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Are you looking for plugins to convert WordPress site to mobile apps? If yes, then you’ve come to the perfect destination! Keep reading to know more!

Web surfing on mobile devices like smartphones is no longer the future wave. More than half of all internet traffic is generated by mobile devices, as reported by Statista. There’s no telling if this number will be more significant or lower for your WordPress site. To maintain your online presence, you must support desktop and mobile visitors.
You should consider using a responsive WordPress theme to make your site accessible from mobile devices. Since this feature is crucial to maintaining a mobile audience, nearly all high-quality WordPress themes include it by default.

But you can further your mobile approach by developing a mobile app. These applications are an efficient way to gain a more significant online following, as many mobile users favor them over mobile websites.

Creating a mobile app from scratch can seem like a monumental task. You’ll need expertise in both front- and back-end programming, and hiring an outside development team will set you back tens of thousands of dollars and take months.

However, there is an escape hatch if you utilize WordPress. You may save a lot of money and time by building your mobile app instead of hiring a developer, and there are a few premium plugins that can help you do just that.

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Convert WordPress Site To Mobile App

Here you’ll learn about the top plugin choices for turning your internet business into a polished mobile app.

1. AppPresser

AppPresser- convert wordpress site to mobile app
convert wordpress site to mobile app

This is a premium WordPress application builder that allows you to create your mobile app solution, making it an excellent place to start if you want to get started with construction.

AppPresser includes a visual customizer that functions similarly to WordPress’s page builder. If you’ve ever worked with WordPress’s page layout editor, you’ll feel at home with AppPresser’s intuitive UI. AppPresser’s customizer has a live preview option that shows your website as you build it.

You will also have a say over whatever other resources, including plugins and web pages, are integrated into your program. For creating apps that work with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, or other specific plugins, This is a lightweight choice.

It has three different monthly plans that range in price from $79 to $149. These programs are also offered annually at a discounted rate of $59, $79, and $129 per month.

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2. Mobiloud

Mobiloud- convert wordpress site to mobile app
convert wordpress site to mobile app

Feeling less enthusiastic about creating your mobile app from scratch? Mobiloud can turn your WordPress site into an Android or iOS app. You hand over your WordPress site to the Mobiloud team, and they’ll create and maintain your app for you.

The all-inclusive nature of Mobiloud’s programs is their main selling feature. The service takes care of everything related to making an app, including development, testing, publishing, and ongoing distribution to stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play. As long as you have a Mobiloud subscription, any time you modify your WordPress site or when iOS or Android is updated, the corresponding changes will be made to your app without you having to do anything.

With this method, you don’t need coding skills or prior experience creating websites. Mobiloud applications allow for more customization and fine-tuning in the source code, should you wish to include your development team.
With Mobiloud’s full-service setup, you and your team can work together more efficiently. Mobiloud will meet with you to talk about your app and how to make it more tailored to your needs. Based on your branding, the team will generate app media and branding materials.

The prices for Mobiloud range from $150 to $250 to $500 per month. Alternatively, you can pay $120, $200, or $400 annually for the same access to these options. A one-time setup fee of $450 for the app or $1,850 for the complete service must be paid to activate a Mobiloud account.

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3. WPMobile.App

WPMobile.App- convert wordpress site to mobile app
convert wordpress site to mobile app

Suppose you want to build an app for Android or iOS but don’t have a ton of money to spend, WPMobile.App (previously WPApp.Ninja) is a good option. It has many customization options that cost extra on other programs, but it only costs once.

You can configure your app’s settings, appearance, and analytics from the plugin window in your WordPress admin account, thanks to WPMobile.smooth App’s integration with the WordPress dashboard. While testing is ultimately your responsibility, WPMobile does include a sample app so you may preview your creation before going live.

However, compared to other app conversion providers, this one has fewer choices for personalization. The software only offers one aesthetic option. This theme’s flexibility may be adapted to your specific needs, but it will take more work to create the final product. But if you’re on a tighter budget, WPMobile.The app is still a good choice.

This app can be purchased separately for iOS ($93) or Android ($149) or together for a total of 179 Euro ($216).

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4. AndroApp- convert wordpress site to mobile app

AndroApp- convert wordpress site to mobile app
convert the wordpress site to a mobile app

AndroApp, a WordPress app translator, comes last on our list. It is a low-cost alternative to other premium plugins, with a yearly subscription cost of only $65. Even if you choose the free version, your app will still be required to show advertisements provided by AndroApp.

Its inexpensive annual fee comes at the cost of incompatibility with other sophisticated WordPress integrations like WooCommerce and the absence of iOS app development. If these drawbacks don’t bother you, AndroApp’s reporting analytics, monetization tools, and customizable theme options will make your app a great addition to your business. A subscription to AndroApp costs $66 per year.

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5. AppMySite

convert wordpress site to mobile app

AppMySite claims to be “the first AI-powered mobile app maker in the world.” This solution will assist your company in developing high-quality native mobile apps from WordPress and WooCommerce-based websites.
AppMySite eliminates the need for custom code or expensive programming staff, as demonstrated in the video below.

With simply a website, you can begin tailoring your very own WordPress mobile app in a few minutes. Check out the demo video below to get a feel for how AppMySite works. The initial plan is free; the Pro Plan is $39/month; the Premium Plan is $79/month, and the Starter Plan is $19/month.

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6. WappPress- convert wordpress site to mobile app

WappPress is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build a mobile app without breaking the bank.
Different layouts, colors, and icons can be used to create a truly unique program. The mobile app’s functionalities may now be monetized, and the app’s efficiency can be significantly improved with the help of this plugin.
This plugin is perfect for small companies and bloggers that need a quick way to get their mobile apps up and running.

Buddy X

Conclusion of convert wordpress site to mobile app

Plugins are a technological advancement that has simplified the lives of people who are not programmers. They can now make their mobile app for less money and time than ever before. Making a mobile app should be worthwhile for you and your target demographic because it requires resources from the user’s mobile device’s storage and serves as a conduit for more excellent communication.

So, why not try making a high-quality, user-enhancing mobile app? You can pick one of the plugins provided above.

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