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It can be a highly profitable business strategy to sell your products wholesale at a minimum wholesale price to buyers and retailers. Collaborating with retail outlets that have a secure customer base and networks for distribution offers you the scope to enter present markets and geographical destinations without adding stockpiling, marketing, and shipping expenses.

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Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce

WooCommerce is equipped with a plethora of features that make bulk selling simple and convenient. As one of the most extensively applied e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce combines a wide range of available plugins that increases its functionality and buying options for wholesale users in selecting products, provides exclusive pricing, bulk order, and an inventory that can be shared among retailers. 

Making use of excellent WooCommerce wholesale plugins, you can efficiently serve WooCommerce B2B as well as B2C customer categories. Equally, the WooCommerce B2B buyers can also be offered a satisfying wholesale ordering system along with a simple to handle back end for yourself.  

At the same time, WooCommerce also lets you maintain your online shop in a running condition and keep it customer-oriented while controlling it from a single central dashboard. Some of the WooCommerce extensions that can be combined and integrated to offer a wholesale store or a mix of retail/wholesale shop include the following:

1. Create Custom Prices For Various Categories Of Retailers

A powerful extension included is Wholesale for WooCommerce, which can be used by wholesale customers to open accounts on your site. Upon logging, they can make use of exclusive features like discounted rates for buying in bulk. You can fix prices on the basis of every product for wholesale customers, or include category or store based discounts in the form of percentage or dollar. It also lets you assign a minimum order amount to be considered for wholesale prices. 

2. Make Layout Of Wholesale Order Form

Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce
Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce

Wholesale users require to meet the specific needs and anticipations of retail consumers. Being aware of the products that are required by customers and viewed in a compact list without multipage scrolling and big images of products they opt for plugins that are best for generating a layout of wholesale order form.

The WooCommerce Products Table plugin is suited for making a layout of a wholesale order form. This plugin helps to list the wholesale products in the form of a table having search, sort plus filtering features that instantly guides customers towards the exact products. The singular page wholesale table contains buttons for adding to cart, quantity selectors and variations. It can be used by customers in the format of a comprehensive bulk order form.with no requirement to view the single product page. 

More effectively, you can utilize the wholesale order form in an exclusive ‘Wholesale’ section of your retail store, and at the same time maintain the general WooCommerce layouts for retail consumers. You can expand your revenue from wholesale by adding fast one-page order forms, particularly designed for wholesale.

In fact, a product table wholesale layout offers a convenient method for B2B consumers to re-order their normal products, as it works like a wholesale fast re-order list.

3. Different Wholesale Pricing Alternatives In The Dashboard 

There is no need to offer the same treatment to each wholesale client. You can create a variety of functions on your site the way you desire. Every function can relate to different discounts – for instance, you can provide greater savings for large scale buyers or offer local retailers a rebate on major items. 

An added perk! You can even create a tax exempted wholesale purchase, if it applies, or also install particular tax rates for retailers situated in various locations, straight from your dashboard.

4. Add Wholesale Users To WooCommerce Store

After testing the WooCommerce wholesale plugin, you can begin to add wholesale users. If the wholesale registration has been enabled, then individuals can register for their account on the page for Wholesale login. You may even wish to add wholesale users all by yourself.

Some of the way to try it includes:

  • Adding wholesale users manually by making a WordPress user account for every wholesale user. 
  • Convertingt present customers into wholesale by editing their account and selecting a wholesale role
  • Importing them in bulk

Whichever way you apply to add wholesale users, your users of B2B commerce can access their account by logging and also enter the private WooCommerce section for wholesale. 

5. Provides A Variety Of Shipping Plus Payment Methods For Wholesale Consumers

Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce

Certain Woo wholesale outlets prefer to provide various payment options for B2B as well as B2C consumers. Like for instance, trade customers can make payments via invoice instead of online. Different stores maintain different options for shipping for wholesale users, that facilitate bulk buying.

However, using excellent WordPress plugins that are present on you can present a convenient shipping and payment process based on the user role. 

6. Manages Viewing Information Of Users 

You can manage information that is to be viewed by every user by using Wholesale for WooCommerce. Controlling information is central to sharing inventory and descriptions of products between your wholesale and retail outlets.

By default, every product present in your WooCommerce wholesale shop can be accessed by all. Public users, as well as regular consumers, view the standard price given for every item, at the same time wholesale users view the exact price with regard to their role. If you want, you can select whether every product category can be visible for public users or solely for wholesaler 

In case, you are only providing wholesale products and want to hide your complete storefront so that only wholesale consumers are aware of its presence, you can use extensions like Private Store for WooCommerce. 

Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce
Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce

Integrated use outlets can utilize Wholesale for WooCommerce to install display procedures for individual items and categories. Make products viewable just for retailers and to regular customers and even both. The moment a wholesale consumer logs in, they can view only those items and categories designated as accesible for wholesalers.Similarly, a retail customer can view your normal storefront and retail items.  

The greatest advantage is that there is no requirement to create a separate store or site for your wholesale transactions. After you have developed a product and included its image and various descriptions, you can share and offer that listing for both types of users. You can even install wholesale rates for similar products with no need for duplicating or reorganizing your overall storefront and the best part being able to monitor inventory amounts under a single location.       

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7. Generate Subscriptions For Accounts Of Wholesalers

In case, you want to levy a membership fee for wholesalers, it can be done by WooCommerce. You simply require another extension – WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Subscription framework for wholesale

Generate products for separate levels of subscription, such as Gold, Silver, or Bronze grouping.  After a wholesaler registers, automatic activation of their account with proper access to the correct products and levels of discount. In case they alter their level of subscription, their access to account updates automatically, and it also ends if they fail to resume their subscription.

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8. Automated Onboarding Or Manual Checking

Wholesale for WooCommerce contains an application form that allows likely wholesale consumers to apply for login. The form can be customized so that it alighs with the design plus branding of your store.

As the applications are received, they get automatically approved – the total process operates by itself while you focus on different aspects of your business. To achieve greater control, you require manual approval.

Both ways you build an eco system that allows large scale purchasers in bulk to know that you are looking forward to conducting business deals with them.

9. Greater Convenience For Wholesalers In Ordering And Re-Ordering

Wholesale buyers enjoy the advantage of ordering goods in huge numbers and volumes. Numerous WooCommerce extensions are available that allow retailers to order several products instantly. 

Selling Wholesale With WooCommerce


WooCommerce being a highly powerful and popular e-commerce platform that can be integrated into the Content Management System of WordPress is seamlessly customizable, along with a wide ambit of plugins that expands its features. Making use of the finest WooCommerce wholesale plugins, you can efficiently serve both WooCommerce B2B and B2C business as well as offer an awesome ordering of wholesale experience for WooCommerce B2B purchasers with a simple back end management for you.

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