WordPress 4.8- Most Awaited Release of 2017

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WordPress released its latest version 4.8 on 8th June 2017. WordPress has been released with amazing features which you must try after updating your website. Undoubtedly this version of WordPress consists of all the features the users have been demanding since very long. New version of WordPress has all the necessary features for brand representation and promotion. It won’t be wrong to say that WordPress 4.8 has been developed keeping the users in mind. This time WordPress has been developed with hundreds of contributors out of which several contributors were participating for the very first time. Let us welcome the new version of WordPress 4.8 with new remarkable features like three new media widgets covering images, news section in the dashboard and text widget with editor.

Gear up for a faster version of WordPress

As all the versions of WordPress are based upon the forms of Jazz music and WordPress 4.8 version is also not exception to it. The WordPress 4.8 version is named “Evan” to venerate jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans. This version is available for update or downloads in your WordPress Dashboard.

Let us discuss about the all new features of WordPress 4.8 version

Media Widgets in WordPress 4.8 version

Finally the wishes of most of the WordPress users have come true. As the latest version of WordPress is launched with three startling default widgets.

The New Image Widget

If you don’t know anything about coding, still you can easily add image to a widget.  With WordPress 4.8 the user simply has to drag and drop image into the sidebar. This method is relatively easy than writing custom html or downloading a plugin. Now all you need to do is select your image and add it to “Add to Widget” button. To explain this, now you can easily upload pictures of your recent trip in the widget section. After uploading the image the user can also see the preview of the image in widget area.

The New Video Widget

Videos have always been a better way to communicate with your website visitors. WordPress 4.8 version has launched new video widget feature for adding videos simply from sidebar to new video widget. Now you can choose any video from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other oEmbed provider.

For uploading a video you just need to click on Add Video> this will generate the media uploader popup> click on Insert from URL > Paste the URL. As soon as you will paste the URL WordPress will fetch the video thumbnail and display it.

Audio Widget

Audio widget also works similar to video and image widgets. It also adds Audio files to WordPress Sidebar. The widget will nicely embed the audio file in a HTML5 audio player. It supports MP3, OGG, and WAV audio file formats.

Visual Editor

Users can now shift the cursor to the left and right while adding the link which was quite tough to do earlier.

WordPress News and Events Dashboard Widget

This displays on the Admin panel of the website. The key point of this feature is that displays event nearby your location. If your website has multiple users then in that case every user can view the event near your location. Admin can also change date and time manually to know other events in nearby location.

Bonus features

There are some exciting changes in WordPress 4.8 version for developers as well.

  • Multisite Updates: New hooks and tweaks to more granularly control site and user counts per network have been added.
  • Modification in API Editor: Text Widget 4.8 comes with a new JavaScript API for initiating editor after page load. To demonstrate this is very beneficial for adding editor instance to any text area and for its customization.
  • Customizer Width: with this the customizer sidebar can be made wider on high-resolution screens.

As can be seen WordPress 4.8 version has been developed with many much awaited features for developers and for other users as well. Over all this article consisted of all the news related to WordPress 4.8, if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this article. Then please rate us and give your comments in the section below



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