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A lot of effort is required to gain success from a website. Whether you are running an eCommerce website or just an informative blog, it is important to use the right plugins to make your website look more appealing. If your WordPress site is more content-oriented with regular blog posting, giving a proper break between the content to make readers easy to read is important. Responsive table of contents WordPress Plugins make it simple for users to see, filter, and sort their data according to the content choices.

Thus, improving the user experience on your website. However, any website owner trying to construct a table from scratch would admit the experience may be difficult. The best part is that you can create tables and charts in your WordPress admin area and then show them to visitors, thanks to various free, premium, and freemium plugin choices.

The reason to include a table of contents (TOC) at the introduction of your content, is to allow readers to navigate quickly to a certain area without having to search the entire article or page.

A table of contents speeds up visitors’ search for what they need and gives your article or page a more polished appearance. Additionally, it will benefit your SEO position by increasing site visitors. WordPress has some plugins to choose from for the TOC for your web content. However, there is both paid and free version available; choosing among the two depends on your content need. This article presents you with the top Table of Contents WordPress Plugins available in free and paid versions.

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Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

1. Easy Table Of Contents Plugin

With more than 200,000 downloads, this Easy Table of Contents Plugin for WordPress available in both free and premium versions, allows you to easily integrate with Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, and others. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly add a table of contents to your posts and custom post kinds. The plugin is both feature-focused and user-friendly. Users can apply themes to their TOCs, and if none of the pre-existing themes suits their taste, they can also make their own by changing the border, link colours, and background.

Some Key Features are-

  • Allows you to generate a lightweight table of contents for your post automatically.
  • This setting is available for posts and pages. This setting may also be advantageous for custom post kinds.
  • You can add TOC automatically to the page based on the chosen post type.

Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins

Image- Easy Table of Content

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2. TablePress

One of the most popular and extensively used Tables of Contents WordPress Plugins, it comes with several features making it easier for the content owner to create tables. The best thing about TablePress is that it can add tables virtually anywhere on your website using its shortcodes. You can export and import tables on many websites. If you are running multiple websites, this will you’re your time. Additionally, it has sophisticated functions like filtering, pagination, and sorting in a user-friendly, straightforward interface.

Some Key Features are-

  • HTML Support inside the tables
  • Simple to use interface
  • Use shortcodes of other plugins
  • Import from Google Sheets and Excel
  • Export to Excel, CSV, and PDF

Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins

Image- TablePress

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3. SimpleTOC Plugin

Use the SimpleTOC plugin to create content blocks on your posts and pages. A series of links pointing to headers within the paragraphs make up the table of contents (TOC). Add a block and look for “Simple TOC” or “TOC” to install.

You can use tagging feature on each heading block with the “simple TOC-hidden” CSS class to delete headings from the output table. In the sidebar area of the blocks, you can also hide the “Table of Contents” headline and specify a maximum display depth.

Some Key Features are-

  • To help in SEO, you can remove the h2 heading from the TOC block and replace it with your own
  • You have the freedom to design SimpleTOC with Gutenberg’s native styling feature.
  • You can set the maximum depth of the heading

Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins

Image- SimpleTOC

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4. Ninja Tables

Yet another popular, but one of the paid Table of Contents WordPress Plugins, Ninja Tables, comes with multiple features that make your blog content page well-organized. By using the free version, you will get some basic features, including pagination, sorting, filtering, and uploading data into tables. Ninja Tables offers more than 100 different table types for virtually every presentation you might require. With its extensive visual customization choices and highly adaptable editing environment, you can easily change your documents’ colours, fonts, and order. Perhaps most importantly, all tables are mobile-friendly and adaptable.

Some Key Features are-

  • Mobile-friendly tables
  • Customizable
  • WooCommerce integration available

Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins

Image- NinjaTable

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5. WP Table Builder

Available in both free and paid version, WP Table Builder allows users to place seven different elements, including shortcodes, Custom HTML, Star Ratings, and others, via drag and drop process. If your content demands for product table or comparison table, this plugin is the best to go with. Furthermore, the interface allows users to add content from scratch or import the same from XML or CSV files in a similar format.

Some key features are-

  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Easy to navigate
  • Allows to place seven different elements

Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins

Image- WP Table Builder

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6. Joli Table Of Content

Joli Table of Content plugin is an SEO-friendly tool allowing you to easily add a table to each post or page. It allows you to increase the value of your website to users and search engines. The plugin’s performance-friendly features stop scripts and styles from loading when the contents table isn’t supposed to be seen. You have the freedom to add the table of contents to a specific post positioned within the content body using the free version of this plugin. Alternatively, you may manually enter the table of contents using shortcodes. You can even go for the premium version, available for $29.

Some Key Features are-

  • The optional numbering prefixes
  • You can adjust the view in a hierarchical or flat
  • A floating table of contents widget that displays the section currently being viewed

Top Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins

Image- Joli table of content

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7. League Table

This is a premium WordPress table of content and carries several features to help you to create tables for your sports-related content site. Due to its premium feature, the interface is site and user-friendly, allowing you to create tables easily. The best part of using this League Table plugin is there are more than 135 customizable options to use and make it into your content site.

Some Key Features

  • Allows to sort columns, colors, and filtering
  • Spreadsheet editor allows managing tables on the website
  • Allows to perform Math formulations inside the table

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Summing It Up

We have listed the best among the top Table of Contents WordPress Plugins as options for you to choose from and install. These are either free or paid, and each comes with its pros and cons. Hope this article helps you decide on the plugin for your WordPress site.

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