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If you’ve been penning for some time and have plenty of content in your blog, your readers need to drill through your archives to discover your finest content. The plain truth is they might not spare the moment to do that and could check out before they locate that incredible post which was loved by everyone else.

Offer your readers assistance by focussing your most common posts. Directing your readers (particularly fresh readers who are not acquainted with your site) to your best hits can aid retain them on your portal longer. Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins to ease the process of promoting your posts.

The following is a list of the best popular post plugins concerning WordPress and the ideal scenarios for their employment.

8 Best Popular Post Plugins For WordPress:

  1. Jetpack
  2. WordPress Popular Posts
  3. WP Tab Widget
  4. Top 10 (Free)
  5. WP Most Popular (Free)
  6. Popular Widget (Free)
  7. Post Hit Counter (Free)
  8. Most And Least Read Posts Widgets (Free)

# 1 Jetpack

Jetpack Popular Post Plugins For WordPress

The elephant within the room Jetpack is set up on more than 1,000,000 websites, while by default, those sites all have entry to the Top Posts & Pages Widget – among its numerous features. This widget can show the most liked posts as well as the posts with the highest traffic in the past 48 hours.

Jetpack is equipped with an Additional Sidebar Widgets feature that can be activated below Jetpack>Settings within the WordPress admin. Once that is performed, the widget will display under Appearance>Widgets, and might be dragged into any sidebar you select. You can set up the widget to show nearly 10 items (which may be pages, posts, or media) as an image list, text list, else image grid.

The widget can be shown in pages and posts by employing a shortcode, which contains parameters to alter the options. Moreover, if you are at ease with code, you can personalize the widget further.

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# 2 WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Post Plugins For WordPress

The WordPress Popular Posts plugin is installed on more than 2 lacs websites and gets a 4.5 star satisfaction ranking. “Simple to use” and “simple to customize” are the names that fetch the maximum hits for this plugin.

WordPress Popular Posts allows different widgets to be inserted, each with its individual settings, which is particularly helpful provided the range of options present. You can show common posts within particular time ranges (e.g. previous 24 hours or past 7 days ), like custom post types, and having thumbnails or not. Posts can be shown on the basis of number of views, number of comments, else average views each day.

If you don’t wish to utilize the widget, a shortcode is present to add the most prevalent posts inside your site’s content. Otherwise, you can utilize the template tag to entrench the most common posts anywhere within your theme.

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# 3 WP Tab Widget

WP Tab Widget For WordPress

WP Tab Widget offers you a collection of tabs you can utilize in your sidebar. More than 80,000 websites have installed it, and a rating of 4.8-star satisfaction indicates that people love it. You can show any of the tabs presented by the widget, like Comments, Recent posts, Popular posts, and Tags.

You can configure the number of posts to show, whether to allow pagination, and what post detail to show (post thumbnail, post date, excerpt, and comment count). You can personalize the CSS to correspond to your theme better if needed.

This plugin is built to be extremely lightweight, loading data on demand, and carries an inbuilt caching system.

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# 4 Top 10 (Free)

Top 10 wordPress plugin

Next up, there is the Top 10 plugin, which estimates the number of page displays of your pages, posts, and custom post types, and allows you to show a catalog of the most prominent ones. More than 30,000 websites contain active setups of this plugin, and it has gathered a 4.6-star satisfaction rating.

The plugin estimates the page views on an hourly basis, which is next utilized to show the most prevalent posts for aggregate counts, or across a custom duration. The sidebar widgets are extremely customizable, with choices for the number of posts, the kinds of posts to add, the post information to show, and the time duration.

This plugin has an extensive of site-wide configurations present, like categories to leave out posts, and the capacity to insert custom CSS styles. A shortcode is present to add the common post list in pages and posts. The plugin can even be expanded by developers through actions and filters.

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# 5 WP Most Popular (Free)

WP Most Popular

Easy configuration choices render WP Most Popular simple to use.

This following plugin maintains things easy. WP Most Popular was built to do none other besides rate your most prevalent blog posts by the number of displays, and show them in the sidebar or anywhere else within your theme. Having more than 10,000 dynamic installs and 4.9-star fulfillment ratings, it appears to achieve that one thing nicely.

When you include the widget to a sidebar, you can set up the number of posts to show, the post kind to list (regular pages, posts, or custom post kinds), the time range to accommodate (whole time or the previous week, day, or month), and whether to highlight post thumbnails.

If you are relaxed with code or wish to add the list of common posts anywhere else within your theme, you can insert a custom function to your theme and employ actions and filters to further personalize the output.

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# 6 Popular Widget (Free)

Popular Widget

Like the WP Tab Widget, Popular Widget reveals common posts, current comments, and tags within a tabbed widget. More than 10,000 dynamic installs with a 4.6-star fulfillment rating render this plugin a preferred choice.

The Popular Widget can showcase popular posts by highest commented or most seen, and the posts may be filtered by author, date range, or category. Display alternatives for the widget comprise whether to show thumbnails, counts, and excerpts.

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# 7 Post Hit Counter (Free)

Post Hit Counter

The name and details of the Post Hit Counter plugin are extremely plain – it constitutes a counter to monitor the number of times your posts are seen. Obviously, if forms part of the list as it achieves more than simply count – it also allows you to show a list of the most seen posts. With more than 5,000 dynamic installs, it is less popular than the others covered till now, though it carries a 4.8-star satisfaction ranking.

The sidebar widget is extremely direct and just shows the most seen posts ( without or with the display counts and post dates). Nevertheless, the plugin options also allow you to choose which post types must be counted and stop particular user roles (like admins) from activating the hit counter.

This plugin is useful in that it inserts a seeable hit counter to the admin bar, posts list table, and the post edit display within the WordPress Admin. The most seen posts are also showcased in a dashboard widget so you can watch them without rummaging deep into your site analytics.

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# 8 Most And Least Read Posts Widgets (Free)

Most And Least Read Posts Widgets

This plugin offers an exciting twist on the common post plugin by presenting you a record of your least read posts also. This could go a long way in boosting a few of your less read posts. Most and Least Read Posts Widget is a simple to utilize plugin that monitors post hits, leaving out those by famous web crawlers (such as Google) and by admin users. It contains more than 3,000 dynamic installs but just 4 reviews, so accept the 5-star rating with a pinch of salt.

The plugin offers you 2 widgets – one for maximum read posts and one for minimum read. When you include either widget in your sidebar, you can personalize the number of posts showcased, whether to reveal the number of post sees, and how much back in time to add posts. The plugin also provides a shortcode to be utilized in pages and posts, with all similar options present.

An exciting option allows you to avoid posts with particular words in the title. So if you have a few non-narrative posts you generally recognize with text in the title (like Video) you can remove them from your ranking.

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Whether you require to exhibit your best performing posts either through views or searching a simple widget to drop in or to streamline and customize it, the above-mentioned plugins can come handy to display your best content for your audience. These plugins are SEO compatible, customizable and do not impact the speed plus performance of your website. Moreover, these plugins are compliant with each WordPress theme.

We would love to hear from how these popular post plugins have worked for you. Share all your actionable tips and experiences by subscribing to our comments section.

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