Selection of Color Combination in Web Design Process

Web Design Process

It is very important to have a website for your company. Having a company website means, you have to create a professional atmosphere around the website. Of course, we all love fancy designs and colors, but will that help us keep the professional and corporate theme of the website intact? For this reason, you need to concentrate more on the color scheme and the color combination of the website.

The Color Theory

Web Design Process

While designing a website, you have to know that the color theory covers three basic levels.

Complementation of Design

You cannot just add green, red and purple all together on your website. This will be hurtful to the eyes and will look like the design of a kid’s play zone. However, you can use different shades of schemes which balance and complementation for the design. The design will be professional and it will be a happy medium for your eyes.


Be careful with the contrast of the website. Do not go too flashy with the background. The main work of the contract function for web designing is to make way for the eyes to clearly differentiate the elements on the page from one another. I can give you an example. Did you notice all the great pictures in the world are taken on a very light background? Do not include too much color in the background, so that the foreground texts and other elements are not readable.


This may look silly to you, vibrancy is selecting the right and bright color to cheer up the mood of the visitors to your site. Certain websites like CNN and BBC uses bright colors on their website to get a better quality of output. This is a proven strategy that bright colors make the viewer more energetic and they do not get too bored. If you are selling something on your website, and want to make the customer pursue to buy your product, this is the best strategy.
The color scheme that you use on your website is about appearance. And most, or almost half of the appearance factor of the website depends on the color. Choosing the right clothes matching with the sweater or shoe is important for girls, choosing the right color scheme and with the shades of the same color are similarly the same thing. No matter how much time you spend designing the website, how unique and extraordinary the website is, if you cannot choose the right color and make some mismatch of color on your website, it will always look very unprofessional and the design will be like that of a newbie.

Understand Your Project

Before you dive headfirst into your project you need to first step back and evaluate the situation. Design is like anything else you’ve ever immersed yourself in. It needs to be thought out clearly and concisely so that you can avoid or at least minimize potential problems that could jeopardize your entire project. Whether you’re working for a client or for yourself you should always be thinking about what is the message you are trying to convey. In other words, know your message. You also need to understand the meanings each color may have. Understand it and use it to your advantage to do something creative.

Jobmate Theme

Deliver a Message

It may not be apparent from the start but color can truly help get your message across. In fact, if utilized right it can speak volumes to the reader just by pairing it up with the right graphics. Consider this scenario: you are to design a promotional flyer for a fundraising benefit that will raise money for those with thyroid cancer. The client insists you use black with the respective thyroid cancer ribbon colors of teal, pink and blue. What do you do? Most might lean to the “client is always right” but if you rethink the situation and the message you would wisely advise the client that perhaps black is not the best choice. Yes, black is a great color to use when you want certain elements to stand out but in regards to using it in a design meant to promote goodwill and hope it is a step in the wrong direction. Using a pastel color or just white would be a better-suited choice.

Get Feedback

Naturally, if you are unsure about what direction you should go in you can always ask for the opinion of others. Most people are willing to give you feedback on whether or not they are designers. Also when understanding your project you will want to understand and remember that certain words lend themselves to certain colors. Words that give off positive connotations should be accompanied with bright or pastel type colors. Inversely words that give off or cause strong feelings should be paired with dark or bold colors.

Legibility and Hierarchy

When you are picking your colors you want to keep the elements that you are working within the mind. Balance and harmony are important no matter what project you are working on and with that being said it should also be noted that color factors into this. The colors you choose to pair up together can either help or hinder the overall legibility of your design. Legibility in terms of design just doesn’t determine if the viewer can read the words present but it also determines what the viewer can distinguish amongst the visual elements.

Contrast Colors

To aid in this matter it is best to use contrast colors. Contrast colors can be effectively used by using one color as the background and the other for the foreground elements. For example, white elements on color backgrounds can easily be deciphered while a hot pink background with a lighter shade of pink being used for the foreground graphics and typography will be less legible. This isn’t to say that bright colors are bad because they truly aren’t when used correctly.

Bright and Bold Colors

They can really have an impact on your design. With proper use of negative space, you can use these types of colors as well as complementary colors to create visual hierarchy. Doing this is a great idea because not only are you using color to capture the attention of your viewer but you are also using color to lead their eye. Essentially you need to pick a color that attracts attention while bringing your information to the forefront of the design.

Constantly Experiment

The last tip is fairly simple and therefore short. When it comes to color you need to experiment with different variations of color palettes. Not only do you want to try different color combinations but you also want to try pairing them up in different hierarchies and with different types of effects. This is a good practice to get into because it helps you grow as a designer. You don’t want to be a graphic designer who relies on the same handful of tricks because in the long run your work will translate this and could possibly leave potential clients unimpressed with your portfolio.
Another thing to take into consideration is the color combinations that don’t work. You should save these palettes regardless of their lack of success because it is quite possible that they might work with a different project altogether. You never know until you try and that’s why you must continue practicing and experimenting.
The best advice about selecting the best color scheme is to use the official color of your brand and use the shades of that color of your website. By doing this, you can relate your website to your brand, the pages will look more professional and you get more customer attention.

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