7 Signs Your Law Firm Needs A Better Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy for law firm websites

No matter what industry you work in, it is vital for your business’s growth to continue to market your business. Not only will it get your business’s awareness to a wider audience, but it can also be a means of controlling and managing your business’s image.

Managing your business image is important especially for industries that rely a lot on their reputation to get clients. With that said, law firms can always benefit from a strong marketing strategy to get clients and maintain them.

However, not a lot of law firms think they need a strong marketing effort but they most likely do. Below you’ll discover seven signs that your law firm might benefit a lot with a better marketing strategy.

1. Low conversion rate

Low conversion rate, marketing strategy for law firm websites
marketing strategy for law firm websites

Some law firms think that having the bare minimum of digital presence is sufficient enough to get their desired business results. However, just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t optimized it to get more conversions.

An aesthetically pleasing website that contains relevant information about your law firm isn’t enough. After all, you’re competing with hundreds of other websites that do the same thing, so what will make you special?

If you find that your website gets you only a few conversions every so often, then it may be time to get your marketing powered up.

2. Content is not engaging

content marketing, marketing strategy for law firm websites
marketing strategy for law firm websites

One way to make sure that your website gets the visitors and has a high click-through rate is by providing the right kind of content for your website.

Starting a blog may seem simple, but again, you’re not doing anything new so you must make sure that you are creating engaging content.

Don’t ride on trends or any other topics that are hot right now, especially if you’re starting out your blog only recently. Instead, you should start by creating relevant topics for your law firm that your readers or potential clients would be interested in.

Avoid using jargon that can’t be understood by your readers, unless these are terminologies that your target audience should understand. However, the best course of action is to assume that they don’t.

3. High bounce rate

bounce rate, marketing strategy for law firm websites

Another indication that your law firm’s website may need a big revamping is the fact that it may be having a high bounce rate.

A bounce rate is a measurement of the percentage of people who, upon clicking through to a page on your website, end up clicking off almost immediately.

Search engines don’t want websites with a high bounce rate because it is indicative of the fact that the website isn’t giving information relevant and engaging enough for the visitors. This will then affect your search engine rankings.

Bounce rate is something that you want to be as low as possible. So if analytics show that your website isn’t doing so good in this area, then it might be time to fix something.

4. Inactive social media presence

social media presence, marketing strategy for law firm websites

Another sign that your law firm might need a better marketing strategy is if you aren’t active enough on your social media platforms. You can start things off gradually by making business accounts on social media platforms that have a lot of users, like Facebook for example.

The best Facebook advertising agencies like to create a community around their brand by creating Facebook pages where their target market can interact with one another and communicate with their brand on a more direct way.

Don’t neglect your social media presence because it can help you get more clients. Plus, it’s an excellent avenue for improving your reputation and your law firm’s image amongst people.

5. Redundant marketing strategy

marketing strategy

A lot of people who aren’t used to creating marketing strategies tend to look at what others are doing and make a copy of it for themselves. This lack of creativity is rarely rewarding for your business results and it can also be ethically wrong at times.

With that said, if you find that your marketing strategy hasn’t improved or you haven’t optimized it for years and years, then your technique may be outdated and won’t get you the results that you want.

You will definitely need a marketing strategy if the one you’re using doesn’t fit with the times and doesn’t think about the changes within the law firm lead generation, as well as the changes of your target customers.

6. Lack of online presence

social marketing

Some law firms like to stick to traditional advertising or marketing media because of many reasons. Maybe it’s because it’s more familiar or maybe it’s due to a lack of understanding of the powers of the online world.

Nonetheless, this may be a sign of the need for a better marketing strategy.

Although there’s nothing wrong with traditional advertising, it is best if you supplement it with digital marketing. The lack of online presence may not harm you directly, but it certainly isn’t doing your law firm any good either.

Besides, having a strong online presence can help you reach more clients and it will make your law firm much easier to find interested clients who want to work with you.

7. Wrong target market

target market

Last but not least, another mistake that people who don’t know much about marketing do is that they target the wrong people for their marketing campaigns. Oftentimes, they set up marketing campaigns that don’t keep in mind the needs and wants of their supposed target market.

If you find that your marketing efforts receive few to no responses from your target market then there is something wrong with it. Aside from that, if you find that your marketing campaigns are receiving a lot of responses from people who aren’t your target market, then perhaps you need to change your tune.


Final thoughts on marketing strategy for law firm websites

If you find that any of these signs apply to your law firm, then it is a sure indicator that you need to make major changes to how you market your law firm. It’s better that you find out now rather than if you enact a marketing campaign that does not end up well. So, be proactive in making changes to your marketing as soon as you find out that something’s wrong.



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