eLearning Tools for Creators

Technology has changed every business process, including learning and development. Over the years, especially after the global pandemic, online education has seen massive growth. With various features and benefits, a lot of companies are now into the e-learning business. As an eLearning professional, you need tools to master your designing skills. Tools and software let you organize your business, create course content, communicate with learners, and much more. Getting the right eLearning tool is tough, and the question is how to choose the best eLearning tool or software? To make things easy, we have listed some of the best tools and have divided them into various categories. From authoring tools to audio-video, here are some of the best eLearning Tools for Creators and software. So bookmark the article and try learning the tools for creating the best eLearning platform for software developers.

Best eLearning tools for WordPress theme

Create a powerful eLearning platform with the popular WordPress LMS plugins, LearnDash and LifterLMS. WordPress LMS Plugins provide all the necessary features required to create a professional course or training Platform for creators. eLearning tools create Multimedia Support, Take Quiz, Drag and drop Course builder, Gamification Support, Course Reviews, Multi Instructor, Social Learning, and Easy Monetization.

1- LearnDash

eLearning Tools for Creators

LearnDash has been one of the leading WordPress LMS plugin that assists organizations in developing quality content websites and creating lesson plans, to formulate and expand the world of education and digitally infused social learning. LearnDash has a consistent client experience at the front-end for your understudies, with lovely formats and vast loads of highlights that draw in understudies and improve learning.

2- LearnPress

eLearning Tools for Creators

LearnPress is the best WordPress eLearning plugin. LearnPress is a freemium module and is utilized generally by experts and organizations across the world. It has some great options to assist you with the formation of online courses. LearnPress is now available and compatible with a free social networking theme for WordPress BuddyX. It is SEO optimized and fully responsive.

3- LifterLMS

eLearning Tools for Creators

The LifterLMS module is additionally advantageous and simple to utilize, and very easy to understand. It likewise gives alternatives to test the reports regarding your enlistment, participation, tests, and so forth, something that you don’t get with LearnDash. The LifterLMS module isn’t smooth as far as the front-end insight. It is moderate with the virtual interface you need for your eLearning site.

4- TutorLMS

eLearning Tools for Creators

Trending free WordPress LMS plugin Tutor LMS is now compatible with a free social networking theme for WordPress. Experience social learning with multiple instructors and the best monetization features. You can create and manage your learning management system and monetize your courses with ease with this. It has features such as course listing, single system, instructor dashboard, instructor listing layout, profile page, registration page, etc.

Best eLearning tools for Software Developers Authoring Tools

An eLearning platform revolves around the course development tool. Such a tool helps the instructional designer to build interactive and engaging eLearning courses for the learners. Further, an authoring tool creates course content using text, media, and other elements. As these tools are designed specifically for eLearning, let us first explore some of them.

1 – Articulate 360

Articulate 360
eLearning Tools for Creators

Articulate 360 is one of the best eLearning tools that build engaging and interacting course content. It is a collection of nine tools where three of them (Storyline 360, Studio 360, Rise) are specifically for course authoring. The interface is similar to PowerPoint, and you can easily import presentations. Moreover, you can make them engaging by using features like layers, triggers, and variables. The tool allows you to create and build course content ranging from simple to complex.  

2 – iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite
eLearning Tools for Creators

Another authoring tool, iSpring Page, is a cloud-based tool used for creating short-term or microlearning courses. With the tool, you can develop content directly in your browser. The development process is easy and quick. It helps you in building mini-videos, courses, quizzes, assessments, tutorials, and flipbooks. This tool sustains teamwork, and various designers can work on the same content at a time. 

3 – Elucidat

eLearning Tools for Creators

With tons of eLearning authoring tools on the web, Elucidat helps the designer create responsive course content for web and mobile and is compatible with HTML5. The commenting and built-in review features make it great for remote learning. In addition, the tool is best in quickly loading and running the content across various browsers and devices. 

4 – Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate
eLearning Tools for Creators

Adobe Captivate focuses on building intricate and complex courses. Its affordable pricing and responsive design make it one of the best tools. As a designer, you can create virtual reality(VR) and interactive videos. It has a library of around 25,000 templates, and designers can use them to create course content for various devices. 

Best Video Editing Tools

As you are into eLearning, you must be perfect while delivering your content to your learners. Either animated video or recording session, you must come up with regular video content. But these videos require editing, trimming, voice-over, etc. To be the best at your video content, you must master the best video editing tools. Let us discover some of the best video editing tools for eLearning.

1 – Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro
eLearning Tools for Creators

Premiere Pro is one of the most used video editing software. Professionals use it for editing videos, films, commercials, and all other types of videos. The software often goes with Photoshop and After Effects. It helps people in creating high-definition and broadcast-quality videos. You can import audio-video and graphics through Premiere Pro. Moreover, you can add filters, titles, and other effects to give your project a creative touch. 

2 – Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro
eLearning Tools for Creators

Designed for macOS users, Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing software. It offers robust tools for creating high-quality videos, including motion graphics, filters, VFX, special effects, and much more. Further, the platform backs 360-degree video editing for real-time and VR videos. Due to its powerful and heavy architecture, it becomes easy for designers to work fast and smoothly. The tool is best for developing videos for your eLearning courses. Do give it a try if you are a Mac user. 

3 – VideoPad

eLearning Tools for Creators

VideoPad is an NHC video editing software specially designed for beginners. If you are new to editing, VideoPad is a perfect choice. It has all the important features and functions required for editing videos. You can easily create and edit videos in WMV, DIVX, AVI, 3GP, etc., through an instinctive interface. You can burn or store your creations on DVDs or CDs. If not, you can share them on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video-sharing platforms. Just drag and drop your video anywhere you want. The software is best for trimming and combining multiple videos with developments. 

4 – Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio
eLearning Tools for Creators

A user-friendly tool that helps developers in creating high-quality video content across eLearning websites. Camtasia helps users in recording screens for producing instructional and tutorial videos. You can easily edit footage, add filters, effects, music to your creation. From video editing to video making to screen recording, you can learn many things using Camtasia Studio. Besides, it offers you annotations, animations, visual effects, audio effects, etc. 

Best Project Mapping Tools

Either an individual developer or a team, everyone needs tools for being productive and organized. For example, project or mind mapping tools help you to pen down your ideas into visual diagrams. We have the best tools for developers for eLearning, look out and try to use them for your eLearning platform. 

1 – Xmind

Camtasia Studio
eLearning Tools for Creators

Xmind software helps developers in capturing ideas and drawing them into graphics. You can manage all your complex information and elaborate it by using Xmind. The software offers you various colors, icons, formates, notes, and hyperlinks through which you can map your ideas. On exporting it to a webpage, it creates a Microsoft Word document. Xmind is perfect for planning assignments and projects. As the document and information are structured, it becomes easy for learners to grasp it. 

2 – iMindMap

eLearning Tools for Creators

The software iMindMap offers project planning and mind mapping under one roof. It helps people in exploring their creative side and collaborating with other team members in a digital atmosphere. iMindMap encourages idea formation and development via visuals and graphics. Features such as icon libraries and large images help you in generating smart layouts in an organized way. 

3 – SpiderScribe

eLearning Tools for Creators

SpiderScibe is among the top project mapping tools on the web. It helps users in organizing ideas into reality. You can add text, maps, images, calendar events, etc. Further, it’s a multi-use tool where teammates can work together in real-time. You can store and access your creation anytime and anywhere from the web. 

4 – MindMeister

eLearning Tools for Creators

The MindMeister tool helps users in establishing connections between ideas, concepts, and information. The collaborative tool lets people in planning-creating projects, brainstorming, conducting meetings, designing timelines, etc. In eLearning, the tool helps students visualize ideas and concepts into visuals and graphics. You get options to list images, icons, videos, and animations within the mind maps. 

Free Images, Cliparts, Icons, and Fonts

1 – Unsplash

eLearning Tools for Creators

Unsplash is the most used platform for downloading free stock photos. Users can download and edit photos directly from the website. These are free photos, and you need not give credit while using them. 

2 – Microsoft Clipart Library

Microsoft Clipart Library
eLearning Tools for Creators

The tool offers 40 Microsoft Cliparts. One can choose any of the clip arts as per their requirement for eLearning.

3 – Google Fonts

Google Fonts
eLearning Tools for Creators

The google fonts library incorporates around 915 libre licensed fonts. As the fonts get published as per open source license, users can use them for commercial or personal use. 

4 – Flaticon

eLearning Tools for Creators

With approx 1,649,000 vector icons, Flaticon offers free icons in EPS, SVG, PSD, PNG, and Base 64 formats. 

5 – PixaBay

eLearning Tools for Creators

Pixabay lets users create and share free copyright images, music, illustration, and videos. The content gets published under Creative Commons CC0, which makes it a safe and secure platform.

Graphics and Infographic tools

1 – Canva

eLearning Tools for Creators

For a beginner, Canva is the best tool for creating eLearning slides, infographics, and headers. Easy to use and quick designing makes Canva an idol tool. Moreover, the tool assists you in creating various content ranging from social media to marketing.

2 – Blipshot

eLearning Tools for Creators

Blipshot accounts for quick and easy screen capturing. For example, you can capture an entire webpage just with a click. Further, you can right-click or drag-drop the screenshot for saving it into PNG. It’s a Google Chrome extension, and users can access it in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

3 – Infogram

eLearning Tools for Creators

Infogram is an infographics tool that enables users to create online reports, dashboards, digital charts, maps, and other visuals. With a drag and drop editor, you can convert data into infographics. Later, you can embed, publish or share the data on various platforms.

4 – Figma

eLearning Tools for Creators

Figma offers various tools for designing projects, including prototyping, vector tools, and code generation. Learners can view your content without downloading any specific software. When it’s about eLearning, Figma is the best for developers.

5 – Background Burner

Background Burner
eLearning Tools for Creators

The free and automatic tool enables you to remove the background of any image within a click. Also, you are free from the manual selection of background layers. On clicking the touch-up button, you land on an editing screen where you can edit and remove areas accordingly.

6 – Paint.net

eLearning Tools for Creators

Paint.net is a free photo editing software designed for Windows. With an interactive user interface and minimal features, the tool is best for amateurs. It has easy-to-use drawing shapes tools, the Magic Wand tool, the Gradient tool, etc.

Audio Editing Tools

1 – Audacity

eLearning Tools for Creators

Audacity is a free well-known sound editing and recording software. The software enables users to record, copy, cut, combine different sounds, change pitch speed, etc. The multi-track software goes well with Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

2 – BBC Sound Effects

BBC Sound Effects
eLearning Tools for Creators

BBC Sound Effects offers users around 16,000 audio samples. You can download or stream them in WAV and can use them for your eLearning platforms. From crowd cheering to birds chirping, you can use any sound as per your need. 

3 – Watson Text to Speech

Watson Text to Speech
eLearning Tools for Creators

As suggested by the name, the tool converts text into sound audio. Watson Text to Speech is for those who do not want to hire people for voice-over. The tool offers 13 voices in around seven languages. 

Bottom Line of eLearning Tools for Creators


So, we finally ended up with the list of best tools and software for eLearning developers. Use them to create an engaging and interacting eLearning platform. Do share your recommendation if we missed any of the ones. Also, share your tools and their feedback.

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