Search engine Performs

On the Internet, a search engine is a group of programs that will give the result in return of what you have a search by the keyword. Today, thousands of search engines place its ranking on the internet as per it’s ability and features. Out of them, Google is the most populated and very trustable search engine selected by the mass of people. Do you know which is the first engine? It’s Archie, which is used to search FTP files. After this Veronica is considered for the first text-based search engine. Along with Google, presently there are more demanded search engines and these are Bing, Yahoo,, AOL, Baidu and many more.

How does Search Engine work?

Search engines have two major functions: Crawling and Indexing. Both have different functions but very essential to operate.


Search engine performs


A crawler is also called a spider or bot that moves to every page that wants the searchable on a search engine. It involves scanning sites and collecting details about each page: titles, images, keywords, other linked pages, etc. Different crawlers use a different style of search as sometimes it may also look for different details, like page layouts, where advertisements are placed. Simply you can say it is an automated bot or spider that visits the page to page as quickly as possible, using page links to find where to move.

When a web crawler visits a page, it collects every link on the page and adds them to its list of next pages to visit. It goes to the next page in its list, collects the links on that page, and repeats. Web crawlers also revisit past pages once in a while to see if any changes happened.


Search engine performs

Search engine indexing is the process of a search engine collecting, passes and stores data for use by the search engine. It is the search engine index that provides the results for search queries, and pages that are stored within the search engine index that appears on the search engine results page.

Search engine spiders also called search engine crawlers and tell how the search engine index gets its information, as well as keeping it up to date and free of spam. Indexing is when the data from a crawl is processed and placed in a database.

Wrapping Words!

Here I am wrapping my article as above listed the process of the search engine. You must know how search engine operates? So you can check out each step in this article. Hope it will be a good approach to go with the learning of search engine functions.

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