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WordPress best Directory Plugin

The advent of the Internet and the ease of accessibility bundled with the reach of smart screens has made everything digital. A quick Google search, a question to Alexa, or a Facebook invite helps us in deciding to where to head out for drinks, movies, food, etc.

Reign theme

But before we even consider that place as our destination. We go through the location of the place, ratings, reviews, rankings, and many other factors. These details are laid bare on the online directories.

In essence, these online directories are shaping the behavior and pattern of our activities, and rightfully so. Helping to make sure that what we want is what we get. So let’s get started with a review of the best WordPress directory plugins.

What Is WP Geo Directory

WP Geo Directory
WP Geo Directory Review

It is a versatile tool for creating location-based directories with advanced features and functionalities. With WP Geo Directory, users can easily organize and display a variety of listings, such as businesses, events, or points of interest, in a structured and geographically intuitive manner.

This plugin stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust tools, allowing website owners to customize the directory according to their specific needs. Its core features include advanced search and filtering options, making it seamless for users to find relevant information based on location or category. 

What To Look For In a Geo Directory Plugin

Geo directory websites, designed to organize and display location-based information, can benefit from a variety of key features to enhance functionality and user experience. Here are some essential features to consider:

  • Location-Based Listings
  • Interactive Maps Integration
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Smart Location Switching
  • Membership and Subscription Options
  • BuddyPress Integration

Pros and Cons of WP Geo Directory

GeoDirectory stands as a complimentary plugin, empowering WordPress users to effortlessly craft directory and listings websites. The core plugin, a foundation of free utility, can be augmented by incorporating both free and premium add-ons. Additionally, users have the option of selecting from an array of free and premium WordPress themes specifically tailored for directory websites, offering a seamless and customizable experience for showcasing various listings.




Free Plugin

Only the geo directory feature

Compatible with a good set of Theme 

All themes don’t have a good template


Paid add-ons can be expensive 

Gives Required features 


Lots of free and paid add-ons 



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Features Of WP Geo Directory

1. Location-Based Listings

If your directory website is for more than one location then you need to provide a location-based listing for your users. For this Wp geo directory gives you a plugin called the location manager plugin add-on. It is a paid plugin 

2. Interactive Maps Integration

The WP Geo Directory plugin boasts an impressive Interactive Maps Integration feature, elevating the functionality of your directory website. With this capability, users can dynamically explore listings through interactive maps, providing a visually engaging experience. Whether it’s businesses, events, or points of interest, the integration allows seamless navigation, zooming, and interaction with the map interface. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also offers a practical and intuitive way for visitors to geographically explore the diverse content within your directory.

3. Singal and Multi-lingual Support 

While the free version of the WP Geo Directory plugin offers a range of powerful features, it comes with a limitation in terms of language support. The complimentary version allows users to operate their directory website in a single language. However, for those seeking the added versatility of multi-language support, the option to seamlessly switch between different languages, a crucial feature for catering to diverse audiences, is available through the purchase of the plugin’s paid add-on. This additional investment unlocks a broader scope of accessibility, enabling website administrators to reach and engage with a more extensive and international user base by providing content in multiple languages. 

4. Smart Location Switching  

WP Geo Directory has a paid add-on called Location Manager, with the help of this can fill out the users by their location. 

The plugin detects the visitor’s location and suggests relevant directory entries. If no matching location is found, it displays the closest listings. For smartphone users, GPS signals enable precise “near me” filtering, accessible through a user-friendly button. In the absence of GPS data, users can manually select their preferred location by dragging a pin on the map for tailored and accurate directory results.

5. Front End Submission Form

Simplifying the process for you, your team, and your site visitors to add new listings to the directory, GeoDirectory offers customizable front-end submission forms. These forms seamlessly integrate with your WordPress theme and can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs. The flexibility of these forms allows for the inclusion of necessary fields to capture essential data for each listing submission. Although GeoDirectory provides a comprehensive set of pre-built form fields, the option to create custom fields further enhances your ability to gather specific information through the submission forms.

6. Event Management

The GeoDirectory plugin is not just your go-to for businesses and attractions – it’s your ticket to showcasing awesome events too! Imagine having your very own events hub on WordPress. Simply add the premium Event Manager add-on, and voila – you’ve got a dynamic platform for promoting events. This feature-packed add-on lets you create recurring events, offers a user-friendly calendar view for upcoming happenings, and even throws in advanced filtering options to help visitors discover events tailored to their interests. With all these perks, crafting a vibrant events listings website on WordPress has never been easier.

7. BuddyPress Integration

Transform your directory into a lively community hub by infusing it with a touch of warmth! Elevate your website’s interactive charm with the enchanting BuddyPress Integration add-on. Picture this: seamlessly blending the social magic of BuddyPress with the practicality of GeoDirectory. Suddenly, your listings come alive with lively discussion spaces, and your users get to shine with enhanced public profiles. It’s not just about directories; it’s about creating a space where users feel connected and engaged. 

Investing in the BuddyPress integration may cost a bit, but the sense of community it brings to your directory is priceless. Make your directory a place your users can’t help but revisit – where connections thrive and a true sense of belonging unfolds. 

Not all themes are BuddyPress integrated but the Reign geo directory theme is specially created for the WP Geo Directory plugin and gives a customizable platform.

8. Integrated Ninja Forms granting Unlimited Contact Forms

There are pre-built templates for Contact and Claim listings, set them up in a minute. They don’t suit you?
You can always create any type of contact form for free, be it simple or advanced booking forms. While there is no limit on how many forms you can have on your website.

9. SEO Ranking, Permalinks, RTL, and Translations Support

Yoast and RankMath are integrated for only one task. To make sure that your website ranks higher than before. While the permalinks are cutting-edge and flexible at the same time. Automatic redirects are there should you alter them.

GeoDirectory is 100% translatable and fully compatible with the WPML multi-language plugin as well as with RTL languages.

Set Up of WP Geo Directory

If you are using the Reign geo directory theme it gives you a one-click demo data import setup. It will help you to set up the layout of your website where you can modify the content. 

Just like another WordPress plugin, you can install this plugin from the plugins section. After installing and activating this plugin WP GeoDirectory is now conveniently nestled in your sidebar. While the Places tab becomes your primary exploration space, offering a gateway to exciting new entries, GeoDirectory emerges as the central hub for analytics and overarching settings. Dive into the heart of your content with the user-friendly Places tab, and navigate the intricate details and analytics from the command center of GeoDirectory. This dynamic duo ensures a seamless and comprehensive experience as you manage and optimize your website effortlessly.

GeoDirectory Settings

WP Geo Directory plugin

  • Navigate to the primary GeoDirectory Settings page.
  • Once inside, explore the myriad of options available for customization.
  • Discover the familiar settings presented during the wizard setup, all conveniently accessible in one place.
  • Take charge of your website’s configuration by making necessary adjustments and modifications.
  • For a streamlined process, we recommend prioritizing this step early on to ensure a cohesive setup.

Dive into the settings with confidence, knowing that this central hub allows you to fine-tune and tailor your GeoDirectory experience according to your preferences. 

  • GeoDirectory Settings Overview:
  • Google Maps API Key: Modify your Google Maps API key effortlessly if you’ve opted to use one.
  • User Submissions: Easily configure settings to allow or disallow user submissions to the directory.
  • Default Submission Status: Define the default status for new submissions, typically set as “Pending Review.”
  • Page Adjustments: Access and adjust any pages created by the plugin, a topic detailed further in the following section.
  • Emails Configuration: Customize sender names, subject lines, and notification preferences for edits and submissions.
  • Import/Export Functionality: Utilize the Import/Export feature if you’re transitioning to GeoDirectory from an existing database, streamlining the management of your entries.

Effortlessly navigate through these options on the GeoDirectory Settings page to tailor your directory’s functionality according to your specific needs. 

Managing Listing 

WP listing submission


Once you are done with configuring the plugin to your website it’s time to manage the listings. 

GeoDirectory utilizes custom post types to maintain a distinct separation between your directory content and the standard WordPress posts and pages on your website.

Listings submitted through forms are managed based on your configured settings, with options for immediate publication in your directory or placement in a pending status, awaiting manual approval. The administrative user interface is thoughtfully designed, offering extensive control over the functionality of your directory. Now, shifting focus to the end-user experience, let’s explore how visitors will interact with and navigate your directory.

GeoDirectory Users View

Frequently, directory websites opt for a configuration where local listings are showcased on a map with custom markers, accompanied by a search box. If you decide to go with GeoDirectory and a compatible theme, this setup is certainly an option for structuring your website.

Utilizing the fundamental features of GeoDirectory, your visitors can zoom in on the map and click on markers to access detailed listing information. With the installation of the premium Custom Map Styles add-on, additional customization options become available to control the display of the map. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that even the free version of GeoDirectory offers robust support for Google Maps.

With the custom map add-on, you will get advanced features such as customization and so on. But the version of the plugin also gives you the google map support. 

Pricing of WP Geo Directory

As I told you before WP geo Directory plugin is free but with its add-ons it costs 139$ for a single website valid for a year. 

Pricing of WP Geo Directory
WP Geo Directory Review

You might need a few add-ons to create a geo directory website as you want so keep these expenses in your mind before using this plugin. 

End Of WP Geo Directory Review

WP Geo Directory stands out as a powerful and versatile plugin for WordPress, offering a user-friendly interface and robust tools for managing directories. Its core features, including Interactive Maps, Smart Location Switching, and BuddyPress Integration, enhance the user experience. The setup process is streamlined, especially when coupled with the Reign geo directory theme, providing easy customization.

The plugin’s management tools, utilizing custom post types, ensure a clear separation of directory content from standard WordPress content. The administrative interface offers control over the publication process, with options for immediate or pending status.


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