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Gone are the days when all you needed was great content for a successful website. Nowadays, multiple factors affect your website performance, and one of them includes easy social sharing features. If you want the best WordPress social bookmark plugin, we are here for you.

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Social sharing has become an essential task for website owners to increase their reach. However, it might be extremely challenging to share on your own regularly. That is where social bookmarking comes into play. By including visually appealing symbols and icons on your site, you can encourage your audience to share meaningful content with their huge network. Keep reading the blog to learn about the best WordPress social bookmark plugin for your website. Here we go!

7 WordPress Social Bookmark Plugins for Your Website

Shared Counts

Shared counts plugin

Shared Counts is the ultimate WordPress social bookmark plugin for those looking for a simple, lightweight, and awesome option for their social sharing needs. The plugin displays the number of shares of a product or posts your website has received across various social media channels. The major attractions of the website include:

  • Lightweight Plugin—A lightweight plugin that doesn’t slow down your website.
  • Easy for Beginners – simple and beginner-friendly features that are easy to find.
  • GDPR-compliant – Shared Counts doesn’t use cookies to protect your privacy.
  • Custom Post Types – Easier to enable plugins for custom post types.

Get Social

Get Social bookmarking plugin

Get Social is a stunning WordPress social bookmark plugin if you want to add floating social buttons to your website. Add attractive and floating social media boxes to your blog posts compatible with all versions of WordPress. Those who want a minimalistic setting can add several buttons to their posts or pages. The major attractions of the plugin include:

  • Reorder Settings – Reorder the buttons in any order with a little drag-and-drop.
  • Compatibility – Floating share buttons are compatible with all browsers.
  • Visibility and Accessibility – Smooth visibility and accessibility even when the user scrolls down the page.
  • Auto-Adjust feature – The auto-adjust feature helps fit the button in all sizes and pages.
  • Large Size – Displays in full size on a large screen resolution.

Sassy Social Share 

social sharing plugin

Sassy Social Share has been a popular choice for WordPress users for years. An awesome WordPress social bookmark plugin to help bookmark your latest posts to the required social media platforms within seconds. Also, it lets your users add their favorite content to their social media profiles and grow your reach. A complete package for website owners compatible with different types of websites. The attractive features of the plugin include:

  • Compatibility– A reliable tool compatible with all types of platforms including BuddyPress and WooCommerce.
  • Simple and Light – A unique and lightweight plugin that doesn’t impact your website loading speed. Fully optimized for fast performance and experience.
  • Responsive and Adaptive – Adapts to all screen sizes without hampering the overall appearance.
  • Site Support – Sassy Social Share plugin supports over 100 social media and bookmarking sites.

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny share buttons plugins

So you want to increase traffic and engagement on your WordPress website. AddToAny share buttons is an awesome WordPress social bookmark plugin to help your audience share posts and pages quickly to any social media platform. The plugin offers support to over 100 websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, and many more. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a minimalistic plugin with universal social sharing options. The many features of the plugin include:

  • Standard Sharing Buttons – Standards sharing button for smooth sharing of complete content.
  • Floating Share Buttons – Customizable and responsive social sharing buttons available in both vertical and horizontal styles.
  • Custom Share Buttons – Add custom social share buttons to your WordPress website.
  • Image Sharing Buttons – Easy and attractive buttons for easy image sharing.

Simple Social Icons

simple social icons bookmarking plugin

Want an easy and customizable way to share posts with your users? Simple Social Icons is an excellent way to add icons for quick social media sharing. An awesome WordPress social bookmark plugin for website owners who want to save users time and increase engagement and traffic on their site. It allows you to choose which social media profiles to link to, customize the size and colors of your buttons, and decide the position, etc in a little drag-and-drop. All the awesome features of the plugin include:

  • Custom Button Styles – Gives you the ability to use your styles and colors with no advanced settings.
  • Lightweight Plugin – A simple and lightweight plugin that doesn’t take up all your resources and hamper website performance.
  • Reorder– place your most essential plugins to the front with the easy reorder feature.
  • Add Your Own – Add social media plugins of your choice with a single click.

Get the easiest way to add social bookmarking buttons on your posts with Socialize. It is one of the most popular WordPress social bookmark plugins designed to make social sharing a smooth and convenient option. Give your visitors the ability to share their favorite posts with a single click. Moreover, you can also display the number of times a post has been shared. In short, it is an ideal way to boost engagement and traffic on your WordPress website. The main features of the plugins include:

  • Easy to Align – Design whether you want to align your social sharing buttons horizontally or vertically.
  • Reorder Style – Socialize allows you to add or reorder social sharing buttons based on your preference.
  • Display and Placement – Display or place your social sharing button wherever you want through a little drag-and-drop

Social Icons Widget

social icons widget plugin bookmarking plugin

The last on our list of the best WordPress social bookmark plugin is Social Icons Widget. Get the quickest way to add social media icons to your website with no hard technical knowledge. Also, link your social media buttons to your profiles in your sidebar. Add as many social media buttons to your website as you want at your convenience. The primary features of the plugin include:

  • Different Icon Styles – Choose your desired social media icons with over 400 different styles.
  • Social Websites – The plugins allow access to support over 100 social media sites and platforms.
  • Easy and Simple – A quick and easy way to add social media buttons for the smooth sharing feature.

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So we have listed the best WordPress social bookmark plugin for your ease and convenience. Social sharing has become crucial for website owners to increase traffic and engagement. You can choose the most ideal option based on your needs for your website. Also, keep sharing your thoughts with us through the comment section below for any queries and doubts.

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