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Do you want to increase your SEO and find the best Automatic Internal Linking Plugin, WordPress? When it comes to SEO, internal links are crucial (SEO). They aid search engine crawlers in finding your site’s pages to better position them in search results. A plugin that facilitates internal linking can streamline the process and offer advice on improving the quality of links.

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Manually And Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

Some of the best WordPress plugins for managing internal links are discussed below.

1. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

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The most effective SEO plugin for WordPress is All in One SEO (AIOSEO). Over 3 million individuals use the plugin to improve their sites for search engines. The plugin is beginner-friendly and helps boost your SEO score without technical skills. AIO SEO features a Link Assistant tool that enables you to develop better internal links. It does a deep link analysis of your WordPress site and generates a comprehensive report. Each post and page’s total number of affiliate, outbound, and internal links is displayed.

The plugin also shows chances to strengthen your internal linkages. The linked term and its anchor text are both shown for your perusal. With a press of a button, you can then add them to your article. In addition, you can view pages that have been abandoned. There are no links within these pages. Increasing the visibility and search engine ranking of these pages can be accomplished by linking to them. There are options to add nofollow, sponsored, and UGC (user-generated content) tags, and AIOSEO makes it easy to search for relevant blog entries to link to directly from the WordPress editor.

Additionally, AIOSEO offers many other effective capabilities to enhance your website. Make XML sitemaps, check for and repair broken links, improve your site’s rich snippets, and much more!

2. MonsterInsights

Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress
Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

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Over 3 million experts have chosen MonsterInsights as their go-to Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.
It has a function called “Popular Post” that allows you to display your most read articles in any location on your site. The Inline Popular Post widget will enable you to showcase your most-read blog posts right in the main body of your site.

The plugin has several skins to select, allowing for individualized adjustments to the label, title, background hues, sizes, and colors. MonsterInsights also enables you to pick whether to show popular content based on views, comments, and share count.

MonsterInsights monitors inbound and outbound clicks on not only your WordPress site but also your affiliate links. In this approach, you may observe how your readers engage with your work and learn which links they find most interesting.

Other advanced capabilities given by MonsterInsights include eCommerce tracking, form conversion tracking, dashboard reports, and more.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast- Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress
Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

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Yoast SEO is another popular WordPress SEO plugin that helps optimize your site for search engines. It is an alternative to All in One SEO. Premium users additionally have access to the plugin’s essential internal linking function. It scans your content for internal links and then suggests strengthening your relations from within the WordPress content editor.

Nonetheless, the All-in-One SEO Link Assistant offers more features. See how Yoast SEO stacks up against AIOSEO in our in-depth comparison. In addition to the standard SEO tools like title and meta description creation, Yoast also allows you to create social media card pictures, XML sitemaps, and more.

4. Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer
Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

The following internal linking plugin for WordPress is called Internal Link Juicer. This free plugin for WordPress will let you generate internal connections instantly. The plugin can generate internal connections based on user-specified keywords and phrases. If you want your internal links to read more naturally and less robotically, this feature provides you greater leeway in choosing the anchor text they use.

This plugin also allows whitelisting or blacklisting individual blog entries from being included in internal links. In this manner, you can restrict access to specific articles and pages from authors. There’s also a setting to determine how many connections can be included in a single update.

5. Rank Math

Rank Math- Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress
Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

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The Rank Math WordPress plugin is another option if you’re looking to enhance your internal linking strategy with some essential SEO tools already on hand. The plugin will instantly analyze your site’s link structure and suggest where to place internal links.

The plugin displays the hints right where you’re writing in WordPress. A simple copy-and-paste will get you the suggested URL into your work.

Compared to AIOSEO, Rank Math’s link builder is more on par with Yoast’s entry-level approach to link building. The plugin has many additional capabilities besides only link suggestions, such as Google Schema Markup, tracking of keyword ranks, monitoring of 404 errors, a redirection manager, and more.

6. Link Whisper

Link Whisper- Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress
Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

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You might use a paid WordPress plugin called Link Whisper to improve your site’s search engine ranks. It advises creating internal links to your content while working in the WordPress editor, just like many other plugins we’ve recommended. The plugin’s user interface is minimalistic and easy to navigate.
The plugin can also discover articles or web pages with few or no internal links. Then you can use the tool that suggests internal links to connect such unconnected pages.

7. Interlinks Manager

Interlinks Manager- Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress
Automatic Internal Linking Plugin WordPress

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WordPress users can download the free Interlinks Manager plugin to facilitate internal links. Using the information presented in your WordPress dashboard, you can easily keep tabs on and enhance your internal linking structure with the help of this plugin.

Unlike similar plugins, this one employs an algorithm to analyze your site’s internal links and provide an estimate of the link juice each one receives. With this knowledge, you can better distribute link juice and create internal links to crucial pages to boost your SEO. The plugin also includes settings for adjusting the algorithm to better suit your needs.

8. Internal Links Manager

The Internal Links Manager plugin for WordPress is a no-frills tool for quickly and easily creating internal links to relevant content based on user-specified keywords. The plugin’s sole purpose is to generate internal connections at strategic points inside the text. Simple input of the target URL and keyword is required. It has an easy-to-navigate UI. There are no recommendations for internal linking, nor is there a report detailing the site’s total number of internal and external links.

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The creation of internal links is a crucial aspect of On-Page SEO. Internal linking effectively helps boost the search engine rankings of your most profitable pages. However, it does take a little bit of time. You may completely automate the process with WordPress’s best Internal Linking Plugins.

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