The 9 Biggest Graphic Design Trends for 2024

graphic design trends

Graphic design is a constantly-changing universe where trends come and go quite frequently. Some of them disappear quickly, while others keep coming back with more power and influence than ever before.

While it is true that a graphic designer should primarily rely on his/her inspiration, sometimes it is okay to follow trends, embrace novelties, and enrich your professional experience with fresh elements. The biggest problem is how to filter through so many trends and concentrate on practices that can improve your work.

Our job is to help you with that, so keep reading to learn the nine biggest graphic design trends for 2022.

Graphic Design Trends

1. Asymmetrical Layout

graphic design trends, asymmetric layout

One of our favorite 2021 trends comes in the form of asymmetrical layout. Throughout the last few years, standard grid-based format dominated the Internet with its sheer precision and accuracy. This used to be enough for a brand to have a professionally-looking website, but time has come to shake things up and start creating more complex compositions.

Asymmetrical layouts change the digital climate by introducing flexible grids, creating the notion of movement and versatility. Such a practice evokes curiosity and encourages users to explore websites more carefully than they used to do before.

A great example comes from Artem Oberland who designed this PSD Template. According to the author, the whole point of creating the piece was “switching from everyday routine.” This is exactly what asymmetrical layout is all about – change your graphic design routine to make something more interesting and exciting.

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2. Writing Bigger Text

graphic design trends, typography

Graphic designers focus mostly on the overall appearance of a webpage, so they tend to avoid elements that can make it look awkward, strange, or unusual. This is exactly why very few websites contain the biggest fonts that stand out from the rest of the content.

However, the situation is changing in 2021 because designers are not afraid of using bigger text to emphasize the main messages. They supersize the text to highlight key features although it could sometimes even jeopardize the readability of the content.

For example, agencies such as user larger typography to deliver the most relevant message instantly. As soon as you land on this webpage, you will learn one thing – the website belongs to the professional assignment writing service. Some graphic designers take an extra step by using the Maxi font to make the text even larger.

3. Soft and Gentle Colors

graphic design trends

Who says you have to be a traditionalist who relies on standard colors such as red, green, or blue in every situation? The year is 2021 and you are free to use more vibrant colors that are also soft, gentle, and appealing.

The colorful design is a dominant industry trend this year because it allows brands to express their styles more naturally and compellingly. The purpose of soft and gentle colors is to celebrate life and grab the attention of website visitors with their dynamic and joyfulness.

This is exactly why Pantone named Living Coral the color of the year. They claim that “vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”

The color itself doesn’t have to be attractive to everyone, but it represents a great icebreaker that destroys the dominance of conservative color schemes.

4. 3D Design

graphic design trends, 3d graphics

In the world where people are experimenting with new gadgets and using technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality, embracing 3D design seems like a perfectly natural thing. Instead of creating boring 2D websites, you can now add the third dimension to the equation to make end-products more realistic.

What makes 3D designs so impactful?

Well, it’s the feeling of depth and interactivity that they give to every project. They tempt users to engage and almost feel like people could go in and walk through the site. Combined with 3D typography, this graphic design strategy is winning over the world these days.

Take a look at this simple 3D animation created by Pinch Studio. The design is both colorful and deep, but it doesn’t make it any more complex than necessary. Of course, you can make an even simpler product, but Pop Art is a perfect example of how attractive 3D designs might be.

5. Add Moving Elements

designing trends

Most designers like to keep their products static because it’s a surefire way to protect the user experience and reduce bounce rates. However, the latest trend is to shake things up a little by adding dynamic elements to your designs.

You don’t have to take the “either-or” approach now. Instead, you can create a traditional static page and add only an element or two augment the website. The two features proved to function perfectly with each other, creating a more eye-pleasing background without hurting the overall experience of a visitor.

Pexels is a video library that understands how important it is to prove the power of video content as soon as users land their pages. While the majority of the page is static, you can see a background video that makes the whole scene actionable and entertaining.

6. Illustrations

art and illustrations

Some trends are brand new, while some of them are old and recurring. One such trend – illustrations – takes position number six on our list. This may seem like a big surprise because animations are known for decades, but this is what makes them so precious and valuable.

Namely, modern graphic design relies heavily on cutting-edge technologies and state of the art features that highlight the importance of precision and accuracy. In the sea of more or less the same solutions, some designers decided to go back to older features such as illustrations.

For instance, this custom writing service takes advantage of illustrations to send the message of professionalism, authority, and user-friendly functioning. It is a simple illustration but also very beautiful and aligned with the nature of the business, which makes it a perfect solution for Superior Papers.

7. Isometric Design

3d design

If you ask graphic designers about the most important element of the business, 99% of them will probably point out simplicity as the fundamental feature. It seems like everybody is trying to keep their designs smooth and simple, avoiding possible complications.

But on the other hand, the isometric design comes as a response to the widely accepted value of simplicity. This trend is doing exactly the opposite – it fosters complexity by adding tons of details to the smallest surfaces. Besides that, the isometric design creates a notion of a 3D ambiance, which gives design projects more than enough depth.

Take a look at Analytics Lab by Dmitrii Kharchenko. This product is filled with interesting details, but it doesn’t burden viewers with unnecessary elements. Although complex, the composition is easy to figure out and you can hardly miss any element.

8. Decorative Typography


If there is one thing that dominated the Internet in the last decade or so, it must be clean and simple typography. It seems like everybody was trying to copy Apple and similar brands using sans-serif to maximize the readability of the textual content.

You could also join the game by embracing decorative typography and non-traditional fonts to distinguish your designs from the crowd of competitors. The number of options is almost countless, but we can recommend you to check out some of the usual suspects here.

9. Gradients

gradient color

The last tip on our list is not exactly a trend because it keeps coming back year after year. Gradients are a well-known graphic design phenomenon and it looks like they keep getting more interesting in the eyes of designers and end-users.

A whole bunch of websites relies on gradients to create a visually appealing atmosphere. It’s impossible to mention all of them, but you can check out this list to see the most interesting variations and design alternatives.


Graphic design is a versatile business that forces professionals to keep an eye on industry trends and embrace the most promising features. The job is particularly difficult because hundreds or even thousands of trends emerge and disappear each year.

In this article, we made a list of the nine biggest graphic design trends for 2021

What do you think about our top picks? Have you already tried some of those trends? Let us know in comments and don’t forget to mention your favorite graphic design trends – we would love to see it!

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