Small Versus Big Digital Marketing Agency: Which One Should You Go For?

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Somewhere in their digital journeys, most businesses come face-to-face with one question- what kind of digital marketing agency should we go for?

While this question may seem to be simplistic enough, there are multiple considerations to make. Businesses and their owners and top management are left asking the following questions-

  • Will a smaller agency offer greater emphasis and importance to the growth of our business?
  • What kind of experience will a bigger digital agency bring as compared to a smaller one?
  • In terms of pricing and monthly fees, how much of a difference I as a business would be looking at?
  • Can real results in terms of sales be expected when I move from a smaller agency to a bigger one?
  • Will working with a bigger agency mean that the business can grow more as compared to a smaller one?

In this resource article, we will be looking to answer all these questions. We speak to experts at Digitrio, one of Singapore’s best digital agencies. If you are a business that is confused between choosing a smaller agency and going for a bigger one, stay put till the end of the article.

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Major Benefits of Working with a Small/Boutique Digital Marketing Agency


A smaller digital marketing agency does not have more than 50 employees. It has all the necessary divisions- website design and development, social media marketing, PPC, content writing, and so on.

However, in terms of the number of clients, it is not too stretched. This means that this is a perfect place for small businesses who themselves are experiencing digital for the first time.

  • Working with a smaller agency means that your business will get much more attention. This also means that you can keep in touch with all the professionals working on your business all the time.
  • Smaller agencies are more enthusiastic in terms of showing real results and performance based on their work. They have a point to prove and try everything possible to ensure that the client is happy.
  • In terms of monthly retainers, smaller digital marketing agencies are more affordable. This is true even when they carry out the same scope of work as a bigger agency would do.
  • The hope for quick turnaround times can be expected with smaller agencies. They can roll out strategies and work better as they do not have to go through channels of multiple approvals.

Advantages of Working with a Big Digital Marketing Agency

Smaller agencies have their benefits, but bigger agencies are always at an advantage. This is why as a business if you can extend your budget, you should try working with a bigger digital agency.

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Let us look at some of the major advantages of working with them-

  • Big digital marketing agencies have innumerable resources at their disposal. They have multiple teams, members, and strategies to help businesses. If one team does not work out, the next team can take over.
  • Their experience comes in handy to troubleshoot any and every kind of problem that can arise. This is invaluable to help a business no matter what kind of issues they are facing.
  • Bigger agencies are great at maintaining contacts and networking. For example, if you want to pursue Influencer Marketing, a bigger agency will already have the contacts and deals done with many influencers.
  • Bigger agencies will be able to offer you services like Video Production, Scripting. E-commerce integrations and a lot more. This means that you do not have to go anywhere else for the requirement.

In terms of pricing, a bigger agency will charge more fees and commission for all their services. However, you can rest assured that they have become a bigger agency only by offering great and professional services to all their clients.

The Bottom Line

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There is a reason why everyone wants to work with a big agency that has won multiple rewards for their outstanding work. If you have any other questions that you will like us to answer about digital marketing agencies, let us know in the comments section below. We will try to help address them as much as possible.

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