Many designers say that you cannot learn creativity. This is partly true – if a person is “creative”, all technical obstacles can be overcome with the help of experience and practice, but if there is no creativity, further efforts are practically useless. One way or another, it is not only talent that provides a positive result for the creator. There are many additional qualities that you simply cannot do without patience, desire to learn, practice, and much more. In this article, you will learn what an interface app is and why you need it.

 web design mistake

In the field of web design, the division into “beginners” and “experienced” specialists is very conditional. The main difference between a strong performer in the presence of an advanced portfolio and strong “skills” in the list of completed projects. But still, by default, the employer differentiates the parameters of his search for experienced and novice designers, especially since many mistakes are made more often by beginners than by advanced designers.

What top mistakes and misconceptions can be identified and how do they manifest themselves?

1. Bright, but not entirely clear for the target audience

A very common mistake among novice specialists who seek to highlight each fragment of the plot, and as a result, they get an image with an overestimated brightness and incomprehensible content.

Today there are a number of genres, for example, a preview for a YouTube tube, where the brightness of colors, contrast is really deliberately twisted and the plot is overflowing with “acid” colors. But this is only a temporary trend that may change over time. In any case, you need thoughtfulness in the style of the layout, a clear hierarchy of colors, and a logical sequence.

The creation of a design layout is not limited to the composition of parts and drawing of characters. This is a multi-component process in which it is necessary to take into account the intended purpose of the layout, focus, concept, and final integration into specific information space. Simply put, the design includes many directions at once, which sometimes do not relate to drawing: for example, design, organization of space, or detailing. Website parallax is of great importance.

Ignoring simple rules for constructing composition and the desire to oversaturate the canvas with various colors leads to a banal and tasteless “decorating” of free space.

How should you work?

It is worth starting from the task at hand. It is necessary to clearly formulate the goal and use the required format and tools for its implementation. If you work in the niche of commercial design, use moderate and calm colors with an emphasized business style. Do not overload the layout with excessive saturation of colors and symbols.

Listen carefully to the customer and study the terms of Tech. Tasks. The layout and style that you find unacceptable – the customer may regard as a good option. Ultimately, it is the payer who decides how his layout should look.

 web design mistake

2. Poor structure and layout

This inaccuracy is common for a designer of any experience. The marketing content of the layout is very extensive: navigation, layout, layout, block hierarchy, and much more. In conditions of a limited budget, the designer does not receive the necessary information and is forced to solve problems “non-core” for him on his own. This is a fairly typical situation, and many specialists are faced with it all the time.

Typical errors:

  • The navigation menu is implemented with an incomprehensible logic of action and, as a result, creates unwanted confusion.
  • Blocks of the layout or site are placed with disregard of the logical sequence.
  • Too many banner inserts calling to action.
  • The menu is overloaded with unnecessary items that need to be moved to other blocks of the site.

A competent layout requires the intervention of not only a specialist in design and design. But if, nevertheless, funds do not allow you to pay for the work of a marketer, you should remember about simple rules:

  • Study the content carefully before placing the blocks. The content logic will allow you to prioritize navigation design.
  • Do not overload the site with advertising banners and inserts.
  • Functional blocks always require special emphasis that can ensure recognition in any information environment.
  • Formulate your call-to-action content with clear, concise language. The graphics and style of the site should complement the content as much as possible.

On a tight budget, it is easiest to turn to good examples and analyze navigation priorities from successful start-ups.

3. The quality of the sources and photo content

This is also a sore point for the performer of any experience. Even with an incredibly professional level of Photoshop and retouching techniques, it will not be possible to ensure the quality of the image in the same way as when using a high-quality source. A photo taken with the right lighting with the help of professional equipment lends itself better to processing and looks much more presentable.

In this situation, you just need to use high-quality photo and graphic content, which can be bought at specialized photo stocks.

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