PeepSo vs BuddyPress

PeepSo vs BuddyPress

The popularity of social networking websites has gone through the roof over the last decade. There are dozens of social networking websites available where people of shared or similar interests can connect and exchange knowledge. Social networks provide a common platform for people to interact with each other and engage in various conversations like PeepSo vs BuddyPress. Keeping this in mind, many organizations have created their social networking communities where their customers can turn into long-term members and build personal relationships with fellow members and the brand. The most common platform to create a community is WordPress.

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This article will discuss two tools that can be used to fully functional community websites on WordPress – PeepSo vs BuddyPress. So let’s begin!


PeepSo vs BuddyPress

Launched in 2015, PeepSo is a social network plugin that integrates easily with your WordPress community website. It is an open-source platform and is completely free of cost. PeepSo also allows you to customize all the plugins without any effort. PeepSo also has a paid version that gives you access to some advanced functions on the website. The plugin is tested with the latest versions of PHP and WordPress to ensure smooth functionality for all users. It also comes with automatic testing tools and dedicated servers that provide the engineer with all the facilities required to build the perfect WordPress community website. PeepSo also makes sure your website has all the latest features and is being used optimally with continuous and frequent updates.

Key Features of PeepSo:

1. User profiles

PeepSo allows your users to create a user profile on your community website to topple customization options like setting a profile picture or a cover photo. It also provides many custom fields using which the users will be transparent about themselves on their profile page. The profile settings option also lets you configure various profile settings and lets users like other users’ profile pages.

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2. Custom profile fields

As the name suggests, this feature enables you to create custom profile fields, birthday fields, URLs, country, etc. PeepSo allows you to choose single or multiple options based on your requirements as the owner of the website owner takes it easier for you to provide all the necessary opportunities for the single page. It also allows you to customize your registration forms, customize the default fields, and set py to various profile fields.

Activity stream

The activity stream feature usually contains various selections which inc, lude: 

  • Activity posts, where the users can write/create posts on Activity Stream
  • Three different privacy settings to choose from – Public, Members only, Only me
  • Nested comments so that users don’t lose track of their conversations
  • Pinned posts at the top of Activity Stream for making announcements
  • Hover cards to display the user’s profile summary

3. Reactions and hashtags

Reactions and hashtags
PeepSo vs BuddyPress

Reactions can be used to make the conversations of the members more interactive. PeepSo provides you with a set of built-in reactions with an advanced admin panel for you to do everything. Responses in the form of GIFs are also common to standard by many using PeepSo. Moreover, it gives you the ability to use hashtags on your posts. This makes the users’ posts more visible to other users. Users can search by typing the hashtag in the search bar or directly clicking on the hashtag to view all the bases with the same hashtag. Like reactions, the hashtags tool is also a built-in feature on PeepSo.

4. Widgets

This feature allows you to add widgets anywhere on your WordPress websites. Some of these widgets include:

  • PeepSo Profile Widget which, allow the users to add user profiles, avatar, notifications, and BuddyPress profile
  • Latest Members Widget where the newest community members are displayed with their avatars
  • Online Members Widget that displays all the online members

5. Some more features

Along with all the critical features different essentials mentioned above, PeepSo also offers many added features like blog posts, text formatting, and email notifications. It also comes with RTL support and is cross-browser compatible. Furthermore, it allows you to create a multilingual website and fully control how your website looks.

PeepSo Integrations: 

Mentioned below are a few monetization plugins of PeepSo that can make your website more engaging:

  • WooCommerce: This is a popular plugin that can be used to set up a fully functional online store
  • LearnDash: With this, you can set up an e-learning platform on your website
  • Advanced ads: This allows the owner of the website to optimize advertisements on the website
  • Easy Digital Downloads: This plugin also enables you to set up an online store on the website


PeepSo vs BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a free WordPress plugin that can be added to an existing WordPress website and create a social networking website. It can also be used as a content management system as it lets you add content to your social networking website. BuddyPress is an extremely high plugin that provides an out-of-the-box solution to create the perfect social networking or community website. With BuddyPress, you can create a website just like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. 

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Key Features of BuddyPress

1. Member Profiles

BuddyPress allows you to create highly customizable profile members. It comes with editable profile fields that let your members share details with other members of the community. Some of the profile fields available by default include a text box, multiline text area, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down selector, and date selector. It also allows the members to adjust the visibility of their profiles in the following ways:

  • Everyone
  • Only Me
  • All Members
  • My Friends

2. Settings

This feature allows the users to access the set complete a highly receives powerful page to customize their profile as per their requirements. Some of the locations available on this page include:

  • General: Here, users will be able to change or reset their passwords
  • Notifications: This allows the users to block or unblock notifications from specific profiles
  • Delete Account: As the name suggests, this setting allows the users to delete their accounts from the website.

3. Groups

This feature allows the users to create groups within the same community. Here, like-minded people can get in touch and share knowledge as sharing Buddy press docs works. The member that forms the establishes becomes the group administrator and holds access to all the settings in the group. Group administrators can make a private group, where they have control over who can join the group,  or a public group, where anyone can join the group. In both cases, the group administrator can remove/block any member of the group for misbehaving.

4. Activity stream

Activity stream
PeepSo vs BuddyPress

The activity stream consists of all the activities on the website. BuddyPress records every action on your website. Some of the everyday activities that are recorded include new friendships, comments, and blog posts. The members will also be able to filter the activities to stay updated with certain profiles. Some of the specific selections here are listed below:

  • Sitewide Activity Stream
  • Group Activity Stream
  • Member Activity Stream
  • Activity Stream Management Screens

5. Notifications

Notification is one of the most common features used by website owners to boost engagement on your social networking website. New notifications get displayed in the admin bar, next to the navigation menus. Every time your user gets a friend request, a message, or a comment on any of their posts, they receive a notification, making them spend more time on the website.

6. Friend lists and Private Messaging

With a BuddyPress website, your members will add friends to their profile and grow their following. This feature also allows the users to make new friends who share the same interests and connect well. Furthermore, BuddyPress offers a private messaging option that allows the members to send messages privately to other website members to receive choose if they want to receive messages notifications from one or only people from their friend lists.

BuddyPress Integrations

Mentioned below are some integrations of BuddyPress to improve your website:

  • Advanced ads: This allows the owner of the website to optimize ads on the website
  • LearnDash: With this, you can set up an e-learning platform on your website
  • MyCred: This allows the users to earn points and boosts community engagement
  • BadgeOS: This helps you reward badges to certain valuable members and motivates others.
  • WooCommerce: With WooCommerce support, you can turn your online community into a fully functional online store
  • Paid Membership Pro: This allows you to restrict your content based on various membership levels
  • bbPress: With bbPress, you can s seamlessly add a discussion board to your website
  • Events Manager: This is a registration plugin that allows your members to register for specific upcoming events
  • BuddyPress Docs: This lets your members form a collaborative workspace in your online community. With features like document editing and sharing, BuddyPress docs work similarly to Google Docs highly receives.

Here is a comparison table of PeepSo vs BuddyPress: 

Features BuddyPress PeepSo
Frontend user profiles with avatars and cover images Yes Yes
Frontend user registration Yes Yes
Frontend user login Yes Yes
Frontend user listing with search and filtering Yes Yes
User can create own activities Yes Yes
Reactions on user activities Free & Paid addons Inbuilt

Conclusion of PeepSo vs BuddyPress

Woo Sell Service

While PeepSo vs BuddyPress both has their advantages and disadvantages, it is important to compare both of them thoroughly before creating a social networking website. When you have a full-fledged plan for your website, you can choose based on your requirements and liking. If you are looking want a social networking website for free, you may want to consider BuddyPress. Active installations for BuddyPress are 200,000+, whereas, for PeepSo, the same is 5000+. Additionally, Peepso supports very few themes such as Gecko and Reign and Buddy, which provides you with a plethora of free and paid articles a highly receives to help kickstart your community. We highly recommend BuddyPress for your website! It is one of the best tools out there. 

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2 thoughts on “PeepSo vs BuddyPress

  1. DO NOT BUY PEEPSO !! Please everyone like this comment so that the people will see this who watch the video, it is soo important:
    Peepso has a /? after every post url and they have just one page (the main domain) so everything after your is this /? added with all the posts and content.
    This means that not a SINGLE post, message, reply, chat is able to be indexed by ANY of the search engines. Google / Bing / Yahoo will see you as a website with one SINGLE page with no content on it…

    The only thing that does get’s its own url is a profile url, but similar to the homepage there will is nothing of value of the search engines. Just standard fields duplicated over and over again with the only exception that IS UNIQUE is the profile name of the user. Eventuelly google will stop crawling your site because:

    A. Your homepage is the only page that exists in google’s eyes.
    B. There is no content to be indexed on this page.
    C. All you add are profile pages with same “duplicate” fields that are not relevant and exactly the same except the profile username.

    If you wan’t to WASTE your time and money, make sure to use PEEPSO.
    If you want to succeed with your business and grow it, use ANYTHING ELSE BUT PEEPSO… I dont care how bad buddypress, buddyboss or whatever html custom script you will find on codecanyone to run your social network, just DO NOT waste your time with PEEPSO.

    Had 2 support tickets with them and they told me THEY DO NOT SEE THE VALUE OF ADDING THE URL FIX AS FEATURE NOW, NOR IN FUTURE…
    I called him out on this and told him that absolutely nobody is growing their business with their template, they wasted money to buy the template and most dont understand it has zero value to them and they have to fix the url structure and this needs to get top priority as a fix.
    He replied that he saw more value in adding PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FEATURE as a priority now rather than the above i mentioned.

    Serious these people make me furious…
    Your house is on fire and I call the firedepartment and they say we will not use water for the fire, we will rather build a new floor on top of your burnt house that’s still on fire right now…

    Give them an award for the biggest tech idiots of the planet, seriously ZERO marketing skills… dont ever let a tech run your company cuz they dont know how to earn money.

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