Best GDPR Compatible WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compatible WordPress Plugins

Transfer data and enjoy compliance using your site; install the best GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins.

GDPR stands for The General Data Protection Regulation passed by the European Union having numerous website owners on the list, seeking the best way to enjoy compliance. You have to install these GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins to transfer data and make your site GDPR-compliant. Without one, you may not be able to perform these actions at all. It is a rule passed by the European Union and has several complications restricting website owners from enjoying compliance. Install these plugins to enjoy maximum benefit right now.

You should know that if you fail to comply with the European Union’s regulations, you may be charged with a fine. This fine can go up to twenty million Euros or four percent of your total earnings from the business.
So you have to get prior permission from the user to collect and share his personal information. You cannot take a step further if the user refuses your proposal. Mostly, websites tend to collect data through Google Analytics, and if you don’t have prior consent, you can’t do this action at any cost.

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Here is the list of best GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins to make your site GDPR compliant:

1. Cookie Notice

GDPR Compatible WordPress Plugins

It comes free and lets you create messages fully customizable, informing the users about you using cookies on your website. Apart from that, this plugin lets your users check in and out of viewing your site. Additional features like attaching a redirection link on the notice board to pass more information to the users regarding cookies and privacy. It is compatible with MonsterInsights, and using both plugins together will serve the best purpose. Do not wait and enjoy the benefits of outstanding plugins right now.

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2. WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance

People who use Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, or WordPress Comments should try WP GDPR Compliance which is meant for these platforms. This plugin allows you to attach a GDPR-compatible WordPress plugin consent checkbox to your website into different sections. Users can easily drop a request into the inbox asking for their data stored in the website’s database. It is possible only after consent. Users drop this request using a data request page available. Once the request is made, users would get temporary access to the particular information and demand to get their data erased.

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3. Seers | GDPR & CCPA Cookie Consent & Compliance

Seers | GDPR & CCPA Cookie Consent & Compliance

“Seers Cookie Consent plugin is a FREE and all-in-one solution for your website, making it compliant with GDPR, CCPA, & LGPD. You can scan and block cookies, trackers, and pixels until your visitor consents. Create your cookie policy in a few clicks. The banner is highly customizable (available in pre-designed themes, positions & layouts). The plugin has many useful features, including Google & Facebook Consent Modes, child consent management, consent expiry limit, consent logs, and more. The consent banner auto-detects geolocation and supports 30+ language translations covering all EU countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Austria.”

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4. Compliant


It has positive reviews made by the users and has outstanding features that make it different and one of the best GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins. It has a premium version providing A/B testing for cookie banners. You can use fresh layouts to get an idea regarding the best consent ratio. Easy to use and has a free version which usually blocks cookies that come from social media sites. The best way for more conversions is here now. Install it now.

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5. Cookiebot- GDPR Compatible WordPress Plugins

GDPR Plugins- Cookiebot

This amazing plugin is best if you want to control the cookies and trackers automatically. You can easily use it for GDPR/ePR and CCPA compliance. The customizable consent banner allows users to easily opt in and out of cookie categories. Most of the users don’t want to be allowed to send personal information links to third parties. This plugin allows users to opt out of this using the Do Not Sell My Personal Information link on the cookie declaration.

Monthly website scans, unique Cookiebot feature, secure storage of user consents, and cookie-setting scripts are some of its best features. Moreover, this plugin also supports 45 languages for the cookie declaration and consent banner.

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6. GDPR Cookie Compliance

WordPress GDPR Plugin
GDPR Cookie Compliance

You can use this amazing plugin for GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, LGPD, AAP, cookie law, and consent notice requirements on your site. Users can easily provide or revoke their consent for the cookies stored on their computers. It is fully customizable and editable. The key features include consent expiration, a Privacy Policy page link, an intuitive user interface, two unique layouts, sleek animations, and many more. This plugin is available in 11 languages.

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7. WP AutoTerms- GDPR Compatible WordPress Plugins

WordPress GDPR Plugin- WP AutoTerms
WP AutoTerms

This GDPR-compatible WordPress plugin is another best Privacy Policy Generators, Terms & Conditions Generators, and Cookie Notice Banner plugins. It assists you in fulfilling any legal requirements for your website. The Compliance Kits are helpful in legal compliance requirements such as Links to Legal Pages and their update notices. You can access more of its features by upgrading the plugin to its premium version.

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8. WP DSGVO Tools

GDPR Plugin- <yoastmark class=

WP DSGVO Tools provides an all-in-one solution to GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins. Using this plugin, you can create the cookie popup, cookie notice, imprint, control services, and embedding, and generate data protection information. It also offers solutions for Terms & Conditions and the Seal of approval. With this plugin, you can easily comply with the laws and regulations of courts and data protection authorities. This plugin is tag manager compatible and is optimized for Germany & Austria, and can also be used in other EU countries and third countries.

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9. GDPR Cookie Consent- GDPR Compatible WordPress Plugins

Cookie Consent Plugin
GDPR Cookie Consent

When it comes to making your website GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins, this plugin helps a lot. It provides many useful options for users. Some of those features include a notice with Accept and Reject options, a cookie banner, customization of cookie notice style, a Cookie Audit module, and many more. Besides, you can also disappear from the cookie notice bar after a few seconds. You can easily configure cookie details and their description.

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10. iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR

Cookie Consent Plugin
iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR

iubenda plugin comes with two solutions— Cookie Solution and Consent Solution that help make the website GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. You can easily customize the cookie banner, block the scripts, and manage all aspects of cookie consent. Moreover, you can also record, review, and maintain the GDPR-compatible WordPress plugin records of consent for your web forms. This plugin works in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Dutch, and Russian.

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Keeping your site GDPR-compatible WordPress plugins

Install the plugins mentioned above and get huge European traffic on your website irrespective of the regulations made by the European Union. To prevent trouble and hear from the users, give these plugins a try. You can now reduce the burden and utilize your time in some other productive activity.

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