Create WordPress Social Learning Platform To Engage Learners

Social Learning

Learning paves the way to success! Right?

And what if this way will become more interesting? If this is so, surely, your students won’t like to leave your eLearning platform.

No doubt a big cloud of thought is bubbling inside your mind thinking about how to make your learners’ journey interesting and interactive. A unique yet powerful way to do so is to create a robust social learning platform.

What is Social Learning Platform?

Before digging into deep how to create a social learning platform, you must explore what it is all about. So that you’ll have a better idea of how to proceed with your eLearning website.

Social Learning is a solution where you can offer your learners a platform where they can learn from your online courses and share their progress on their community profile and also can communicate with other students and teachers.

This is all about allowing learners and teachers getting social.

It’ll add options for Courses inside the individual profiles.

Features of Social Learning Platform

A social learning platform provides you with the following features:

  • Your learners will have the option to share their progress for Courses, Lessons, Topic, Quizzes and Comment Information as community activities.
  • Students have the choice to disable/enable their course activities
  • Displays courses tab inside the individual profile
  • As an admin, you can manage which attributes will be used to create activity threads.

And, that’s not all. There are many more benefits you’ll take advantage of.

How to create a social learning platform?

create a social learning platform

It’s really not a time taking and complex task. All you need is just an integration plugin that can integrate your WordPress LMS Plugin with the WordPress Social Network Plugin.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard. and install a WordPress Social Network Plugin. Now, download and install WordPress LMS Plugin. Next, install a plugin that can integrate both the plugins to create a social learning environment.

My recommendation:

For Social Network Features

You can opt for BuddyPress or PeepSo to set up a social community environment.

A major benefit of using BuddyPress with your WordPress LMS Plugin is that BuddyPress offers group features by default. And, when you integrate it with WordPress LMS Plugin, a group of learners and their teacher who have joined a particular course, automatically gets formed.

For LMS features

You can opt for LearnDash or LifterLMS. Both these plugins provide great functionalities to create an eLearning website on WordPress.


[idea]Bonus Tip for LifterLMS Users

You can check out these plugins for social learning platform:



Words over to you!

Innovations shouldn’t be stopped! As and when new innovation gets happened, a better society gets formed.

And, this also applies to the eLearning industry.

So, what features you are expecting from your social learning website? Leave a comment below with your valuable suggestions.

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