6 Writing Apps That Serves Sincere Content Writers Perfectly

For any serious and sincere content writers, writing apps can be an ideal option for improving the whole process of content creation. If you are an owner of a WordPress website, then you, for sure, have to write content for your site every now and then. Whether you’re writing the content with the help of various desktop tools like MSWord or directly typing it in WordPress Editor, the writing apps can make your writing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Therefore, here are the top 6 writing apps that, as a sincere content writer, you’ll surely find helpful and effective.


Scrivener: Writing app

Ideal for the iOS and the Windows operating system as well, the Scrivener writing app is full of various useful features. Though it is specially designed for creating contents that are of long-form, it works excellently for other content types too. Yes, though this writing app is created exclusively for the novelists, other bloggers find it helpful too. From outlining your content to doing research and organizing the content, Scrivener does it all flawlessly. It also allows you to use the editor alongside with your research, making content creation much easier.


Fargo: Writing app

Fargo is a free writing app that is totally browser-based. As long as you have the supported browser, this app is capable of working on any operating system. This lightweight cloud-based writing app helps to automatically save all the content files in the file hosting service named Dropbox. Known for its simple note-taking and outlining qualities, this app works great for laying out the outlines or jotting down the ideas instantly.


Ulysses: Writing app

Ulysses is such a writing app that gives you just the same experience of writing in Mac. Organizing all the contents perfectly, this app leaves only the free-from-distractions editor in front of you that offers various helpful features, such as simple markup and word count target etc. Perfectly operating in both Mac and iOS, this writing app allows you to automatically sync to Dropbox or iCloud.



FocusWriter is another free writing app that works on three different operating systems, which are Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is not only a distraction-free app for writing content but also works as a multi-platform. Helping in setting up the goal, it ultimately aids in increasing the productivity of content writing. Offering full support for multi-document types, it auto-saves the wok too. It also allows you to choose from its various custom themes, set alarms or timers and set goals like targeting a word count.

iA Writer

iA Writer: writing app

iA Writer is a Mac OS based writing app that offers you a stripped-down interface that totally focuses on writing the content. Known as an extremely feature-rich writing app, it offe3rs various tools for improved writing, such as Focus Mode, content blocks, word counts, markup and much more. It also enables you to directly transfer your content to your WordPress site.  From automatically syncing between devices to offering approximate reading time, it is meant to make your writing experience quite amusing.



WriteMonkey is a lightweight writing app that offers integration with the Windows operating system only. This distraction-free app often refers to itself as Zenware that perfectly defines its bare interface. But being lightweight or offering bare interface, does not mean that it lacks in providing you with interesting editing features. Be it the handy trait-like easy markup or the advanced statistics like word usage, word count, or auto-save this writing app features them all.

If you are really serious in providing your site with quality content, then the above-mentioned writing apps can truly help you achieve your purpose. These apps not only offer easy integrations but also provide guidance for enhancing the contents, based on specific types.

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