The online dating industry started way back in 1995 and has revolutionized not only the way lovers talk but also how they love in recent years. This was possible because of the advancement in technology and the introduction of more professional tools and applications that enabled the easy creation of interactive dating websites on the internet. And now is the right time to take advantage of this opportunity and earn money by getting your own dating website. What’s better is that you do not need to do a lot to get a dating website now as you already have so many enchanting WordPress Dating Themes in the market to choose from. So, if you are interested to launch your own dating website, let us see how can you do this and what all do you need.

Should I Launch My Own Dating Website?

If you are planning to do so, you must launch your website. But, launching it is just not enough. Making it interactive and engaging to attract users and retain them is a big challenge. So, before creating your own online dating website make sure to outline the goals, objectives and the targeted audience of your dating website. You may want to set up a professional matchmaking website, or a simple local meeting place.

Once you have decided on these things, the first step that you should take is to pick your niche carefully as per your needs. After this, all you need to do for your Online Dating website is pick a theme out of the list below and get on with website designing without the need of any coding skills.

How To Choose The Right Dating WordPress Theme?

Powering a variety of small and large businesses and individuals, WordPress is one of the largest communities in the world and has something to offer for anyone who is looking to enhance their presence online. The high customizability, strength, and flexibility of WordPress make it the most preferred CMS in the world. Even better, it is highly secure. The theme and the plugins are the two primary building blocks of your WordPress site. So, choosing the right theme is a very important decision from both the technical and the marketing aspects of your site. So, make sure the online dating theme that you choose has all the essential features that you expect your users to look for or use. Some of these essential features include creating detailed dating profiles, private messages and communication channels in the form of chat rooms or discussion forums.

Another important thing to keep in mind before making the final decision includes the way you will monetize your site. Plugins like WooCommerce and can help collect payments on your site and commercialize it easily. Apart from this, look for an easy interface, flexible customization options, and widgets to make your final choice. To help you decide in a better way, the best WordPress Dating Themes of 2019 have been listed below.

Best WordPress Dating Themes for 2019

To help you choose an ideal dating theme for your WordPress website, we have compiled a list of the best themes which are community themes powered by BuddyPress that enable to create your website instantly in an effective manner. All the professional themes listed below not only have compelling designs but also have features that enable you to attract the most number of users in the market. So, let’s take a look at these themes one by one in detail.

#1 Reign Dating

WordPress Dating Themes

Reign Dating is the best Dating WordPress theme to take advantage of the booming online dating services industry and earn instantly. Integrated with powerful plugins like BuddyPress, Reign dating is a social networking based theme that is equipped with powerful features for profiles, user groups, activity streams, private chat and many more. Completely responsive and designed cleanly, this highly customizable theme is ideal for a number of niches. The best thing about this theme is its simple user interface and user-friendly navigation. Easy to use, the unique layouts have been designed in a way that makes designing easier even without any previous experience.

Allowing localization with easy translation, the drag-and-drop enabled theme is an ideal choice if you are looking to attract and reach audiences globally in the easiest and the most compelling ways.

#2 Sweet Date

WordPress Dating Themes

An attractive and one of the most popular dating themes on WordPress, the Sweet Date theme is a good choice for people who are primarily looking for a simple and professional dating theme on WordPress. The best thing about this theme is that it is equipped with member access controls that allows you to create membership levels. This is the feature that sets it apart from the other dating WordPress themes in the market. Some of the other useful features of Sweet Date includes multi-stage signup forms, profile options, and a simple design and user interface.

Sweet Date theme is ideal for people who are looking for a niche dating website to engage and attract new users as well as retain the old ones with a minimalistic design and high functionality.

#3 Mingle

WordPress Dating Themes

One of the easiest-to-use themes in the market, Mingle is a multi-purpose, social networking theme that fits perfectly in different niches and ideas due to its high customizability and flexibility. Even Mingle has been created on the powerful BuddyPress plugin making it easier to create your own social dating website within minutes. You can create chat forums, groups, user profiles and enable communication on your site through private messaging with an easy dashboard. With unique footers and headers, and the contact form builder, the layout of the theme can be changed as and when you want.

The best thing about this theme is that it helps you to easily organize all the elements you need for a dating website with a simple dashboard and drop and drag builder. In a nutshell, Mingle is a good choice for people who love to experiment and want to stand out from the crowd.


WordPress Dating Themes

An effective dating WordPress theme, the KLEO theme has beautiful layouts to impress the visitors at the first look. With great graphics options like full-screen banners, full-size landing pages, slideshows, and portfolio tiled grid layouts, this is certainly one of the best themes in the market if it comes to a compelling design. Not only this, but the incredibly easy to use theme offers unique page options clubbed with a great profile and group features for engagement. Apart from BuddyPress, the theme is also loaded with Paid Memberships Pro to enable you to set membership-based content and earn readily.

These features, when combined with effective features for social media and high customizability, make KLEO one of the most widely used WordPress dating themes in the market.

#5 Razor

WordPress Dating Themes

An incredible tool for creating new dating websites, the Razor WordPress Dating theme is a powerful tool based on BuddyPress. Easy to use and highly customizable, the wonderful tool helps you to build your personalized community with a simple drag and drop builder. The best thing about this theme it has a clean and professional layout that works across all screen sizes and devices seamlessly. This means you can design your website by simply placing content blocks wherever you need on your dating website. Even better, you have this feature for all the pages.

With a great contact form builder that gives you complete control over your forms and the sidebar generator that allows you to add the needed content, Razor is a sharp theme and is good for both beginners and professionals.

Ready To Launch Your Own Dating Website?

Hope, now you know how easy it is to get going with your own Dating WordPress site because of these professional themes. The best thing about the themes mentioned above is that they allow you to run memberships and advertisements on your site leading to monetization. So, decide the theme today and make your dating website go viral now.

If you have any better suggestions, feedback or questions regarding these themes, feel free to write it in the comments section below.

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