LearnDash LMS Is Best For School Website

Gone were the days, when learning was limited to the classroom windows. In today’s modern time it has been replaced with something more robust and extensive such as online learning. Students nowadays spend more time on mobiles and laptops and this has made the need for creating a Learning Management System inevitable. If you already have a WordPress website for your school, then why not integrate an LMS into it? With the help of a Learning Management System, you can easily create an engaging and interactive e-learning community.

Why Choose WordPress For Creating A Learning Management System?

WordPress is a free, easy to use and completely reliable platform that allows you to create websites of any niche. You will just require a combination of themes and plugins to create a fully-functional website of your own.
If you are creating a Learning Management System, we would suggest you go with LearnDash LMS plugin. LearnDash is the topmost plugin to create an engaging and interactive LMS website.

Why LearnDash LMS Is Best For School Website?

LearnDash LMS plugin is one of the most popular and downloaded plugins of WordPress. The features offered by LearnDash are a lot useful in creating an LMS website for your school. The core plugin is completely free of cost and if you want additional features, you can purchase the premium add ons.

You must be wondering why you should choose LearnDash LMS when there are a number of amazing software available online that allow you to create a fully-functional LMS website. We will let you know the answer to this question further in the article. Take a look.

What All You Can Do With LearnDash?

Before buying any product for ourselves, we look after the features of the product and what all it allows us to do. Let’s see what LearnDash allows us to do:

1. Create And Sell Courses

With the help of LearnDash drag and drop course builder feature, you can easily create courses and break them up into anything such as lessons, topics and other categories. Moreover, you can also rename anything you wish such as Lessons to Modules.
LearnDash also gives options to sell courses with WooCommerce plugin integration. One-time purchase, subscriptions, memberships, course bundles are few monetizing features.

2. Add Videos

LearnDash LMS also allows you to upload videos of your lessons. It also gives options of auto-playing videos. The Video Progression feature of LearnDash allows you to embed self-hosted and externally hosted videos. It also gives you options to automatically mark lessons complete once the video has been viewed, autoplay videos, send the students straight to the next video and much more.

3. Drip Feed Content

Teachers can also schedule their courses and lessons to be delivered at a predefined time. They can deliver all their content at once or choose to drip-feed them over a specified amount of time. They can also notify their students via email when some new content is released.

4. Create Quiz and Assignments

LearnDash also allows to create quizzes and choose from eight different question types with various customization options. It supports Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Sorting, Matching, Fill-In-The-Blank, Free Text, Survey, and Essay questions. You can also create assignments to be completed by students.

5. Provide Certificates And Badges

A school can also offer official certificates and badges based on the quiz performance, completing a course or both. These certificates can also be customized and support dynamic data generation.

6. Create Forums

Teachers can also encourage course conversations among the students by adding a course specific forum to their courses and limit its participation to only those who are enrolled into the course. You can also combine LearnDash with the most popular community plugin, LearnDash and create a private community of your own.

7. Gradebook:

LearnDash also offers a feature-packed LearnDash Gradebook that automatically syncs with Learndash quiz and assignments grades. It also supports manual grade submission, offline grading, learner report cards and much more.

We don’t think you need any other reason after reading the above features that LearnDash provides.
Other than this, LearnDash is cheaper than other LMS plugins available. It is a powerful and intuitive plugin that allows you to create a perfect LMS for your school website.

Other than above-mentioned features, it offers a variety of other incredible features to enhance your e-learning experience. Some of these are:

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multisite Enabled
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Use Any Media
  • Use With Any WordPress Theme
  • User Profiles
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Choosing The Right WordPress Theme For Your LMS School Website

LearnDash LMS Is Best For School Website
Reign Learnmate LearnDash

One of the most important factors that affect the design and layout of your website is the theme that you choose to create an LMS website. It is highly important that you choose a theme which is fully compatible with the plugin and offers features that extend the functionality of the plugin. One such amazing and fully responsive theme for LearnDash LMS is Reign Learnmate Theme.

It is a fully responsive and dedicated LearnDash theme designed to create a professional looking e-learning website for your school. This theme is highly customizable and offers features such as grid and listing options, course review module, distraction-free reading as well as extra widgets for LearnDash plugin.
It also provides inbuilt support for WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads and Paid Membership Plugin. You can also check a variety of Reign LearnDash Demos and play with their live sandbox as well.

Choose LearnDash LMS For Your School Website

Having a Learning Management for your school website can be a highly efficient way to manage your education system. With the help of e-learning, a teacher can easily organise classes and assessments especially developed according to the level of the children. With LearnDash LMS plugin, you can accomplish all this and a lot more. LearnDash starts at $159 all-in for a year of support and updates (for a single site license).

We hope you liked this article on Why LearnDash LMS Is Best For School Website. If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section below!

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