Crazy Tips On How To Add Value To Online Courses That Will Blow Your Mind

Add value to online courses

People love to learn something new every day. And, also how can we forget the fact that learning should never stop. If you’re an expert and running an eLearning website, then what do you do to make your learners engaged with your courses? What’s your strategy to add value to your online courses?

Always keep in mind, just providing online courses are not enough. To make a strong move in the education industry, you need to present your courses in an interactive and innovative manner.

Confused about how to proceed further? Sit back and relax! I’ll guide you with some crazy tips on how you can add value to your online courses that will blow your mind. And, believe it or not! These tips will help you make your online courses the most demanding ones.

1. Add Tech-Tutorials To Your Courses

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Sometimes, students get stuck in the course tracks due to some technical confusions. Identify them from your learners’ perspective and provide solutions beforehand. For example, if your course is about On-Site SEO, this might require to learn in a practical way rather than just theory. You can add videos on how they can get started with a simple site either on WordPress on any other CMS. This way they can understand your courses better.

2. Interaction Is Most Important!

Rewind your college days!

After taking the lecture, you used to ask your queries to resolve your doubts regarding the particular lecture. This will make the concept more clear to you. Right?

Engage With Students

Similarly, after purchasing online courses from your site by your learners, your responsibility doesn’t come to end. You should consider how to resolve their doubts, if any, while taking online classes. Here are some strategies that you can consider:

  • Create a group of your learners on social media sites and post questions and answers there.
  • Create a forum and start discussing their queries and doubts.
  • Launch a webinar for your learners.
  • Communicate through emails or skype.
  • Share a guide book in PDF format.

This way, you can interact with your learners well.

3. Not Just Videos! Let Them Have More!

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Include some variations in the means of providing your online courses. Videos are okay. But don’t stick with that.

Other than videos, you can include some quizzes in between your lectures to continue further. Create eBooks, PDFs, worksheets, checklist, cheat sheets for your courses and share them with your learners.

Apart from that, you can also add some activities to arise the interest of learners in your courses. Besides, you can also offer some bonus modules for your advance courses to encourage them to learn more.

4. Video Transcript Is A Great Way To Add Value to Your Courses

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Whatever you have talked about in your video-tutorials, make sure you are also providing transcripts for them. This is really helpful for those who are facing issues to understand your verbal lectures.

Include screencasts or screenshots of important parts of video tutorials in the form of notes. This makes it easy for learners to refer back to the course.

5. Go Live


Let’s say you are going to launch a new online course. At that time, going live before or at the time of launching date will help you a lot in adding value to your courses. Do you know why?

Because this is the time when you can raise the curiosity for your courses in your learners’ mind. You can also schedule a few live Q&As throughout your course lessons.

Final Thoughts

Offering high-quality learning material requires a lot of time and effort. But, actually, this is the only way to make yourself stand out.

So, think out of the box and try to give your learners that is meaningful to them. Leave a comment below sharing your suggestions on how to add value to your courses. Your suggestions are always welcome!



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