WordPress Ranked as the Best Content Management System Of 2024

best cms of 2020

Do you know that WordPress has topped the list of fastest-growing content management systems or the best content management system of 2023! Isn’t it some excitingly good news! Who doesn’t want the CMS that has offered its outstanding services to everyone throughout the year to get proper acknowledgment? And, according to the most popular review website, WordPress has secured its place as the most dominant CMS on the market. The excellence of WordPress’s services is really undeniable.

WordPress: Best Content Management System of 2023

Well, according to the list released by W3Tech, WordPress is holding the top position as the fastest-developing CMS of 2022. And it is not the first time that WordPress has reached this position; rather it has been seven consecutive years that WordPress is making us amazed by its brilliant services. Believe it or not, WordPress is accompanied by major web technologies, such as Ubuntu, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and Amazon in the list provided by W3Tech.

Statistics On WordPress Usage for 2023

CMS of 2020

Since 2010, when WordPress first became the top CMS of the year, it has considerably increased its usage, retaining the position of CMS of 2020 even this year. Increasing its usage to more than twice its beginning, WordPress has demonstrated dynamic abilities, unstoppable growth, and integration with various new features.

  • WordPress powers 34% of the web
  • 59.4% of all websites are using WordPress
  • In absolute terms, approx 64 million websites use WordPress.
  • Out of the world’s 10,000 most popular websites,  34% are using WordPress
  • Each month, over 70.5 million new posts and 52.1 million new comments are published on WordPress
  • Each month, more than 21.1 billion pages on WordPress sites are viewed by approx 409 million people.
  • In US, more than 22% of new domain names are preferring WordPress

(Source Hosting Tribunal)

Possibilities of Growth

With such a percentage of increased usage within a year, this fastest-developing CMS of 2020 definitely has no possibility of slowing down anytime soon.  Rather, by recently including the content endpoints of REST API in the core software, WordPress has gained more potential for steady growth, than ever. Making the development of WordPress more flexible and easier, the REST API has increased its adaptability to other websites. There is even a chance of the adoption rate of WordPress going higher in 2021.

Apart from WordPress being the CMS of 2021, there are also other prominent web technologies that made it to the top list, but in different categories.

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