Best CDN Service Provider for WordPress in 2023

CDN Service Provider

A CDN Service provider is used to speed up your website. It does so by optimizing the pages of your website. These CDN Service Providers also make sure that your website is secure. They can increase the SEO rank of your website and also help to attract more users to your website.

So, if you want your users to have a seamless browsing experience, then you must get a CDN Service Provider for your WordPress website. Here, we have listed some of the most popular CDN Service Providers for you:

#1 Stackpath

stack path

Stackpath is a very popular CDN service provider for WordPress. It is used by a number of WordPress websites. Stackpath provides a huge range of plans to the users. It integrates with the most popular WordPress cache plugins. All you have to do is enable the CDN and provide the required information.

Stackpath has servers located in different parts of the USA and EU. It also has servers in other locations like Sydney, Singapore, Israel, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, etc. The free account will provide you with instant support and unlimited bandwidth. 

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#2 Cloudflare Global CDN

cloud flare

CloudFlare is a very popular CDN service for your WordPress website. It helps to increase the speed of your website by optimizing the pages. Cloudflare blocks all the threats and prevents the potential abusers from gaining access to your website. This helps to make your website secure. The plugin offers both static as well as dynamic content delivery.

Cloudflare has the ‘Rocket Loader’ feature that will optimize all the network connections and third-party resource usage. The plugin offers a number of basic features for free. The advanced features include mobile optimization,  web application firewall, etc.

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#3 Sucuri


Sucuri is one of the leading CDN services. It implements the content delivery network system which is capable of improving page speed. Sucuri can also reduce the server load by 70%. Sucuri provides CDN services in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Some of the major features of Sucuri include multiple caching options, excellent support, etc. The plugin is also quite easy to integrate. It is the best CDN provider available for high traffic websites. The premium version has a number of advanced features.

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#4 KeyCDN


KeyCDN is another very popular WordPress CDN service provider. It uses highly advanced forms of technology for providing CDN services.  KeyCDN also enables page optimization they offer along with CDN. This service supports all popular platforms including Drupal, vBulleting, Xenforo to name a few.

The powerful control panel will allow you to have entire control over the different options of your website. The premium account has a number of advanced features as well. KeyCDN also cares about the SEO rank of your website.

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#5 BunnyCDN


BunnyCDN is another extremely popular WordPress service which offers Tier 1 Global Network. It has a number of useful features like image optimisation, real-time traffic monitoring, etc. BunnyCDN ensures that there are minimum time latencies while serving the files.

BunnyCDN can restrict the IP for an entire country. It also comes with Lets Encrypt SSL support. You will be provided with 14 days of free trial service. BunnyCDN is extremely easy to use and is highly recommended for all WordPress users.

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#6 Rackspace

rack space

Rackspace is another very useful CDN service provider. It is extremely reliable and lets you deliver all your media files and other important contents in a highly secured way. You will also be able to upload larger files like videos and movies quite easily.

Rackspace enables easy site backup. It guarantees 99% uptime. You will be able to write each file in three storage it also has data centres in all major cities like Hong Kong, Chicago, Virginia, London, Dallas, etc. This enables your users to receive data from a data centre which is situated close to their location.

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#7 CDN77


CDN77 is quite a popular name among the CDM service provider. It helps to increase the page loading speed and has a very good impact on the overall performance of your WordPress website. CDN77 allows simple integration for the users. You will be able to start the service by following a few simple steps.

You will be able to manage everything from the control panel itself. CDN77 has data centres in over 23 countries. You will be able to use it extremely easily. CDN77 follows a very transparent policy and has a customer-centric approach.

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#8 Incapsula


Incapsula is another very popular CDN service provider. It has been designed to improve the performance of your website. It does so by lowering the cost of bandwidth. Some of the important features of Incapsula include intelligence caching, high-speed storage, cache control options and many more.

You will be provided with a number of optimization tools as well. Incapsula helps to increase the traffic on your website. It also allows various important facilities like SaaS business, online store and on-demand video streaming. Incapsula lets you secure your WordPress website in the best possible way.

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#9 CacheFly


CacheFly is another popular CDM service provider which is both fast and secure. it is highly used to secure your WordPress website. CacheFly is used by a number of popular brands like Toyota, Microsoft, LG, etc. It has over 40 data centres situated at different corners of the world.

CacheFly provides the required content to the users in an extremely fast and efficient way. It enables ultra low latency video streaming. CacheFly also provides you with all the tools that are required to perform caching and load balancing.

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#10 Liquid Web

liquid web

Liquid Web is a CDN service provider which is one of the leaders in the CDN market. The tool is extremely easy-to-use and even the beginners will be able to use the tool with ease. Liquid Web provides you with a number of useful features. It has the most extensive networks.


Liquid Web has data centres in over 180 locations all across the world. It provides excellent support and is also highly scalable. You will be able to optimize the pages of your website and also provide excellent security.

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So, these were some of the best CDN service providers that can be used to secure your website. Do let us know which CDN service provider you are going to use for your website?

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