Create Facebook Clone Using WordPress

Facebook-like communities have been playing a significant role in expressing one’s freedom and opinions on several topics and categories online. Such communities have over the years evolved to govern and command major marketing functions and organizations have now started to invest in such unique ways to explore and know more about the people’s demand and desires to cater to perfect products and services, and above all build a loyal customer pool.


Such Facebook-inspired communities and their growing importance in conducting crucial market research and development have brought forth many easy ways through which other brands can create engaging communities like Facebook and Twitter in real-time without any additional hassle.


How To Create A Perfect Website Like Facebook?

create facebook clone

Websites like Facebook can be cloned in no time if we have access to a set of online resources that cater to the intention set in developing a fully functional website in no time. The elements involved to create a perfect site like Facebook and Twitter are:

  • Buying a legitimate domain name
  • Registering for a web host
  • Installing and creating a WordPress site
  • Installation of themes and plugins to add more features to the website
  • Going live with your website.

Let’s Get Started

Buying a Domain Name

A domain for a website acts like an identity, an address through which a website will be classified among the thousands of its internet variants. A name like Facebook had an impressionistic quality through which it gained popularity and could amass a distinguished fan following. Through a similar approach, a domain name has to be a simple yet catchy phrase or word that can stay in people’s minds for long and is available to purchase.

Purchasing an Appropriate Web Host Package

A web host is an invisible power backup for your website. To build a website from scratch, a web host registration is needed that will supply your website with the necessary power and charge to keep it functional and ready to be online. For this specific purpose, a user interested in building a Facebook-like website needs to go on web addresses such as Bluehost Or to avail of the online packages. Such packages are usually charged annually and have all the important details regarding the web host server and an admin usually enters his domain name and other personal details to buy the web host that will keep the website live on internet servers.

Installing WordPress to Begin your Community Website

WordPress is the most easy-going content management system that lets brands and businesses construct compelling websites in minutes. The clean and crisp used interface blended with simple drag and drop features enables the admins to create and modify any given element of the website in terms of styling, template, and layouts. The global popularity of WordPress as the most affordable and user-friendly brand has attracted a mass following and has given substantial support to the growing platform.

The brands can create unique websites enriched with modern features to build a standing website from scratch. WordPress is extremely simple to use and admins can also access thousands of tutorials available online if they get stuck accessing any feature of the WordPress platform.

Creating an Immersive Facebook Like Website with the Help Of BuddyPress!

Once the brands have prepared a premodified website using WordPress’s reliable tools and methods, by using a flexible social networking plugin known as BuddyPress you can further amplify the given effects and make the website seem more like Facebook and Twitter.

BuddyPress is a social networking plugin that helps WordPress websites build an engaging community-driven website where brands can create online member’s profiles similar to Facebook and make it functional just like a social networking wonder. BuddyPress powers WordPress sites to create a fun immersive experience by constructing new member’s profiles with options of private messaging, interactive user forums, and discussion groups to have multiple chats at once. BuddyPress also enables Facebook-like activity streams and news feeds to keep a track of trending content that can be liked and shared on various other profiles and platforms.

Other Notable Features:

  • Frontpage is loaded with content portraying trendy topics and dashboards
  • Fully functional layout to fit multiple screen requirement
  • Post slider featuring varied transitional styles
  • Join multiple social groups and forums
  • Option of private messaging
  • Building member profiles
  • Developing engaging Facebook-like activity streams and panels to have control over the content
  • Easy to use and compatible

Create Facebook Like Website Via Reign BuddyPress Theme

create facebook clone
Create Facebook Clone using Reign Theme

Once the key functions of the website have been predetermined with the help of the BuddyPress Plugin, it’s time to modify the website using interactive themes to add more luster and effect to the website’s outer layers. Themes have an outstanding lasting effect on people through their beautiful graphics that make the website look more professional and worthy of commercial trust.

Reign BuddyPress Theme does exceptional justice to the above-stated factors by creating Facebook-like features and embedding them in any WordPress community website to make it more alive and distinguished from the existing lot. The theme comes with a lot of attractive features such as dedicated support to additional BuddyPress add-ons such as hashtags, follow, and polls to enhance and tweak multiple onset features and make the website more real and cloned like Facebook. The theme also lets the users create a compelling dashboard using bbPress and also lets the brands monetize the website using the option of paid membership.

Other notable features :

  • Fully customizable and compatible with BuddyPress and WordPress
  • Attractive discussion board with bbPress integration
  • Option to monetize website via paid membership plan
  • Unlock various digital rewards, recognitions, and badges via Gamipress
  • WordPress LMS support for extended educational support via the sale of online courses
  • Create social marketplace via WooCommerce integration
  • Embedded contact forms for exclusive data collection
  • Regularly updated to keep the latest features on point and lag-free

Once the necessary changes have been made in the theme to complete the last look the website is configured to work like Facebook and Twitter to attract potential followers.

Going Live With Your Community Website!

If you want to create an engaging website, BuddyPress and Reign Theme might be extremely beneficial in providing an organized and unified structure of a functional social networking site rivaling Facebook in terms of intimidating features and specifications. Once the domain and web host services have been sorted, it becomes an easy ride for the brands to enhance their websites using themes and plugins. We hope this article made sense and assisted you in creating a social media platform of your dreams and vision.

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