increasing brand awareness

Promoting Brand awareness through social networks is not simply about opening accounts on every platform and inviting people intermittently to get your page liked and sharing some of the posts occasionally. Rather, it involves marketing to a proper audience and using the appropriate channels. To place yourself within the purview of your potential customers, offer a personalized style, increase your conversion ratio, and choose the correct social networks. A future surge in social media users has been predicted which can reach the statistics of 3.02 billion users by 2021. This has made social media a key player in increasing brand awareness.

Here are several ways in which social media will place your branding endeavors to a new level.

Facilitates Engagement

increasing brand awareness

Social sites offer you a vast arena to engage with one another. More so, it is a wonderful online space where you can interact with your users at every phase of their dealings with you. Any segment of people who are on the social platform whether as potential leads, present buyers or a group whom you are interested in retaining back, you have numerous modes of communication. It can well be chatting, a discussion or an ad that retargets.

Creates A Content Outreach And Promotion

increasing brand awareness

You have watched your most admired brands sharing the content on various social forums. A large number of brands prefer to use the online space to make leeway for their blogs, podcasts, and videos and various content they have prepared meticulously. This becomes necessary as their follower base wants to remain updated on their latest activity and opinions which appear to them useful.
Sharing content also makes it convenient for mass viewing, tracking it and also for further sharing. It goes without saying that you display your prowess for creating brand awareness through your individual content sharing.

Main Currency Of Social Media- Social Sharing

increasing brand awareness

Social sharing creates the desired impact on a brand and extend its contact. If you devise a content that is funny, restores faith, or find an emotional tugging it becomes very effortless to share. Your own social media experience must have revealed that maintaining a better balance between getting interactive and furnishing insightful content furthers social sharing.

Another approach would be to refer to people and pull up conversations and it is most likely that people will pay back your favor and kindness. The mainstay is to keep social sharing moving on, as it expands your contact base. The cycle rolls on with your follower exchanging their content, and so onwards.

Go Visual And Make Eyeballs Roll

increasing brand awareness

Making your content recognized and distinguished in the cacophonous realm of social networking, requires content and detailing that is eye-grabbing. This includes images and interactive videos. Capturing the interest of your audience becomes easier as you attach images to the updates, whatever be the platform.

Just look over your personal news feed on Facebook to view the posts that grabbed your attention and was prominent. More frequently than not, it may be a picture or video thumbnail attracting interest. Make efforts for your content to go viral and generally videos have a higher chance of going viral. Think of your user being unique to a particular platform so as to gain from better engagement and business results.

Leverage Popular Trends

increasing brand awareness

Across channels, you always have popular news, story or subject gaining traction. The raging topics featuring on Facebook and also Twitter provide an opening to connect by relating your content with a topic that is in vogue. This is called in business parlance “Newsjacking”. You may not require any visiting dignitary to link up your story to a particular ‘defining moment’, but warrant that it is integrated seamlessly and positively.

The online retailer of shoes, apparels, and accessories Zappos believe in forging real relationships with their followers. You will find their personalized welcome tab with the catchy lines, “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship” which reveals that they consider their potential consumers as their equals, strengthening their relationships further.
Digital storytelling makes your brand appear approachable and provides real, uncondensed content before the audience.

The ability of NASA with regard to stories on Instagram is simply irrefutable. It applies its storytelling technique to delve deeper into providing additional detail, relevant background, and more images which complement its regular posts on Instagram. NASA takes the help of its stories to exchange its backstage photographing.

Make use of stories to speak an actual event. Narrate stories and accounts about your facilities and various products as it builds brand loyalty and raises buying prospects or referrals. Various instances of storytelling digitally are restaurants depicting the way their recipes are prepared or sports squads sharing their fitness mantra or training regimens with their supporters.

Putting Up Questions

increasing brand awareness

A sales strategy which is paying in both conventional and online trading is questioning skills. The real situation is that posts that pose a question receive cent percent extra comments than normal posts with no queries. Soliciting questions from your brand followers discloses that you really are interested and concerned about them, which fosters goodwill towards your organization and its brand image.

Provide A Demo Without Charging

increasing brand awareness

Let your prospective buyers decide the intrinsic worth of your product by presenting them a demo without charging anything or money-back testing. Such an offer with “no risk” makes your future clients decide to experiment with your product which in turn lead to future sales. An additional perk would be to make such an offer through social media so as to earn the likes and also the shares from your followers, which spreads your offer message extensively.

Access Niche Influencers

increasing brand awareness

The generally referred “social media influencers” refer to people who have their huge followers. Here we mean famous individuals or prominent pages of social media that endear to similar audiences like the ones you target. This being said, steer clear of influencers who are in direct rivalry with the products and utilities which your brand provides.

Like for instance, if your brand deals with ecological food, you need to access various chefs, famous cooking blogs or any individual who discusses food. You have to mediate a price for such influencers so that they refer your business and the line of products to their faithful followers.

Hear The Voice Of Your Brand Loyalist

increasing brand awareness

Social media promotion has simple rules: enhance your business pages and carry out lucratively paid advertising promotions. That is simply what you need to do to expand the outreach of your brand and awareness. To perform it, you have to take into account the opinions, comments, and criticism voiced by your brand supporters. The feedbacks you obtain from likes, comments, tweets, and shares have a large significance. They act as a valuable eyeopener for your brand and the way others hold your brand.

Many would present their suggestions, while others fervently may share their negative opinions and disgruntled feedbacks. Every single feedback is noteworthy- not only the positive or encouraging ones but you also stand to gain from the unfavorable assessment and almost from all of them that you get to know.

Wrap Up || Increasing Brand Awareness

Advancing and evolving your brand and its recognition via social media channels is a daunting task. There is a learning curve in this domain which is quite unfamiliar and which every business promoter and webmaster have to traverse so as to outshine and surpass your competitors. You never know what is the best solution but have to observe, experiment, and optimize the actions which you will take to develop your professional brand.

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