Six Most Popular Types Of Online Communities 2024

Most Popular Types Of Online Communities

Are you a part of an online community? Have you ever had doubts about joining an online community because they seem too good to be true? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you might want to consider joining an online community before you fall victim to the hype. In this article, we are going to talk about the six most popular types of online communities. After all, being involved in the virtual world is no longer a luxury or a perk. It has become a necessity for everyone who wants to stay connected.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of online communities out there, ranging from social networks (Facebook, Twitter) to gaming platforms (World of Warcraft) to shopping sites (Amazon). Some of them are free to join, some require fees to access certain services, and some charge a subscription fee to get full benefits. Join an online community and reap its benefits.

Online communities have been around for quite a long time now. As early as 1997, there was an online forum called the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Today, online communities are more accessible than ever through Facebook groups, WhatsApp, and Skype. They offer a chance to connect and interact with other people who share similar interests.

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What is an online community?

build an online learning community

Online communities are groups of people who share interests, activities, and ideas with each other. They can be as large or small as you like, but they all have one thing in common: a shared interest.
The term ‘online’ means that the community exists on the internet, so it doesn’t matter where you live – if an internet connection is available, then you can participate in the community.

The members of an online community usually communicate with each other using various forms of communication such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing, forums, blogs, etc.

Different Online Communities share the similar logic

Different communities might be called different due to their names or genres. However, one thing that’s common between them is the overall goal they have. A community is an association of people who share a common goal or interest. Although no two online communities will be precisely the same, many share similar characteristics or overlap with one another.

1. Social Communities

Social Communities

People get together to network, socialize and connect around shared interests and goals.

2. Learning Communities

Higher knowledge is shared by people who are seeking to improve their job, school, or product.

3. Task-focused Communities

A common goal is pursued by members.

6 Most Popular Types of Online Communities

1. Support Communities

Learning Communities- Types Of Online Communities
Types Of Online Communities

The support group stands out since it helps consumers and ranks highly in Google and other search engines. People join these forums in order to get suggestions on what to buy or how to use a specific product. Take into account, for example, a Windows or Apple online support forum where users can ask questions about the products they purchased. It is a well-run community that is often managed by moderators.

Support communities are well-indexed because they offer searchable, public information. As a result, users have the ability to post questions, which then generate search results on Google and other comparable search engines. While Quora hosts many groups, you should think about having a support forum on your website. Support communities can serve as an excellent starting point for customers’ education and involvement.

2. Customer Communities

Customer Communities- Types Of Online Communities
Types Of Online Communities

The customer community is a place created by a brand or business to involve their customers in their brand deeply. Discussions happening in a customer community are generally centered around their affection towards the brand. Moreover, the content in these types of online communities is generated by people who are actually part of it. They can take part in giveaways and official discussions and ask for help via the same community.

However, in general, marketers should use this expansion strategy to develop an emotional bond with their audience. You’ll increase brand recognition and foster customer loyalty.

If you want to create a community for your brand online, don’t be afraid to accept and welcome brand criticism. Do not micromanage your super fans; instead, encourage their leadership and ideas.

3. Coaching Communities

Are you considering forming the first coaching community? If you’d like to provide customer education or a webinar for business or offer some type of learning experience for an audience that you are interested in, then look into coaching communities. In this type of community, a person takes a group through a journey of learning. This type of community allows its members to be supportive and encourage one another. To allow this different type of community to be successful, the coach must facilitate discussions and inspire its members to be proactive and take part in community leadership.

The most important thing for this type of community is accountability. In general, accountability for success is the main reason why people sign up for a coaching network. They are enthused by the process of sharing experiences and the accountability of a group. However, each person learns differently. Some members might struggle when learning in a group or feel dissatisfied in the absence of individual focus. It’s crucial that coaches offer a rich learning experience while also making it easy for groups to network and connect.

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4. Event Communities

Event Communities- Types Of Online Communities
Types Of Online Communities

Since the advent of the internet, it is now possible to do business and engage in discourse online. Think about how much networking occurs in coffee shops during events. Online event communities are developed to take the place of the socializing and small talk that is typical of in-person meetings. Through an online community for events, attendees can communicate with other attendees, event hosts, and presenters.

In order to facilitate members spontaneously meeting one another, the virtual communities are carefully constructed on top of the conversational momentum. Communities rely on organized leaders to offer meeting spaces and chances for interaction. To make sure that attendees believe this is a good event, event organizers must set up follow-up discussions as well as additional networking opportunities.

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5. Action Communities

Action Communities- Types Of Online Communities
Types Of Online Communities

The term “community of action” refers to a collection of people who come together to achieve a cause or to accomplish something important. Action communities are commonplace within communities and schools. Communities can last for any duration regardless of whether the objective is attained.

They are committed, enthusiastic members who have a common goal. But, there is an absence of coordination or members who don’t take part. Communities of action require an organized and clear leader to ensure that the community achieves its mission.

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6. Circumstances Communities

The members join a group of circumstances when they have a shared experience that is intense. The members usually seek out advice and connect with a secure space. Communities of circumstance could be based on relation to health conditions, such as postpartum support groups for cancer postpartum mothers and hidden disabilities.

The members are seeking the opportunity to bond because of their personal circumstances and might require experts’ opinions and guidance. These communities can organize events, offer valuable information, or just provide an environment of relaxation and assistance.

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Different types of online communities: The Wrap Up

Be aware that when you choose which community online is best for your business, you’ll have to develop your community’s strategy. There are several strategies you can employ to ensure the success of your community. Every creator should take into consideration the following factors:

Community management and moderation and the requirements of the members you want to attract as well as your community’s performance indicators. When you begin to build the community you want to create, it could develop over time. However, you must still have the foundation for your strategy to ensure it’s the success you want it to achieve.

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