Top Twitter Plugins For WordPress 2024

Twitter Plugin For WordPress

In the present era, social media particularly Twitter has exceptionally altered the fashion and media industries. It is a numero uno social media marketing channel that aids you to attain your business goals.

And what you need to know!

WordPress and Twitter can be conveniently synchronized with one another through WordPress Twitter Plugins.

This enables you to connect directly with your consumers in nanoseconds. It’s an incredible way of sharing your content straight away.

The following top WordPress Twitter social plugins will enhance your SMM strategy.

Twitter plugins for WordPress offer you a simple approach to share your website’s posts on Twitter with simply a click!

You can even showcase your Twitter timeline on your portal with these plugins.

Besides, they have plenty of superb functionalities that affords you the complete experience of Twitter on your WordPress site.

1 Twitter Feed – WordPress Twitter Plugin

twitter feed

The Elfsight Twitter plugin allows you to add a customized feed of one of the most popular social media on your site. Embed your personal Twitter feed with header and action buttons, build a collection of Tweets by hashtag or show customer testimonials concerning your products from Twitter. Permit your users all Tweet actions directly on the website: like, reply, retweet, share. Select the best layout, add colors and locate the proper proportions of the widget. Raise the number of followers and increase engagement on your site with a beautiful and interactive feed.

This plugin is your pick if:

  • You wish to embed a Twitter page or timeline on your website
  • You desire to increase the number of followers and spread your Tweets
  • You want to display a selection of Tweets by hashtag on your site
  • You require a trustworthy working solution to save your time and money

What you obtain with the plugin:

  • Demonstrate Tweets with necessary hashtags
  • Display testimonials from Twitter
  • Select the format of the header
  • 7 switchable Tweet elements
  • Discover the correct width and height
  • Color active elements
  • 20 plus languages available
  • Ultimately responsive
  • The editor you deserve
  • Automatic updates
  • The plugin is 100% compliant with WordPress
  • WordPress shortcode
  • WordPress Guttenberg Editor
  • Visual composer supported
  • Native WordPress widget

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# 2 AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro

access Press

It is a premium Twitter feed plugin for WordPress. It is extremely easy to use and set up within a few minutes. This plugin brings the latest tweets from any account and shows them on your website. It also upholds multiple Twitter accounts. This enables you to share tweets from all your accounts on a single platform.

This Twitter WordPress plugin costs you just $18.

Key Features:

  • Caching option is also present to stop API calls.
  • It also upholds Twitter media. Therefore, you can show your tweets together with images on your website.
  • Ticker and slider mode is also available with numerous customization options.
  • It contains 12 separate design templates.
  • Moreover, you can even contact their support team for paid customization.

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# 3 Birdo – Twitter Comments Plugin


Birdo makes WordPress comments more strong and social. It permits your users to comment with a tweet, spurring the conversation and supporting your website at the same time.

How It Works: When your user utilizes Birdo to make a comment on your website, he’s requested to authenticate with his Twitter account, and his comment will display on your website and on his Twitter page, always with a brief version of the postal address. This way, each comment is a promotion on the Twitter social network to every partner of your user.


  • Augmented Sociality: Grow the connection with your users, exploiting the hotness of Twitter. Add to WordPress the ability to tweet your content.
  • Raised Promotion: Expand your audience, affording our users the opportunity to uphold your content in their social circles.
  • Increased Traffic: Maximize the exposure of your website, placing your content under Twitter spotlights.

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# 4 Twitter Manager WP Plugin

twitter manager

Get prepared to skyrocket your Twitter followers. This automated plugin built for WordPress takes hashtags, keywords, and Twitter IDs you input and brings you the most targeted followers conceivable. All of this occurs automatically after you use up to 30 minutes to install and set up the module. Just imagine, 24 hours daily this module goes out and discovers you,r followers.


  • Automatically follow twitter users
  • Find twitter users by hashtag, keywords, or snipe users from competitors
  • Automatically unfollow people who do not follow you

View your Twitter follower increase in real-time. The Twitter Manager script Logs section permits you to view the history of follows and unfollows for a particular account. Moreover, you can see the activity of your cronjob and view how your Twitter account (following vs. followers) see over time in line chart form.

Longterm Results You Can Count  On: When you develop a follower base you require long-term retention. The user targeting capacities of the Twitter Manager Script permit you to locate your precise target market and create your follower base from that group.

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# 5 Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed – WordPress Social Stream & Grid Gallery Plugin

fb insta

WordPress Social Stream Plugin – Flow-Flow is a premium social media plugin to embed social feeds and WordPress posts in lovely responsive grids or sliders. Displaying user-generated content (UGC) is a superb way to include social proof and raise your brand presence and hike your sales. Build any combination of social feeds with Flow-Flow! For instance, you can have an Instagram feed, Facebook feed, and Twitter feed combined in the same stream ( list of backed choices). For its cost, this plugin is an excellent alternative to web services that charge monthly payments for similar functionality. No monthly subscription with Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream!

GDPR compliant. This plugin doesn’t gather any data of your site visitors.

Smart caching with background server task permits to impart content lightning-fast without slow page loading. It’s particularly crucial when multiple networks are pulled or you possess big traffic. The plugin is responsive, greatly customizable, and functions nicely on mobile devices. It’s splendid to use this plugin for streaming your photos, news, reviews, and any other content that you can think of! When only a single network is not sufficient!

The plugin doesn’t reveal your private details (like app IDs, tokens, and app secrets) to the browser and retains it on the server so we offer 100% security for all sensitive data. The plugin offers monitoring tools so you can view the status of your entire connected feeds and quickly troubleshoot issues.

Supported Social Feed Types: Flow-Flow backs 12 stream sources comprising 10 famous social networks plus WordPress plus RSS. There are 40 plus various feed types in total. This is enormous! Just think you can utilize only one plugin rather than all those separate mono network feed plugins. And you obtain the splendid unified design of all those separate types of content including image, text posts, or videos. Your social media wall will appear fantastic with no exceptions!

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# 6 WP Social Stream Designer

social stream

Are you searching for a solution that aids you showcase feeds from social networks straight on your website?

WP Social Stream Designer plugin is ideal for this. The plugin is employed to obtain social media content from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, RSS, and many others to avail you lovely responsive wall on your WordPress website. You can join your entire social network feeds into one network stream of show one social network feeds with various designs and layouts.

The plugin will not gather any data from your site visitors. So it is GDPR compliant.

Plugin backs 13 social streams. There are over 30 separate feed types in all.

Other Helpful Features:

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Fully Customizable Admin Interface
  • Duplicate layout
  • Translation ready
  • Well documented
  • Fully responsive

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# 7 Sharkha – Share Counter, Views Counts & Voting System


Grow your site traffic in the simplest form, Sharkha will include the sharing buttons to your entire site content with only a simple click! Sharkha is a plain solution to insert the sharing buttons to any WordPress theme, lightweight and easy, with a smart code structure that offers you over 200 development filters.

Sharkha Solved Twitter Share Count Problem: The issue with Twitter share counts is Twitter left their support for the count service, most of the plugins on the market (correctly all of them) trusting third party services to count the shares which might display fake shares. Sharkha doesn’t employ any third services but utilizes the official Twitter API to count your shares. The official API permits search in Twitter database employing your website links the plugin conducts a search in the Twitter database every 7 days and counts the returned search entry which is saved to your database.

Real Voting System: Every vote you make will be deposited in your profile which affords you the option to develop a social voting website. You can permit voting to logged-in users solely and you can display each user’s likes by releasing the shortcode on any page.

Other Features:

  • Cache plugins compliant
  • Fast as rocket
  • Views system
  • Live customized settings
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Percentage share count
  • Functions with any theme
  • Custom share and views starter value
  • Buttons Order
  • Automatic placement on all content with the separate placement
  • Buttons reveal or hide
  • Three Separate Locations
  • Shortcode Supported
  • Four Styles for share buttons
  • Translation support
  • 100% GPL
  • Developer Friendly

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Whether you’re attempting to increase your Twitter following by sharing tweets on your website or trying to access a new audience by exchanging your content on Twitter, both are very successful digital marketing practices.

Don’t keep away from the Twitter gold rush.

Check out one of these plugins today!

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