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We see it so often that the website owners complain about not getting the most out of visitors on their pages. The bloggers would generally complain about the visitors leaving their Blog in no time, resulting in a higher site bounce rate in the analytics. There are few steps that you can take to solve such issues, and today we are going to suggest some of those. It is a list of simple changes that you can bring to your blog that will help you get more on-page time by your blog visitors.

Your website bounce rate effects yours website rank on search engines. So, make sure to decrease your website bounce. It can result in boost your blog views and visitors. Large the bounce rate can make the large risk of away your visitors. As visitors are the hope for the future trade, so try to make them stay long at your business website.


Check Out The Points To Lower Your Site Bounce Rate

In this article, we will share with the list of terms, you can use to lower your site bounce rate and increase blog viewers. Let’s find the points below.


Design And Layout

Site Bounce Rate

The design of your Blog plays an essential role for viewers to stay or leave your page. Usually, beginners end up using too many colors that divert their readers. Also, in an attempt to impress the readers, there are various kinds of fonts used which are contrasting to the type of content been display. Follow a specific structure to write with little changes if required and that will keep your readers stay on your page.


Use Relevant Blogs

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We are not asking you to spam other blogs. When you find a blog, which is of any relevance to the story on your blog, you can comment about your views about a part of that relevant blog and smartly mention your blog so that readers of your comment will be interested to read your blog too. It is an excellent way to increase visitor count of your blog.


Use Social Media

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There’s Twitter; there is Facebook, there is Pinterest and various other social media channels where you can share your links on the related pages, tags, or discussions. The key is not to just go on and send the links. The real key to getting users from the social media to visit your blog is to provide an insight of it through your Tweets, comments or status. In this way, they will know what they can expect on your blog and visit it.


Choose Wise Topics

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Don’t just go and choose a topic for your blog that is currently in trend. As tempting it may look to be, selecting a trending topic will keep you at a loss, especially if you are a beginner as most of the other bloggers would be posting about it too. The chances are that, by the time people reach your blog with the trending topic, they might already have had an overdose of that topic. Bring out new issues (or old ones in innovative ways), and write about it. A sure way to get the readers to read your story is to make the titles more relevant to them.


Old Stories Need An Update Too

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Your readers are visiting your blog because they liked your previous works. There might come some changes in the present scenario that may call for an update in your earlier posts. We will not only pull the attraction of old users who liked it, but it also brings new viewers to your blog.



Wrapping Words!

So, these are some minor changes that you can choose to try and bring in your blogs. The best way, of course, is to have an impressive content. Nothing will attract users more than your content will. So, make sure to use the best of your skills when you write a story for your blog. Hope, you like this article. If you have something to suggest or any feedback, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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