WordPress Themes for Casino Gaming Community Site

By now, online casinos are not unfamiliar to most people. With the iGaming industry on the rise, many people are now playing casino games online. This has created many platforms for casino gambling, placing sports bets, and other related activities. Here are some of the best online casinos for Canadians. You can also find under 1 hour withdrawal casino Сanada. We have created a list of the Top 10 Best Themes for Casino Gaming Community Websites. This list was curated following a few specific criteria which we believe all themes should have in order to best serve you.

Not only are people going to these online casinos, they are also visiting many affiliate websites. These can be blogs and news portals related to gambling, forums dedicated to the iGaming community, providers of the games for online casinos or even individual gamers creating their own personal websites.

As the community is growing at such a high rate, competitiveness is very high in the air. If you are the owner of such a website, you have to make sure you are gaining traffic out of all others. Thankfully, running a website has become a lot easier than it used to be in the early days of the internet.

If you choose WordPress for conducting your business, all you have to do is install the right theme, and voila! But how do you make sure your theme is actually right for your business? You can’t just blindly pick the most popular theme or just any free one and expect users to appreciate it. Fortunately, WordPress supports a wide range of themes that were developed specifically for the iGaming community.

WordPress Themes for Casino Gaming Community

This includes both free and paid themes, and many of them even have different versions for different types of websites.

1. Free Themes

If you are a small business just starting out, or an individual blogger posting about casino gambling, you might prefer a free theme. Do not worry, there are many themes specifically developed for iGaming websites that are completely free to use.

They might not all be quality themes, because good things are rarely given away for free, so you will need to filter your search a little. Make sure you test out a few of them before making your website go live. As these themes are free, you are at liberty to use trial and error to the fullest.

Make sure to thoroughly read through all the information before installing. Look up the theme individually as well to see if there are added features not listed officially. Seek out all the customizations available to have the most tailor-made experience.

Pros & Cons of Free Themes


  • Completely free
  • Usually faster to load
  • If it’s made by WordPress, it was likely thoroughly reviewed
  • Easy to install


  • Fewer features
  • Less customization
  • Might have inadequate support
  • Not frequently updated

2. Paid Themes

If you are a seasoned website owner, you already know that it is better to use a paid theme for your website because it will offer you more options. For an industry like iGaming, websites need to do all the heavy lifting for your business.

Your website needs to be optimized for giving your users the best experience. For this, it is crucial to have the right features on your theme and also customize the things not already provided. With paid themes, this is usually not hard to find. In our list of Top 10 Best Themes for Casino Gaming Websites, you will find many such paid themes.

Pros & Cons of Paid Themes


  • Not usually very expensive
  • Many features
  • Many custom options
  • Better support
  • Available even outside of WordPress


  • Might not be thoroughly reviewed
  • Might be too heavy and slow to load
  • Frequent updates might also mean the discontinuation of the theme

3. Criteria for a Good Theme

Here are the 5 criteria we used to determine our top 10 themes.

  1. How easy is it for you to find and install the theme? Usually free themes meet this requirement better than paid ones. You can find the best free themes on your WordPress dashboard and all you have to do is read through the information provided and then install. Installation guidelines are usually included with the theme information.
    If you don’t like the options on WordPress, you can search through independent websites, but they might not be thoroughly reviewed. You can also find paid themes on WordPress as well as independent websites. Installing themes made by WordPress are usually the easiest to install.
  2. How easy is the theme to configure to your website? Free themes will have less options for customization which might make it easier to configure, but will not serve your needs sufficiently. Paid themes will have more customizable features which will serve you better but might need more time to configure.
  3. The theme’s compatibility with different platforms of devices: Does it work as well on Windows as it does on iOS? Is it optimized for mobile browsers? Can you use it on all kinds of screens, even tablets, and TVs? With the diversity of technological devices, people’s preferences are also becoming more divided. Not supporting a device can make you lose a large chunk of users.
  4. Whether or not it supports different browsers: Not everyone agrees on what the best browser to use is. Older users might prefer Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Some people strictly use Google Chrome while others might prefer Safari or Opera or their phone browser.
    Make sure whichever theme you select is compatible with all of the popular web browsers and don’t discriminate too much between browser versions. If your theme is too modern, it might not support older versions which might once again leave many of your users in the dark.
  5. The last criterion we used to determine the best theme is whether or not it used modern technology for the coding. Using JS or HTML is best because they both support the most popular visual effects. When it comes to casinos, your websites should be flashy so you do need to apply many visual effects to your theme.

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Top 10 Best Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Without further ado, here are the top 10 best themes for casino gaming websites.

1. WinWin- Themes for Casino Gaming Community

WinWin is mostly popular for having a parallax scrolling feature. It is known for being a clean and sophisticated casino website theme. It has a powerful UI kit and is super user friendly and responsive. Like Coin Flip, it also costs $75 to install.
Some of the best features of this theme include a sample data installer, appointment booking functionality, SEO Optimization, custom widgets and retina support. The visual editor is superb as you have multiple layout options. If you are looking for a theme for your casino website, this might be the right choice for you.

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2. Mercury- Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

No matter who you ask, Mercury is the most recommended theme for gambling and casino websites, or at the very least in their top 10. Although it was made with casino affiliates in mind, it is also a great theme for bloggers.
Mercury by Space-Themes is a paid theme and costs $79. There are 10 free demos available. You have 25 shortcodes where 11 of them are for posts, 9 are for casinos and bookmakers, 4 for games, and 1 for bonuses. You do not need much coding knowledge to use this theme as most things are prebuilt.

For casinos and bookmakers, you have 9 custom shortcodes, 6 single item page layouts, 8 archive list layouts and 10 custom taxonomies. And games, you have 4 custom shortcodes, 6 single item page layouts, 2 archive list layouts and 2 custom taxonomies. For bonuses, you have 1 custom shortcode, 2 single item page layouts, and 1 custom archive list layout.

This theme is well documented and supported.

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3. Poker Dice

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Designed by Progression Studios, Poker Dice is another very popular paid theme for WordPress. Poker Dice is a great theme for casino resorts and hotels to use. It costs $59 to get and does not require any coding. It can be easily customized as it has a built-in drag-and-drop builder.
Poker Dice also has a Premium Slider feature for your pages so users can easily slide through your content. This theme is tablet and mobile-friendly. This theme is also very easy to translate into any language.
Poker Dice supports eCommerce and many visual customizations such as unlimited colors, responsive layout and font adjusting. You also get sticky headers, a footer, and retina support. This theme is also well documented and supported.

4. Coin Flip

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Coin Flip is a more versatile theme made by model theme for casinos, bookmakers, slot machines, blogs and forums. It is the ideal casino affiliate theme with niche functionalities like MT Bookmarks, MT Slots, MT Reviews, MT Casinos, and MT Bonuses and compatibility.
Coin Flip is a paid theme and it costs $75 which is a little more on the expensive side but it is well worth the money. It is compatible with all the popular browsers and devices and very responsive.
The latest update has brought 7 new rating styles including 5-star and 10-star rating systems and multiple variations of the two. It also includes new homepages for horse betting and video poker. Single listing pages can now be opened on separate tabs.

5. Casino Roulette

This theme is optimized for casino websites. It is fully responsive and SEO friendly. The features are all prebuilt so you do not need any coding to use this theme. You can even have a roulette landing page! It is compatible with multiple devices.

Some added features include a star rating system for casino reviews, a blog section page and casino listings and banner widgets. This magnificent theme was created by Flytonic and costs $79.

6. Inx Games

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

This is finally a free theme which we can confidently recommend for you if you are looking for a theme for your casino, review, news or blog website. Made by athemeart, it offers responsive google adsense.
You do not need much technical knowledge to use Inx Games. It has a one click demo import, drag and drop page builder, and great visual customizations like unlimited colours and 600+ fonts. It is easy to translate to any language and very well documented and supported.

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7. eCasino- Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

eCasino was made by Inkthemes and costs $79. This is a good theme if you have games on your website as it supports pit boss, club houses and other online gaming zones as well as casinos. This theme is very video friendly and your users can upload videos of gambling tutorials.
There are multiple sidebars and even a blog section. This theme is very versatile. You can even add a video as your header! This does not mean this theme will take forever to load. It has a clean code, it is flexible and fully responsive. This is compatible with all devices and browsers. this is well documented and supported. The eCasino theme is optimized for heavy duty work at high speed.

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8. Sports Betting

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

As the name suggests, this theme is perfect for sports betting websites. It is suitable for bookers, sports prediction agencies, wage workers and sports gamblers. The homepage is clean and has a custom menu and sliders. It also has sections for service selection and latest posts. You can customize your widgets too.

The theme is fully responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers, and supports the latest WordPress versions. You have 8 colour themes to choose from. Visually it has a great aesthetic for sports fans with large images and clean layout. It is SEO optimized and HTML5 and CSS3 files are enabled. Like all themes by InkThemes, this product will cost you $79. It is well supported and documented.

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9. Gambling Club

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

This theme was especially design for casinos and hotels or resorts that host gambling facilities. It was made by InkThemes and also costs $79. Visually, this theme is more classic and professional looking which makes it great for hotels to invite their guests to gamble.

It can feature all your key information in a clean way like your game event highlights, your expert gamblers, your membership plans, your activities and services as well as your gaming portfolio with categorization. A good website is a comprehensive one.

The layout is 100% responsive, it is compatible with WordPress 4.7+, has a powerful admin panel, SEO optimized, with unlimited colours and google fonts integration.

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10. Club Betting- Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Themes for Casino Gaming Community

Also by InkThemes is Club Betting is which mainly a theme for sports betting websites but can also be used by casinos. It is optimized for featuring live updates of sports and races and giving your users a comprehensive view of your portfolio.

The menu options of this theme are excellent and include sliders and featured items. The gallery is also well organized and can direct the user easily to your blog section. It also supports eCommerce really well as users need to place bets. With Club Betting you also get cross browser compatibility and full responsiveness. It is adaptable to all kinds of screens and SEO friendly. Installation is super easy with a single click. This app will cost you $79.

Find the right theme for your casino

Whether you are running a blog about casinos, an online forum for the casino community, an individual gamer looking to play matches with other gamblers online on your personal website or even a casino operator or provider yourself, you need a website that is well designed to serve you.
Make sure you get yourself a theme that allows you to optimize your website for all the features you need so that you can give your users the best experience. You may choose a theme that is free or paid, but be sure to do your research before installing.

If the above mentioned themes did not fit your needs, try to compare your theme of choice with the 5 criteria we mentioned above to be sure that you are making a good choice. We want the best for you and your customers.
You can also use a theme that is not catered to casinos, but you might find that it is not adaptable enough for your business. You could try themes made for restaurants, shops and hotels, but it is likely they will not have all the features you need.

At the end of the day you are free to run your business however you like. These are a few suggestions from us on how to optimize your website so that you get the most traffic. Using a good theme will leave you users feeling good about their experience with your services and keep them coming back. As WordPress supports so many features, be sure to get a theme that lets you utilize it to the max!

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