With so much content marketing knowledge available, diving in might is confusing. There are many different Popular Types of content marketing to learn about if you want to start creating a content library for your company’s marketing needs. Some estimate the number of content kinds at twelve, five, or even up to 105. As a business owner or marketing director, you are well aware of the value of your time and money. Getting more consumers is thinking like a marketer and getting the correct message in front of them when they’re most receptive.

There are many different sorts of content marketing


different Popular Types of content marketing

The blog can be compared to a reverse-ordered version of a traditional website (newer content is first). Posts are the common name for online journal entries.

To attract new clients and pique their attention, startups must rely heavily on blogs. Unless your blog, your site will be unavailable to the public. Blogging, on the other hand, increases your visibility and helps you compete.

As long as you maintain your blog entries current and valuable, your website will be more likely to be viewed and explored by your desired audience. It’s proof that blogs are a helpful tool for generating new business leads. A captivating call to action (CTA) on your blog can help you convert your visitors into quality leads. Blogs also provide you the opportunity to display your area of expertise and build a brand name for yourself.


different Popular Types of content marketing

When it comes to video content marketing, it refers to making videos to increase their internet presence. The most common place to get video material is on YouTube or a social networking site, but it may also be found in webinars, classes, and even self-hosted films, as well as in other formats. Video footage is a powerful sales tool since it explains a product clearly to potential customers. Ninety-four percent of marketers surveyed by WYZOwl feel that the usage of video content has contributed to raising awareness of the product or service.

Once customers understand what your product is and how it will benefit them, they’ll buy it. It’s no surprise that video is a powerful teaching tool since it makes complex concepts simple to understand.


different Popular Types of content marketing

Information graphics provide visual representations of textual content. They are widely employed in blog articles to make the text more appetizing for viewers, in reality. Compared to text, research shows that visual information is 40 times more likely to become viral. However, there is nothing better than an infographic! They are three times as likely to be shared and loved as any other type of material.

We’re all aware of the factors involved. When people see something visually appealing, they are more likely to share it with others. When a picture or graphic accompanies material, it’s more engaging to look at. As part of your content marketing plan, infographic marketing may help your pillar pages and content clusters perform better.

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Paid Ad Content and Influencers

Paid social can effectively target and convert users, but it also lacks credibility and trust. Even if ad-blocker use has declined, over 40% of social media users benefit from this tool to limit their exposure to commercials. People don’t want to be lured in by sponsored material because of this, the typical Facebook user only clicks about 8 advertisements each month, despite the prominence of ad blockers.

To make the most of this opportunity, use influencer marketing and sponsored Social media. Pay-per-click social advertisements may enhance the reach of influencer content so that marketers can engage with the right people and deliver the correct message at the right time, thanks to influencers’ trust and validity.


Create an eBook about a topic your audience finds attractive and address their issues or queries in an authentic, engaging way as one of the most effective ways to establish your company’s credibility to them. When you’re coming up with ideas for your book, talk to your buyer personas to better understand what your target audience wants and needs. The ebook industry is seeing an increase in the number of self-published books that many content marketers develop and distribute for free.

Ebooks are unbeatable when generating leads for your business and helping potential consumers discover more about your organization. In addition, they help you build your brand and give the best advice to your target market through their expertise.


More companies realize the advantages of starting a podcast as interest in them grows. Marketers, in particular those in charge of promoting content and companies, are keeping an eye on this.

This type of material may easily be reused as written or video content because of the high levels of interaction it generates. When utilized in conjunction with other forms of content, podcasts may help your firm develop a more effective content marketing plan.

Podcasts are one of the most cost-effective ways to produce information, and audio material is easy to consume for listeners. Making podcasts is an intelligent move to grow your brand’s fan base and engage your audience.


different Popular Types of content marketing

Searching for information from folks with no vested interest in selling them something is one of the most efficient approaches. People outside of your social circle can provide reviews on your website. Online reviews are as trusted as personal recommendations by a whopping 88% of consumers. Customers check out internet reviews before going to a business because of this.

Your viewers will have an easier time connecting with the stories in the reviews because past customers wrote them. Their problems are comparable to yours, so they could think that they, too, will be able to conquer the issues you’ve already overcome. Reviews must be written in the language they understand to reach your target audience. They elicit strong emotional responses without the usual commercial hoopla.

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Promotional emails sent to your subscriber list — people who have opted-in to your email lists and have permitted you to send them messages — are examples of marketing via email. When used correctly, email marketing can be a powerful tool for educating your customers, increasing sales, and building a loyal online community around your brand. Modern email marketing has moved away from one-size-fits-all bulk mailings and instead focuses on permission, segmentation, and customization, which may be classified as a paradigm shift.

Sending emails is a pretty low-cost marketing strategy. The pricing plans of many email marketing solutions are flexible and may be adjusted to meet the needs of any business. Entry barriers have never been lower than they are right now. People of any age may use email. It’s easy to use, even for individuals who aren’t the most tech-savvy.

More than two-thirds of all Americans check their email at least once daily, with over a quarter checking it many times a day (Fluent Inbox Report, 2018). More than 80% of company people feel that email marketing will help them keep more of their current clients (Emarsys 2018). Given these figures, it’s no wonder that email marketing is hailed as the most successful B2B marketing strategy.

Social Media Posts

Your social media posts have the power to turn your brand into a household name and your fans into paying customers. The most fantastic place to start is by promoting and displaying your company’s principles on social media. Posts on social media may be used to raise interest in the company’s brand among potential customers primarily because they might make people feel like they share values when they utilize them.

Another benefit of social media is that users will promote your material on your behalf. When it comes to material that is relevant and timely, consumers will share it a lot. Others will notice and begin to trust your brand if you receive positive feedback about your company’s image on Facebook.

Memes and GIFs

You don’t have to make an original movie or image to create a meme; they are based on other people’s work. Because they don’t have to develop unique content, small companies and digital marketers may save time and money. As your audience will be able to relate to the scene you’re presenting, they’ll have a sense of belonging because they’re all sharing the same tale.

Because memes are often associated with a particular trend or event, they may help your company come off as more authentic, human, and up-to-date. The memes relate to current or famous events that your target audience is aware of, so they’re genuine and fresh. For this reason, the information is routinely shared and re-posted on the web to reach a wider audience.


In the end, it’s a never-ending task that can pay off years after you begin. There are several ways for prospective clients to reach your business. There is just one thing left to do: pick the best one for your business. Consider implementing one of these tactics in your demand generation strategy for the upcoming quarter if you want to see a significant increase in traffic.

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