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BuddyPress To Do List Feature

BuddyPress is undoubtedly the best open source WordPress plugin to transform your website into a social network platform. With more than 200,000+ active installs, it is one of the most popular and updated plugins on WordPress. Easy to install, use, and scale, BuddyPress collaborates all the powerful features needed to create a modern, robust, and sophisticated social networking site with a single plugin. However, since nothing is perfect, even BuddyPress lacks certain essential features that are essential to enhance your social community. One of the most wanted or missing features for BuddyPress is the collaboration of a simple ‘To Do List’ or ‘Task Manager’ that enables your members to add to-do list in their profile. To manage all your site tasks easily. However, before we tell you the BuddyPress to do list feature, let us first understand what a To Do list and why is it so important.

What is a To Do List?

BuddyPress To Do List Feature
Know BuddyPress To Do List Feature

Most of you must be already knowing what a To Do List is. For any of who don’t know, a To Do list is a planner or list that includes tasks that need to be completed or organized in order of their respective priorities. Planning and scheduling well in advance is always better before you implement any of your future actions. This is what a To Do List is made for.

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Is a To Do List Essential?

For any business, all members of a team have some tasks that may not have started yet or are pending or not complete while working together. It is extremely important for team members to know when and how the tasks will be undertaken to achieve what the team desires and needs. Not only does it help in managing a huge amount of work easily but also it helps your business to meet deadlines, remember important things and be responsible for your work and team on a regular basis. Some of the key points that make To Do lists essential for you and your business are:

1. Organization

BuddyPress To Do List Feature
BuddyPress To Do List Feature Helps In Organisation

The primary objective of To-Do Lists is the organization of your tasks in a realistic manner. Make everything much more manageable and see a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks and enable your team to stay mentally focused not only on their current tasks but also the future ones.

Also, crossing off items from your To-Do List gives you the affirmation that progress is being made and keeps you motivated to keep moving forward rather than feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of pending work. Remember, 15 minutes of effective planning can save hours of execution time.

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2. Improved Memory

It is impossible to remember everything at all times even for people with hyperthymesia. Hence, To Do lists play a very important role as an external memory aid that allows you to forget tasks and still complete them on time. The only thing you need to remember is to put down the task in the To Do list and then check it from time to time to ensure that you do not miss it.


According to Research, an average person’s memory can only hold 7 items in a span of 30 seconds. Hence, do not over pressurize your brain and use a To Do list to effortlessly keep track of everything that you need to remember and do.

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3. Productivity

A To Do list enhances productivity as you can easily review the list and prioritize tasks accordingly. It helps you and your team to focus your attention on the most important tasks before anything else. Not only this, but it also prevents loss of time and increases productivity.

BuddyPress To Do List Feature
BuddyPress To Do List Feature

Some of us have a really short focus span and get easily distracted even by small things. We have thoughts about what we did, what we need to do and what will we do after the task while doing the current task. This severely reduces productivity and leads to loss of interest among workers. However, if you already have a plan, you can focus all your as well as your team’s attention on the activity that you are involved in because you already have all the details in the form of a list.

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4. Motivation

To Do Lists act as the perfect tools to clarify your short as well as long-term goals and remain motivated throughout the working process. This is because when you have your goals listed with you, you just need to clarify your thoughts to accomplish those goals. What’s even better is that as you move closer to the bigger goal, you will keep crossing smaller goals which act as milestones in the process of your success. This keeps you motivated and helps you attain confidence and feedback simultaneously.

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Do social networks need To Do Lists?

Yes, they do. In fact, there is no website that can be effectively run for a long time without a To Do List. Hence, if you are planning to stay in the market for a long time and establish your online presence wisely, a To Do List is a must-have an asset for your success.

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How To Add BuddyPress To Do List Feature?

BuddyPress To Do List Feature
Plugin For BuddyPress To Do List Feature

we would recommend you to employ a simple WordPress plugin that is based on BP and bbPress components called BuddyPress User Todo List.

This easy to use plugin allows BuddyPress members to add, edit, delete and even mark the progress of respective tasks in a simple To Do list. It also allows members to create specific categories for the tasks. Not only this, but it also supports a reminder and notification feature that enables you to keep track of completion of all tasks. What’s better is that you can even export your To Do Lists in CSV format. Get this free plugin now for your BuddyPress powered website and easily create and manage all your tasks through effective To Do lists.

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Remember, if you want all your business tasks to be well organized, you need a To-Do List. This is because, with the help of To-Do Lists, you can not only carry out all the essential tasks but also prioritize important tasks and save considerable time by postponing trivial tasks. Any goal without a plan is just like a hopeful prayer and we believe not every prayer is answered. Hence, be smart and start with a simple To Do List today for your BuddyPress based WordPress website.



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