WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins

A cookie is a tiny bit of data that a website intimates the browser to stock up in the computer or mobile device. Cookie keeps track of the activities within the website so that it can retain information about the visitor at a later time.

What is Cookie?

The Cookie Law came into existence in the UK on 26th May 2012 and in Europe later to require cookie consent. So, it means that if you own a site, you will have to take the consent of users prior to deploying cookies. It was devised to safeguard online privacy by making users informed of how their data is amassed and used online.

The 2 categories of consent are – explicit and implied. Explicit permission is, where a user has given permission to use cookies for the website. Implied content involves just informing the visitor that your website utilizes cookies. If they carry on browsing, it is understood that they’re fine with it.

Listed below are some legitimate cookie plugins-

Cookie Law Info

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins
WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin

WP cookie law info is one of the best cookie plugins. The colors, fonts, styles, position, and how it acts when clicked ‘accept’ on the site can be altered.  It has got a Cookie Audit component to exhibit the website visitors what cookie your website uses tidily in a table on privacy page. Also, a show again tab is available that ignores the notice or shows it again.

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EU Cookie Law

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins
WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin

EU Cookie law has the capability to lock script prior to reception (as necessary by Italian Law – Garante della Privacy dispositions). It is a dominant resolution for the site to obey the European cookie law along with a stylish popup. It can mechanically block embeds, iframes, scripts and objects.

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Cookie Notice by DFactory

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins
WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin

It is one of the most famous plugins in the market.  It has the feature of editable messages. It offers customizable placement for the notification box, Cookie expirations repeated accept cookies on scroll and preference to decline functional cookies.

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WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins
Cookie Consent

Cookiebot is one of the most recognized solutions for GDPR/ePR and CCPA compliance. Their plugin is simple and allows for easy usage and customization in regard to their privacy policy and cookie consent. It’s the most efficient way to become fully compliant and supports of 45 languages Worldwide. Besides that it has a lot of features such as the ability to sophisticatedly block third party cookies if there hasn’t been any consent.

The Takeaway

Cookies play a very important role in a website. Though you will not find many cookie plugins for WordPress the above-mentioned plugins are best suited and will offer you great support. We hope you liked this article about cookies. If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section below.

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