Smoothly Empower your Online Business to work in your Absence

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As the year draws to a close and the holiday season is about to begin, you must have special plans to spend a memorable Christmas and New Year Holidays. While holidays and vacations are a must in everyone’s life, you should take care that the online business or blog site you have worked so hard to get it up and running does not lose momentum in your absence. Much like decorating the Christmas tree, your online business or blog site needs trimmings, embellishments, and incentives to keep the Internet community interested, even in your absence. The following five steps will guide you on some of the key things you should do and plan before you leave your website on its own.

Ways To Smoothly Empower your Online Business to work in your Absence

Step 1: Try to complete Some Significant Projects before the Year Ends

This activity has ties to the New Year resolution you made at the beginning of this year. Statistical data indicates that 99% of humans are able to achieve about 20% or less of the goals. Don’t be disheartened with this, rather check whether any of your projects are nearing completion and divert your time and energy into them. Also, try to identify one or two profitable online business ventures which will fuel your sense of achievement and improve the year-end financial status. Find a partner to who you may be accountable and include these projects in your preferred productivity tool. Finalize a finish date and calculate backward by finishing the tasks you need to complete to realize your goals. For the daily more mundane but required tasks, put them on a Virtual Assistant or hire outside help for regular completion.

Step 2: Check your Website to Find Good Materials that may be Reusable

In your years of working on your blogging site or online business, there were definitely high points that made a big difference to your site’s popularity and revenue earning. A thorough analysis using Google Analytics, for example, will give you the list of top 10 blogs that have attracted the most traffic on your website. Spend a day (or even two) to sort all those materials that may be reused, albeit in a different format or package. These may include projects, courses, products, or initiatives that have worked for you in the past. Now, spend some more time thinking about the ways you may present these materials on your website. A novel way of doing this would be to list them as the “Top 10 Blogs of the Year”. You may change eBooks into audio format, video streaming into eBooks among other ideas. These repackaged, re-polished materials may form the basis of incentives to your followers or loyal users.Empower your Online Business to work Smoothly in your Absence

Step 3: Incentivize or Offer Bonuses to Your Followers

All the repackaged materials you may have unearthed during your cleanup exercise can now be offered as an exciting gift for the year-end. For example, the best materials you may have collected during a popular “best blog” challenge may be released in an eBook format. This will be an ideal gift for the friends and family of your followers. Also, a round-up of some of the year’s best experiences, reading, gift ideas, best Software tools a.nd so forth on your website is a great idea for increasing traffic and revenue from your online business.

Step 4: Clean up your Workspace and Reorganize

Amidst all these actionable projects, you ought to take the time to pause and look at all the ‘junk’ that has inadvertently been deposited with your years of online business. Even with a systematic organization, these unused files, projects that never took off, ideas out in print but not used tend to accumulate. Make a point of removing these junks or at least offload these to Cloud Storage for a slimmer, lighter, and efficient workspace. Now, try to make a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for those tasks you need to complete daily. This will free you of the worrying about proper completion of to-do tasks, which you have handed over to someone else for the time of your absence.

Step 5: Looking Ahead – Plan for 2021

All the hard work (this is over and above what you have been doing daily!) you have put in is bound to provide positive incentives in the festive season of New Year. You may consider this effort as part of the year-end activity for all the years to come. Proper and systematic planning for the online business goals of the coming year is what remains to be done; the cycle will continue.

These 5 steps will ensure that you have a cleaner, more robust online business website at your service. This website will continue to function quite efficiently even in your absence, providing much-needed de-stressing and relaxation in your holidays.

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