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Are you looking for WordPress themes for your BuddyPress website? BuddyPress is the social networking plugin for WordPress that enables you to build your own Facebook. Whether you want to create a social space for your friends and family, develop a collaborative environment for your co-workers and colleagues, or somewhere in-between, the free and flexible BuddyPress plugin is for you.

While any good WordPress theme should work with this social network in a box plugin, choosing a purpose-built template not only saves you lots of time and effort but also ensures that each feature of the plugin will match the rest of your website. Today in this article we are going to discuss some of the top BuddyPress WordPress themes which match perfectly with your website.

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List Of  Top BuddyPress WordPress Themes

1. Reign theme

BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Reign, The Ultimate WordPress/BuddyPress Theme! With BuddyPress, you can build a social network for your company, school, sports team, or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress. This BuddyPress theme provides an active community that helps you attract new users, keep current users engaged. The most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Blogging helps you connect with and make friends with people from all walks of life.

Now get ready to create a store online and sell your product with Reign and WooCommerce. This theme has various shop options like you have left sidebar, full width, simple product, variable product, and much more. Now create your shop on your own terms. Reign theme has access updates of member’s activity easily. You can easily build a custom notification menu that allows you to easily view the updates of your friends, Messages, and connections.

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2. BuddyX

BuddyX is a free WordPress theme that is ideal for creating community and membership websites. It supports BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Platform, which are plugins that allow you to add social network features such as profiles, messages, groups, and activity streams to your website. BuddyX is also compatible with other plugins that can enhance your community platform, such as WooCommerce, LearnDash, bbPress, and Elementor. BuddyX is fast, responsive, customizable, and translation-ready. It has amazing layouts for the community pages and various options for the header, footer, sidebar, and colors. You can also upgrade to the BuddyX pro version for more features.

3. KLEO- BuddyPress WordPress Themes

KLEO has a demo configuration for every occasion, including a social network powered by the BuddyPress plugin. It’s also a theme that has been one of the most popular templates for BuddyPress users in 2016 at the ThemeForest marketplace.

While KLEO is packed with all the features you would expect from a modern premium WordPress theme, there are many that will be of particular interest to BuddyPress users. These features include all the page templates you will need to create your social network and online community, a BuddyPress profile search tool to help your members better connect with each other, and support for a popular geo-directory plugin for adding location-based features to your community.

As this is a fully multipurpose theme, if you want to add a shop, blog, forum, e-learning, or other components to your social networking site, it’s not a problem with KLEO.

4. BeSocial

BuddyPress WordPress Themes

BeSocial has been built around the BuddyPress plugin to provide you with everything needed to launch your own social networking community.

However, BeSocial isn’t only focused on BuddyPress. This theme includes full support for the bbPress discussion forum plugin, giving you even more options for adding interactive and community building features to your website. WooCommerce is another plugin that can be seamlessly added to your website, enabling you to sell products, services, and experiences.

However, when it comes to social networking features, BeSocial has plenty to offer. Adding the Facebook comments feature to your site is easy, giving your visitors another way to interact with your content and each other. Your BuddyPress members can also create connections and see mutual friends at the touch of a button. Adding photos and other information to member profiles is part of the package too. If you want to know more, you can try out an admin demo for this theme. This gives you a quick way to see for yourself how all these features and the rest of BeSocial works.

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5. Socialize- BuddyPress WordPress Themes

BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Socialize is a flexible theme that has been built around the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins. This means that no matter what type of social or community website you are trying to build, this theme should be able to adapt to your needs.

To help draw the attention of your visitors, Socialize features a good selection of animation effects which can be applied to the various elements of your website. There are also four homepage layouts to choose from. This gives you a range of options when it comes to deciding how your website will greet new visitors.

With Socialize, the blog section of your website won’t look like an afterthought either. There are in fact six blog post layouts to choose from. This allows you to pick the right template for each piece of content you publish. However, when creating new content, the included premium Visual Composer plugin gives you plenty of freedom to create your own layouts and designs, all without editing any code yourself.

6. Thrive- BuddyPress WordPress Themes

BuddyPress WordPress Themes- BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Thrive is a powerful WordPress theme for building an intranet, extranet, and online community portals.

With BuddyPress compatibility at the heart of this theme, simply activating Thrive and the bundled plugins will help turn your standard WordPress website into a fully functioning community portal. Using these tools, your visitors can now create an account, build their profiles, and start interacting with each other. All the necessary content templates are included in the Thrive package, covering the registration, login, and user profile pages. While these templates do look good, as the Visual Composer plugin is included, you can easily edit them to ensure they meet your requirements.

7. BuddyApp

BuddyPress WordPress ThemesBuddyApp is an astounding WordPress theme that is powered by BuddyPress. It can be used to enhance Intranet or Extranet, Public and Private community pages.  As long as there is a need for social cohesion, BuddyApp will be there to support your efforts. Thanks to this theme’s creative design and adaptive layout, your site will certainly stand out from the crowd. BuddyApp has a mobile-first design, as it seeks to accommodate all hand-held devices. In addition, it is compatible with most major browsers. When you receive any message from your group or team, a notification will appear. This system is similar to what can be found in any mainstream social media applications.

Thanks to the Live Customizer, users can alter the site settings and colors. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge, and changes can be previewed in real time. Customers will benefit from an excellent Ajax search function, which will sift through all of your groups, members, and posts.

8. Kudos- BuddyPress WordPress Themes

BuddyPress WordPress Themes- BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Kudos is a crisp and beautiful WordPress theme that lets you take your online community to the next level. Designed to fit and resize smoothly on any mobile devices and browser. It is a BuddyPress theme that allows you to sign up visitors right on your site. With Kudos, members could build profiles, send messages, interact in groups share interests and many more. This theme offers several layout options from standard, boxed, or full-width layouts for your website.

You can choose from a variety of pre-made page templates, unlimited color options, hundreds of font choices and add your own logo to change the look and feel of your website. It allows you to display a featured image right in front of your homepage. Kudos lets you post multimedia elements such as images, video, audio, quotes, notes & links.

Conclusion On BuddyPress WordPress Themes

Storemate-DokanI hope that this article helped you a lot in order to find the perfect BuddyPress WordPress themes for your website. So, which one is your’s favorite? For any query feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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