SEMrush and Yoast Partner to Enhance WordPress SEO and Digital Marketing

SEM Rush, a reputed name in digital marketing, has recently joined hands with Yoast’s SEO plugin for WordPress to gain the trust of the loyal users of WordPress. The news of two popular brands SEMrush & Yoast collaborating broke with the release of an updated version of the Yoast’s SEO plugin for WordPress. As WordPress is used by 35% of the users on the internet. Every year, Yoast makes updates in its plugin, and now it has come up with a new feature of integration of SEMrush’s extensive keyword database with SEO products. In this plugin, you will get SEO-focused keyword suggestions which help you to enhance the search engine indexicality and drive the relevant traffic to your website. 

Keyword Research is the most vital and the most crucial process to do, SEMRush has done a mind blowing job to simplify this process. With this collaboration of Yoast SEO & SEM Rush, you can do all SEO related tasks using one plugin.  

The most unique feature that makes this plugin different from other plugins is the Get related keyphrases feature which you get access after you connect your SEMRush account to new or authorised Yoast SEO. After integration, you can find related keyphrases right from within the post editor. You can even get insights about the latest trends and search volume of the keywords along with the country selected. This feature is available for free as well as premium users. The additional benefit which premium users will get is that you will get a  chance to optimize your content for multiple keyphrases and synonyms.  

The new related keyphrase tool helps you to add relevant keywords with the simple click and after that you can add them to your text for these keyphrases in the post editor sidebar.

Let’s know more what you will get in this integrated Yoast SEO 15.1 plugin. 

Features of Yoast SEO 15.1 : 

1. Improved internal linking suggestions : To all the SEO’s 

SEMrush and Yoast Partner to Enhance

At the launch of Yoast SEO 14.7, one feature that has overruled was that it analyzes the text and automatically suggests the relevant blogs or articles you should link to. This time, Yoast has made an advanced update to this tool. In Yoast SEO 15.1, they have improved the visual aspect of the internal linking suggestions. The tool will distinguish the difference between cornerstone content, regular posts and other post types.

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2. Improved optimization of SEO data : 

In this version of Yoast SEO 15.1, you will get the optimized SEO data. Yoast SEO uses a lot of complex processes to get the important data about the site. 

SEMrush and Yoast Partner to Enhance

3. Performance improvements and other enhancements: Yoast SEO doesn’t have to stage the environment to test its performance, it tests on live websites. In WordPress 5.5’s new, wp_get_environment_type() function retrieves the site’s current environment type. As if now, Yoast seo doesn’t index the indexables, it just pings the search engine about XML sitemaps, sends tracking information or checks the indexing of the website, this process helps to prevent your data to be public when your website is live. 

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4. One of the most special features, we would like to mention is that Yoast SEO removes all the permalinks from the indexables table whenever the value of   permalink_structure or the home_url option changes. They also notify in case you have to reindex those cases. 

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In Yoast SEO 15.1, they have included various cool features which you should look upon. This new partnership has strengthened the plugin and made it more compatible for the users. Comment down below, which feature you like the most, and stay tuned with us for such updates !  

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