And Reply pages. There are easy settings given with on/off captcha on required places.

  • Support both reCaptcha V2 (checkbox) and reCaptcha V3
  • WP-Login reCaptcha, Register reCaptcha, Lost password ReCaptcha
  • Custom label for reCaptcha
  • Recaptcha On Comment Form
  • Buddypress registration Recaptcha
  • Custom error messages for invalid captcha
  • Recaptcha dark/light theme
  • Captcha normal/compact mode
  • Captcha language selection for V2.
  • Disable submit button until captcha checked
  • Disable reCaptcha for IP/Range
  • WooCommerce login reCaptcha, registration reCaptcha, Lost password ReCaptcha
  • Guest checkout reCaptcha
  • Login user checkout reCaptcha
  • captcha for payment request buttons
  • WooCommerce pay for order captcha

3. BP Moderation Pro

BP Moderation Pro

BuddyPress moderation is a great solution to protect your community from the unwanted and irrelevant activities of users. We Continuously focus on including some additional and essential features in the plugins s. In this way, we’ve got some new features covered in the year 2021. So, Let’s have a look

  • Introduced new user role BP moderator
  • Add Moderation tab
  • Introduced user blocking/unblocking feature


4. BuddyVendor


With the BuddyVendor plugin, you can quickly turn your BuddyPress community into a social marketplace. Allow members of your community to open a shop with our BuddyPress and Marketplace integration services.

  • Feature to mark the products as  favorite
  • Displays a favorite product list on BuddyPress profile
  • Site admin can update the label and slug of a favorite product tab
  • Site admin can also change the tab position
  • Feature to display the Product tab on registered vendor’s BuddyPress profile
  • Update the label and slug of the Product tab
  • Generate the activity on new product creation
  • Generate the activity on product review activity

5. BuddyPress Member Blog

BuddyPress Member Blog

BuddyPress Member Blog is a free plugin that allows users to create/manage their blog/posts from the profile. The plugin also allows you to moderate user-submitted posts. Allow members to display their submitted blogs at their BuddyPress Profile.

  • Feature to submit blog posts from the front end.
  • Allow Upload within the posting form
  • Feature to display posts on user profile
  • Provide Posting capability according to user role/ member type
  • Allow users to unpublish their posts, edit their post, delete their post
  • Feature to allow user publishing
  • Feature to include/exclude categories in front-end post form


6. Woo Price Quote Pro

Woo Price Quote Pro

In the year 2021, Woo price quote plugin was released. Some of its key features are:

  • Display the “Add to Quote” button on all products or selected Categories.
  • Show quote button on the shop page, product category page, and single product page.
  • List all the quotes on the quoted product page.
  • Admin can hide the product prices.
  • Allows you to hide the add to cart button on the shop page.
  • Collect Name and email along with an inquiry message.
  • Displays Inquiry cart on the cart page.
  • Quote the products according to user roles
  • Members can browse the quoted product list from a dedicated page.

7. PeepSo Member Blog

PeepSo Member Blog

Peepso Member Blog allows users to create and manage their blog posts from the front end of their social networking profile. In addition, the plugin allows users to moderate their posts and also display their submitted blogs at their PeepSo Profile.

  • Allow submitting blog posts from the front end.
  • Allow to Upload within the posting form
  • Display posts tab on user profile
  • Site Admin can allow posting only to selected user role/ member type
  • Allow users to unpublish their posts, edit their posts, delete their posts, publish blogs
  • Site Admin can include/exclude categories in the front-end post form.




We appreciate your assistance with WBcom Designs product development, guys. Every comment, request, review, problem, or idea helps us improve our products.

Finally, I’d want to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, and thanks for your support.

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