Why WordPress CMS is Considered On Of the Best Platform for SEO

WordPress CMS For SEO

The ranking of a website on Search Engine Results Page is a determining factor of its popularity on the Internet. The higher-ranked websites generally grab the lion’s share of the user traffic. So, a website owner is naturally concerned with proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of his website. So, that it is displayed as close as possible to the top of the rankings in search results.

For this purpose, the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is an ideal web hosting platform. CMS is loaded with features that put your website in an advantageous position from its publishing day itself. Upon creating your website on WordPress CMS, it receives an array of features and optimizations that put it ahead in SERPs.

The features that WordPress CMS brings to your website include HTML markups; though it is written in PHP. The web pages are created with HTML Markup language preferred by search engines. The open-source nature of WordPress allows incorporation of newer versions of HTML with its new website themes. The title tag along with all the other subtitles and headings play an important part in its ranking. WordPress allows full control over these without changing the actual page coding.

The ‘permalink’ feature supported by WordPress CMS is also SEO friendly; so the links to posts and pages can contain keywords for better identification and understanding. Even link contents can be controlled through WordPress. Content is one of the main differentiating factors between websites; the previous experience of WordPress CMS as a blogging platform makes content creation easy with it, be it generic texts, images or video. Image optimization is also an important SEO feature taken care of smoothly through WordPress Editor.

Along with the inbuilt core features discussed above, there are many add-on ones which make WordPress CMS such a great option for website owners.

WordPress Themes Are SEO Optimized

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

WordPress themes allow you to create almost any type of website. Depending upon your requirement, you can select from the multitude of optimized themes available for WordPress CMS. Thus, you can create a professional yet technically sound website preferred by search engines.

WordPress Plugins For SEO Optimization

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

Apart from themes, there are plugins for WordPress CMS geared towards improving the SEO of your website. These plugins can be for general improvement or focused on a particular aspect of image improvement or integration with external tools.

WordPress Websites Load Quicker

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

The standard websites created with WordPress CMS tend to load quite quickly. Website or page loading time influences your ranking in SERPs in a big way. With proper theme selection and web hosting, WordPress CMS can be relied upon to provide optimum page loading speeds.

Mobile Optimization

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

Websites need to be ‘responsive’; they should be optimized for viewing on mobile screens, it has become a prerequisite for achieving higher rankings in SERPs. Latest WordPress themes and plugins have this capability built in; while mobile optimization plugins are available for those without the same.

Good Security

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

Low-security websites are detrimental to achieve good rankings. To save your website from being marked as one or getting hacked and used for spamming, WordPress has a host of security features embedded. The dedicated security team of WordPress CMS is also diligent enough to weed out problems and regular security updates.

Support For Social Media Platforms

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

With a high ranking in SERPs always being a priority, we cannot fully ignore the other popular mediums. Social media is one such powerful online public medium; WordPress CMS enables easy sharing of social media links on your website. This helps in increasing the number of organic backlinks to your site and also popularizing your content.


WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

All of the above features can be integrated easily within your website with almost no knowledge of codes and programming. WordPress CMS incorporates extensive Menu and Property tabs to help users configure their website property.

Community Support

WordPress CMS For SEO
WordPress CMS For SEO

WordPress CMS has the support of an extensive online community of users and developers. Over the years, the popularity of this platform has brought together a large number of dedicated people together. Also, its open-source nature encourages developers to think and implement best SEO practices. You will find many tutorials and articles online on almost its every aspect.



Wrapping Words!

Here, we are wrapping up this article about the WordPress CMS for SEO, and its multiple benefits. Hope, you like the article. If you want to share your feedback or any suggestion, feel free to write in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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