E-learning has been deemed as one of the major online evolutions to have taken place in recent years. The education sector has gone through many upheavals and has developed itself into a space where new digital experiments can take place. Similar to this, leading content management systems like WordPress have evolved the developers to create new plugins dedicated solely to exploring the sector of e-learning and making it more compact and easily deliverable to the masses. Such new plugins have made significant progress in recent times when the world was forced to reside inside the safety of their homes and function as an organizational unit in the times of Covid 19. Hence we have brought forth an honest review of the LifterLMS plugin to quench your existing inquiries regarding online learning and digital course curriculum.

What is the LifterLMS plugin?

LifterLMS Plugin Review
LifterLMS Plugin Review

LifterLMS plugin is a plugin that serves WordPress as a legitimate course content creator through which brands and businesses involved in the education sector can make use of LifterLMS in curating some of the finest course material that can be made online. LMS is also known as Learning Management System has recently amassed quite a following on digital platforms as many students and institutions can invest in online digital learning portals via LifterLMS to secure students and consumers who wish to enroll themselves in an online course and are desiring to work in improving their skills from the comforts of their homes and offices. LifterLMS unique approach to provide a website that is polished and content-driven like Udemy is what makes the plugin extremely popular among many leading brands as a premium LMS source.

The LifterLMS plugin works as a core system unit that powers the entire website and makes it more learning-oriented. With the additional functions associated with this, the brands can develop new courses, make students enroll in a specific course, and also perform regular assessments and delivery of certificates at the end of the course to make the experience more holistic and unique. The plugin uses the Drip Content Facility where the admins can earn revenue by making their courses appear online and available 24/7. The plugin also supports an entire range of Addons where brands can also embellish their websites with superior functionalities such as adding quizzes, badges, and digital rewards.

The plugin offers fantastic business opportunities in the domain of E-learning and offers a wide range of services to implore students and organizations to invest their stake in the world of digital learning.

Features Of LifterLMS plugin

  1. Drag and drop course builder with easy navigation
  2. Swift quizzes and course development
  3. Create new assignments and plans
  4. Facility to create and access grade books and progress reports
  5. Predetermine course essentials
  6. Multiple instructions/coaching support
  7. Course discussion panels and areas

Membership Features:

  • Restriction of content
  • Dripping of content
  • Sitewide membership facility
  • Special member pricing

Payment Features:

  • Selling courses on one time sale
  • Dedicated payment gateway inclusion like stripe and PayPal
  • Coupons and rewards
  • Bulk sales for groups
  • Course bundles for holistic sale
  • Private coaching sessions

Social Learning Features:

  • Gamification to make learning engaging
  • Issuing Certificate After course completion
  • Social learning through community
  • Connecting with students via emails and text messages

Integration Features:

  • Email Marketing via MailChimp or WP Fusion
  • Form integration via Ninja and Gravity forms
  • Zapier Integration

Setting up the LifterLMS Plugin with WordPress Websites

The LifterLMS plugin can be easily downloaded from the official website or the WordPress repository. Once the file has been downloaded, a few clicks on the file will enable a wizard window through which users can easily seek guidance and install the program easily. Here’s a quick run-through for setting up the LifterLMS plugin in no time.

Setting Up a New Course

Once the download and installation have been successfully implemented, the new window that will open will ask the user/admin to set up a new course for their students and community.

  • Click on the launch course option in the wizard,
  • Click on the next + option to add a course of your choice.
  • Move your cursor on the WordPress icon to open the page builder option
  • Change the elements and modify details after filling in relevant course details
  • After completing making changes in lesson 1, save the changes made and you can now move on to the next
  • lesson and follow the same instructions to set up another lesson.

Make Necessary Changes With the Course Plans

The LifterLMS plugin ensures that the course plans that are being made by the users can be edited and perfected at any given point in time. Therefore admins can make changes in the lessons or courses by simply clicking on the gear icon to access important settings and modify the element that needs to be changed or tweaked.

Assigning Membership Details/Levels

Once the lessons have been prepared and taken care of, the plugin will then move to the next option that will assist the users in setting up membership levels. These membership levels will ascertain students’ progress and can be made in a paid option so that the students when they complete the existing level can unlock the next one by making payments online.

  • Click on the membership option on the WordPress side menu
  • Click on add membership
  • Enter the name of the membership and later fill suitable description for the same
  • Scroll further to fill in details such as product, price, and type.
  • Add trial offers, discount codes if any to retain customers for a long time.

Adding Certifications and Digital Rewards

Once you have completed the existing layers, the LifterLMS plugin allows the admin to fill in details regarding digital rewards and certificates that students will get at the end of their course completion. These rewards will act as an incentive to boost the student’s morale and make them more inclined towards e-learning and education online.

  • Click on the engagements icon on the WordPress side panel
  • Select add new and set a completion event
  • Set a course link to the completion event
  • Select engagement type and fill the type of reward/certificate that needs to be awarded
  • Click on the publish option to make it go live.

Benefits of Using LifterLMS Plugin

Engaging page builder to create custom layouts

The LifterLMS plugin is supported by many leading page builders like Elementor and BeaverBuilder and hence it becomes extremely easy for the brands to create compelling page designs compatible with your existing theme. With this element in mind, users can create an entire layout that is in pace with their existing theme to avoid unnecessary last moment theme changes or modifications.

Drag and Drop Course Builder

The LifterLMS plugin includes its course builder. The plugin uses the technology which allows the admin to create course pages with the help of a live editor. The admin can use the drag and drop feature to fill in details such as course types, lesson plans, e-learning material, etc.

WooCommerce Integration

The plugin also supports WooCommerce integration through which the admin can monetize their websites and develop into a virtual marketplace to attract more clients and vendors. WooCommerce integration enables the plugin to have access to a wide expanse of the public via the marketplace to reach more potential students and faculty members.

User Friendly and Extremely Responsive

The LifterLMS plugin is fast, responsive, and delivers the best of services in the digital learning domain. The admin can develop lesson plans, create interactive sessions, and also set up new courses in absolute given time. The admin can also ensure that new elements can further be modified by accessing the settings and make their website more compact and easy to use.

LifterLMS Addon Support to Make the Website Influential

The LifterLMS plugin comes with a feature where you can enrich your website with superior additional functions with the help of addons. Addons play a crucial role in setting up a whole new dimension of features and attribute that can make a website commanding and influential in the digital domain. Some of the top-rated add-ons to support this plugin are mentioned below:

LifterLMS Notes

LifterLMS Plugin Review

LifterLMS notes is a premium add-on for the LifterLMS plugin that will ensure extended support to the website by allowing students to create real-time notes. Using shortcodes that can be accessed by both students and faculty add feedback.

Notable Features:

  • Make new notes using shortcodes for any given lesson/tutorial
  • Admin can display the notes on any site using shortcodes
  • The notes made will be visible to both teachers and students, and faculty members can add feedback to these notes to improve the student’s learning and skill
  • Customize options for positioning the notes on the right or left side.

PeepSo LifterLMS Integration

PeepSo LifterLMS integration is another top-rated add-on that will assist the faculty or teachers to keep a track of students’ progress via sharing the student’s dashboard content with the teacher. Students can share their progress with the teachers and have more refined feedback to better their grades and performances.

Notable Features:

  • Add options to ensure course activity inside the community powered by PeepSo.
  • Community admin can select the preference of student which will be shown online
  • Open customization for style settings and layout
  • Members can keep an eye on their progress through achievements, rewards, membership tags.

LifterLMS Works Well With any Compatible Theme

LifterLMS theme

The LearnMate LifterLMS theme is a perfect choice for users to have a comprehensive LMS website to begin their journey with. The theme is user-friendly and highly responsive, as well as fully compatible with the LifterLMS plugin. The integrated membership panel with a complete e-learning tools availability ensures that the theme is one of the top LMS themes to have existed in the digital learning domain.

LearnMate LifterLMS Theme Notable Features:

  • The theme enables distraction-free reading as a prime option to let the readers acknowledge the essence of learning.
  • An embedded course review module to let the users express their feedback and collect testimonials
  • Support BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Platform to include community features.
  • Access to the dashboard via bbPress and Header customization tool to create beautiful headers
  • Option to monetize community with a paid membership feature.
  • Gamipress support to unlock digital rewards and badge features that boost engagement.
  • Creating a social marketplace with additional Dokan and WooCommerce support.


The LifterLMS plugin is the need of this present hour to revolutionize the existing ways of learning. Such persisting times of a raging pandemic had made the world adapt to a new normal where such important modifications can help us develop crucial skills of life and learning. The plugin is an extension in a direction to seek a new perspective in the eLearning arena.

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