How Gamification Engage Learners

gamification in education

Yes! You heard right Gamification engage Learners.  Gamification elements are increasing day by day as the technology is increasing. Learners’ expectations are also increasing. LearnDash provides online courses with Gamification. It is the most reliable, effective, and the most trusted  WordPress LMS plugin. Major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs across the world are enjoying it for selling and creating their online courses.

Gamification keeps students motivated. Do you know why? Instead of the usual way of teaching courses which involve lessons and tests, Gamification introduces objectives, tasks, and activities. Engaging students and keeping them motivated is one of the most important things you should never forget. Learning through games is a superb idea to drive complete attention and engage the learners. It instantly increases the percentage of youngsters spending time on your gamification based learning website.

From Isolation To Social eLearning Environment

Human is a social animal. So being a part of society, they prefer to learn with the group, instead of learning in isolation. While learning online, a student goes through the courses as and when he wants but in isolation. In other words, online courses lack Group activity. Which is not good!

A great idea is to promote social eLearning.

Social eLearning attempts to focus on group study along with group activities rather than just studying in isolation. And, the solution to create such an environment is using Gamification and Webinars on your eLearning website.

Let’s understand how!

Gamification: Best Concept To Motivate Students, Engage & Enhance Education

Gamification Engage Learners

Gamification is an approach that makes existing tasks feel more like games where users compete to score more. It creates virtual scenarios and makes learners apply their knowledge. Adapt skills, and experiences to complete tasks for progressing to the next level. Adapting Gamification into LearnDash can prove really helpful and engaging. The main feature of gamification includes awarding points after completing tasks or clearing levels. This strategy amplifies the effect of core learning.

It affects the learner’s’ perspective towards their task and ultimately their approach of tackling it. Badges or progress bars on the screen catch the students’ attention, improving involvement and productivity. Introducing gamification to your LearnDash website means creating a complete game-like environment into your courses.

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What Can You Do With Gamification in Learndash?

  • Create a rule-based structure and a fair scoring system
  • Challenge students to complete tasks and grab points
  • Reward certain points to the students on course completion
  • Grant points on successfully completing a quiz
  • Assign multiple paths to advance to the final goal
  • Set points depending on the factors like difficulty level, path chosen, or the number of attempts taken to clear the task

Gamification makes learning more exciting!

Rewards Points and Badges


Gamification Engage Learners

For every lesson, quiz or challenge completed, the student should get points. Points are a great way to keep students motivated. In fact, when a student gains a number of points. You can even level up the student’s group. You can award badges to students when they complete a challenge. Badges can be awarded to students using BadgeOS plugin, which integrates with LearnDash and uses Credly to award badges.

Setup Gamification into LearnDash


Gamification Engage Learners

Integrating gamification into your LearnDash website is as simple as installing any other plugin. There are Several gamification plugins compatible with LearnDash. All you have to do is look for the reward systems offered by these plugins. Then select the one that’s suitable for your requirements and type of course content. Some of the popular gamification plugins for LearnDash include:

1. BadgeOS

It is one of the best Gamification Plugin. Create badges and set up the achievements to earn them. BadgeOS is extremely powerful and infinitely extensible. This plugin carries some of the best features. It Reviewed submissions. Auto-approving submissions. Create as many types of achievement as you like. Choose from a variety of badge shapes and border styles with the help of Badge Builder.

2. Captain Up-

Captain Up is an amazing plugin that increases engagement. Everything you need to engage, motivate and retain your players. Captain up increase user engagement using gamification and communication tools. It creates a community of brand enthusiasts. To maximize your user engagement install this plugin.

Gamification Ownership

Gamification Engage Learners

It’s about creating an atmosphere where the learners feel as if they are an owner for their Gamification elements. This point indicates that gamification happens from the learner. As learners go through a course, they can earn points and badges which translates to a digital currency that can be used to purchase actual rewards. This can have a profound psychological effect.

On the way, people view your course content. It’s no longer a course content, but it is now an experience. There is a culture with this two-way interaction.

Most Popular Programs For Webinars

No doubt how challenging it is to create a course environment that makes students feel like they are not studying in isolation. Rather, they are with their batchmates.

Other than using gaming elements on your eLearning website to encourage interaction, webinars play a powerful role in human interaction. So, here are the most popular and recommended programs for webinars that you can take help of:

1. GoToMeeting –

GoToMeeting is one of the well-reputed video conferencing software that allows you to connect with anyone, everyone, and with any device. It’s really very effective in scheduling meetings online. One-Click Meetings, HDFaces Video Conferencing, and crystal clear audio are some of its heart-winning options.

Explore GoToMeeting Here

2. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is another great option for video conferencing on my favorite list. HD Video Broadcasting, Screen Sharing, Slides, MP4 Sharing, Recording, Registrations, Surveys and much more, it allows everything to do.

Broadcasting message to a large audience is really very easy with AnyMeeting. You may use it to train your students, to market your products, and for broad communication purposes.

Explore AnyMeeting Here

3. Google Hangouts –

Google Hangouts is a reliable and effective solution to engage a small number of audience up to 150 people with your online courses. you can bring your boring sessions to life using photos, emoji, and even group video calls. And, all this is available for free! I’ll strongly recommend you to try it out once.

Explore Google Hangouts Here

4. Skype –

I am pretty sure that most people are familiar with the term “Skype” and how it works. Obviously, Skype has made it possible to get in touch via, talk, chat, and collaborating options.

HD video calling, Live subtitles, Screen Sharing, Skype call recording​, Phone Calls, Skype number, etc. are some of the important features that attract the users to stay on your platform.

Explore Skype Here

5. Big Blue Button –

Big Blue Button is an awesome solution to hold interactive live-meetings for online learning. To engage your students, it offers real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen, emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

Explore Big Blue Button Here


So, if you haven’t tried out Webinars and Gamification in your eLearning website, it’s high time. Start using from now onwards. As I already told you Gamification and webinars are the promising ways to promote learning to the tech-savvy generation. What’s your experience with this article? Do share with me. Thanks for reading!



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