Secure Your Private Community Website By Adding Privacy Features

BuddyPress Community Website

People join BuddyPress Community Website for many reasons. Someone wants to take an active involvement in social causes, someone just wants support from the majority of people. Someone might be interested in getting connected with a particular brand or someone might want to join a group of people who share common interests. Whatever the reason might be, a safe community always matters. And, it is important to note that a privacy-conscious social media user always remains worried about its profile privacy.

Secure Your Private Community Website

Don’t forget your online community is successful only when your community members enjoy to interact within your site without being worried about their privacy. This encourages them to be active on your social community website wholeheartedly.

Why Privacy Matters For Your Online Community Website?

BuddyPress Community Website

A safe community always leads to a happy community. If you own a community website, you need to take steps right now to make your members’ profile private from unauthorized users.

On the contrary, if you still don’t have a community website for your brand. You can create your own one using WordPress and BuddyPress.

Read this guide to learn how to create a community website to engage your potential customers with your brand. To tackle spam and other online vulnerabilities. You need to integrate some privacy control features on your community website.

It assists your business in many ways such as:

  • Restricts unauthorized access to community members’ data.
  • Controls spamming activities on your site.
  • You can hide information from logged out users.

If you are running a BuddyPress social community website. You can add a variety of features to make it more safe for your community members. Let’s understand in detail about those features.

How To Add Privacy Features To Your BuddyPress Community Website

Safety and Privacy involve both external and internal threats. Hence, you need to tackle all these. For all BuddyPress website owners. You can take advantage of many BuddyPress Add-Ons that make your BuddyPress site a secured community website.

Take a look at these useful BuddyPress Add-Ons:

1. BuddyPress Lock – Private Community

BuddyPress Community Website

BuddyPress Lock is a useful add-on for BuddyPress that powers up site administrators to lock certain parts of their WordPress community website.

It locks down the following for logged out users:

  • BuddyPress Components
  • WordPress Pages
  • Custom Post Types

Moreover, it also allows you to set the locked content to be displayed on the locked page of your community website. In this way, only registered users have the right to view the protected pages. On the other hand, the rest users will automatically be redirected to the login page. Hence, you can easily protect your members’ directory, user profile, and activity pages.

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How It Helps Organizations

  • Most organizations want to establish a public presence without disclosing any membership details to those who are not their community members. BuddyPress lock is the best option for them.
  • You can hide your members’ profile details and their regular community activity from being indexed on Google.

Download BuddyPress Lock

2. BuddyPress Private Community Pro

BuddyPress Community Website
BuddyPress Private Community Pro

This is another add-on for BuddyPress that locks down the BuddyPress Component for logged in users as well as for logged out users.

Key features of this BuddyPress Add-on include:

  • Profile Privacy: Control who can see profile and timeline.
  • Profile Progression: Display profile progress bar
  • Better Control on Groups: Set limit for Group Creation, Group Joining and also limit the maximum number of members a group can have.

In this way, you can easily control BuddyPress components on your community website based on user roles.

Download BuddyPress Private Community Pro

3. BuddyPress Moderation Pro

BuddyPress Moderation Pro

You shouldn’t overlook the community moderation options for a secure and safe community website. Take a look at BuddyPress Moderation Pro.

BuddyPress Moderation Plugin offers an amazing solution for BuddyPress community site owners to keep their communities straight. You can set the policing strategy for your community. And, your members can flag sitewide content as inappropriate.

As a community admin, you can check all the reported contents in an organized table at the backend of your WordPress website. You can then order or filter the reported content and take relevant actions.

The three important functionalities it adds to your social community website are:

  • Community Control
  • Clean Activities
  • Safe Private Messages

As a site admin, you can:

  • Remove access from blocked members of your community to post any status update.
  • Remove access from blocked members of your community to send private messages.
  • Hide blocked members from your members’ directory page.
  • Deactivate member accounts temporarily.

Download BuddyPress Moderation Pro

Create an impactful and secure community website on WordPress now!

Securing community members data from unauthorized users not only make your community members engaged and feel safe with your brand. But also assists in managing online reputation for your brand.

Have any issues with your community privacy? Talk with our BuddyPress experts today!

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